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Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats - What You Need To Know

Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats - What You Need To Know

Do you have multiple pets at home? Does your dog love cat food? Or are you considering getting the same food for both your cat and dog? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Pet's health is among the top priority for all pet parents out there.

You will get answers to all the plausible questions along with other details about your pet, here, in this article. So, buckle down and let's get started without further ado.

All You Need to Know About Cat Food

As the nutritional needs of cats are different for humans, cat food is required. Let's dive deeper into the composition, texture, and benefits of cat food.

Composition of Cat Food

In order to be healthy, cat's food require a variety of nutrients. These can be made with a variety of components. Cats eat various types of meat, fish, vegetables, cereals, some fat, minerals, and vitamins. It's a nutritionally balanced diet that gives your cat the nutrients she needs while she enjoys.

However, you should be aware that the ingredients in cat food, as well as the amount of each ingredient, differs from one brand to the next.

The Texture of Cat Food

The main difference between food of different textures is dependant on the water or moisture on content in it. The cat food comes in three primary textures, namely- dry, moist and canned. The last one has the most wet.

So, the dry cat food also known as kibble, is quite hard and crunchy and is least expensive. The moist cat food, on the other hand, is chewy and comparatively softer. Lastly, the canned food is available has meat pieces with sauce.

Benefits of Cat Food

1. Eating cat food will fulfill the nutritional requirements of your kitty.

2. It will help you save time and effort.

3. Cats stay happy and their gut stays free health problems like appetite loss.

4. It is a good source meat based protein.

5. It will prevent you from giving too much protein to your cats.

All You Need to Know About Dog Food

Much like cats the nutritional needs of dogs are very different from humans and you cannot expect them to be healthy by just eating human food. As a result, it is crucial to give proper dog food to your pooch. A dogs's health primarily depends upon its feeding habits.

Let's look at the composition, texture and benefits of dog food in brief.

Composition of Dog Food

Quality protein, fat, fibre, and water are the main elements of dog food. These basic elements can be derived from a wide range of food sources. Nevertheless, meats, meat byproducts, cereals, grains, vitamins, and minerals are all common ingredients in dog food. There are also animal by-products or animal fat and palatants in it. Animal by-products contribute to the natural fragrance of raw or cooked meat, whereas palatants are artificially manufactured to make raw or cooked meat smell appealing to dogs.

However, the actual composition of dog food varies greatly depending on the manufacturer.

The texture of Dog Food

Much like cat food, dog food also comes in three different textures. The texture is more or less the same like cat treats, i.e. dry or kibble, moist and canned.

The purpose of having different textures of food is to keep the dogs entertained while they devour.

Benefits of Dog Food

1. Most dogs don't receive the required or adequate diet but if you give dog food to your pooch you would notice improvement.

2. As your dog's diet gets balanced with dog food, the fur and coat will get healthier.

3. Dog food is a rich source of quality protien.

4. You will notice fewer gastrointestinal upset incidents like upset stomach and abdominal pain.

5. You will save a lot of time and your dogs will still get all the nutrients. It will protect your dog's health from chronic health conditions.

Difference Between Dog Treats and Cat Food

Understanding the difference between cat and dog treats will help you understand that the cat treats are bad for dogs or not.

Cats and dogs have different behaviours, demands, and dietary habits. Giving them their own food is crucial for high energy and a good health. Cats aren't natural chewers; instead, they prefer to devour newly killed prey that is small enough for their teeth to crumble through. So, cats are hasty eaters and do not care to chew the food or savour the tase. Whereas dogs prefer long, chewable stick-like treats, that has appealing smell.

As a result, the treats for cats and dogs are created differently while considering their behavioral and nutritional needs.

However, if you will look at the labels, you won't find much difference between the ingredients of cat and dog treats because they both eat meat. But that doesn't mean the two treats are same- the dog food doesn't have the nutrion that cat needs and vice-versa. It is due to the fact that dogs are omnivores unlike cats who are true carnivores. A dog eats need more varied diet than cats. Which means that dogs cannot stay healthy and happy by eating meat everyday.

Moreover, cat food is lot less smelly than the dog food and has more protien content because cats break amino acids faster. Also, the cats have fewer taste buds as compared to dogs and they cannot appreciate the flavourful dog food.

Furthermore, dog foods are often bigger than cat treats, and each treat may contain more calories.

Nutritional Requirements of Cats Vs Dogs

As mentioned earlier, cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require to eat meat. It is a biological necessity to fulfill the demands via meat based protien. As a result, the cat food is primarily made from animal meat. However, dogs being omnivores require treats that balances out their demands via both meat and vegetables.

Here are a few points that will help you in getting a better picture about the difference between nutritional needs of cats and dogs-

1. Cats are unable to produce the active form of vitamin A or sufficient amounts of niacin, both of which are necessary for eye and skin health. As a result, they require specially made food to satisfy their needs.

2. Arachidonic acid is an important fatty acid that cats cannot produce and must obtain from their diet. Dogs, on the other hand, can manufacture this necessary fatty acid.

3. Dietary protein is more important to cats than it is to dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats?

Yes, dogs can eat cat food. Cat treats aren't necessarily harmful to your dog, but they're designed to cater to quite different needs. A cat treats every now and then should not damage your dog, but it should not be given in large quantities and you should not make it your dog’s habit.

Moreover, you must remember that cat food is different from dog food as it is made specifically for cats. So, if you keep feeding cat food to your dog, your dog will suffer because of the imbalance of essential nutrients.

What Bad Can Happen if Dogs Eats Catnip Treats?

Now that you know the answer to your question, "Can Dogs Eat Cat Food As A Treat?" it's time to talk about the potential dangers of giving it to them on a regular basis or in large amounts.

There's a danger your dog will get sick if he eats a lot of cat food, even if it's just once. Your dog may have vomiting, loose stools, stomach pains, intestinal discomfort, and flatulence after eating a lot of cat foods.

Long-term use of cat treats, on the other hand, might cause obesity, poor coat quality, and even allergies in your dog. Itching and ear infections are common symptoms of these allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many doubts and questions related to the consumption of dog treats and cat treats by pets. That is why we have picked up the most famous ones and answered them in brief. Have a look-

What Happens If A Dog Eats Cat Treats?

The effect of eating cat food or cat treats will depend on the quantity of time period of consumption.

If dogs feed on occasional cat treat in large quantities, it might suffer from stomach-related issues. However, if consumed regularly, it can lead to obesity and allergies.

Can Dogs And Cats Eat The Same Treats?

No, cat treats and dog treats are different and are made specifically for the concerned animal so cats and dogs cannot be fed the same food or treats.

Why Does My Dog Love Cat Treat?

Cats are obligate carnivores and thus their food contains more meat-based protein, which can be tempting for your pooch.


Cat and dog treats are quite different in composition, certain nutrients, and effects. You cannot feed the same treats to both cat and dog and excessive amounts can cause a lot of damage.

Now that you know the answer to "can dogs eat cat treats", be a wise pet owner and cater to the needs of your pooch and kitty carefully.


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