Can Dogs Eat Strawberry Yogurt - Is It Safe For Them?


Dogs are one of the most beautiful creations of God. They are loyal and lovable. Most dog parents try to give their little munchkins the best possible treatment and food. However, they forget that not all healthy human nutrition is healthy for dogs. It is essential to consider that they are made differently and have different food requirements.

The same rules go with yogurt, it may seem like it is healthy for dogs, but it is entirely not. You can give plain yogurt, greek yogurt, strawberry yogurt, or any type of yogurt per se but in small quantities.

This article will cover everything, from how strawberry yogurt is made to whether yogurt is suitable for dogs to its nutritional value. You will also get answers to your question, "can dogs eat strawberry yogurt." So, buckle down, and let's dive deeper without further ado.

How is Strawberry Yogurt made?

Yogurt is made from milk. But to answer your question, "can dog eat strawberry yogurt," it is essential to understand the process.

So, here is the step-by-step process in which yogurt is made from milk. Have a look-

  1. The milk is first heated to denature the proteins present in it. In factories that manufacture strawberry yogurt, greek yogurt, vanilla yogurt, or any type of flavored yogurt per se, warm milk has added sugar before the heating process begins.
  2. Next, the milk is cooled for a little while. Please note that it is cooled only for a short time; otherwise, the microorganisms (added in the next step) won't survive.
  3. Now, some live bacteria are added to the milk to start the process of the formation and fermentation of yogurt.
  4. Now, the flavor of strawberry is added to the milk, and it is warmed again for a while.
  5. Lastly, it is kept warm and dark to speed up the fermentation process.

You can use the same process and skip the sugar and flavor-adding steps to make regular yogurt at your home. It usually takes around 3-4 hours for the yogurt to form if the temperature is warm enough. However, the process of fermentation continues even after that, and it is the reason behind the sour taste of old yogurt.

Please note that sugar is not added in the manufacturing of plain greek yogurt.

Nutritional Value of Strawberry Yogurt

As mentioned earlier, if given in small quantities, your dog can eat strawberry yogurt. To understand it better, you must know the nutritional value of strawberry yogurt. However, before looking at the nutritional value of strawberry yogurt, let's look at some essential minerals and vitamins that it provides and how they might help in your puppy's growth.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and promotes the healthy ageing of your dog. It also helps in reducing the potentially threatening free radicals in your dog's body.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is beneficial to your dog's eye health. The correct nutrients may also aid in the maintenance of their night vision. It is also required for the healthy function of the skin, coat, muscles, and nerves.


Sodium is a vital mineral and helps maintain fluid equilibrium in the cells of your dog's body. It is also necessary for the overall dog's body and healthy gut.


Dog yogurt contains a good amount of potassium essential for your dog's diet. It will help in strengthening the muscles and act as a healthy food.


Calcium is required for dogs to build bone mass and protect it from fractures. Hence, by giving strawberry yogurt or any greek yogurt, you will be providing sufficient calcium for the growth and development of your furry doggo.

Now, let's look at the table to understand the nutritional benefits of strawberry yogurt.

Please note that it is for a serving size of 170 grams.


Can Yogurt Be Bad for Dogs?

Yes, if given regularly in high amounts, yogurt can cause harm to your dog's health. Remember that dogs are lactose intolerant and giving them strawberry flavored yogurt ( or any yogurt) and regular dog food can be very harmful.

However, the extent to which a yogurt will harm your pup will depend on its type, any artificial flavors, the presence of harmful artificial sweeteners, and the quantity in which it is given.

Will Strawberry Yogurt Hurt a Dog?

Strawberry-flavored yogurt or yogurt, in general, can be good for dogs' health if given in small quantities. However, most flavored yogurts contain artificial sweeteners like xylitol which are acceptable for human consumption but not for dogs. So, if you give strawberry yogurt that has such harmful artificial sweeteners, your dog might suffer from xylitol poisoning. Also, too much sugar can raise the blood sugar level of your dog.

Moreover, if given recklessly in huge quantities, your dog's face stomach upset, yeast infections, and loose stools.

How Many Yogurts Should You Give to Your Dog?

Now that you have answered your question, "can dogs have strawberry yogurt," it is time to look at the ideal quantity or amount suitable for dogs.

You can give one or two tablespoons of yogurt to your dog regularly as a delicious treat but not more than that. You should also ensure that the yogurt you are giving is safe for your dog. (We will be discussing choosing the dog yogurt and determining the safety in a short while)

There are many ways to add two healthy spoons of yogurt to your dog's diet. You can mix it with fruits or your choice and serve it to your puppy. You can also mix yogurt with the dog food or give it separately if your dog loves the taste.

How to Choose Yogurt for Dogs?

Wondering how to determine if the yogurt is safe for dogs or not? We have got you covered.

Here are a few points you must remember before choosing yogurt for your dog. Have a look-

  1. Avoid flavored or sweetened yogurt as much as possible because it might contain xylitol which is harmful to dogs.
  2. Avoid grape-flavored yogurt.
  3. It is best to buy plain yogurt for your dog and if you want to provide the goodness of fruit yogurt, then mix natural fruits in it.
  4. You can also give greek yogurt to your dog as it contains less lactose than its counterparts.
  5. Check if your dog has a soy allergy before giving soy yogurt.
  6. If your dog loves vanilla yogurt, try to give it in absolute moderation as it might not be suitable for their health.
  7. Learn to read the label of yogurts properly before buying.
  8. Do not give cherry yogurt to your dog as cherry pits and stems contain cyanide which is harmful in large quantities for your pooch.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many doubts and questions related to yogurt for dogs. Although we have covered all the plausible questions, we have still answered a few popular ones in brief here, have a look-

Is strawberry yogurt good for my dog?

As long as the strawberry yogurt doesn't contain harmful artificial sweeteners, it is safe for your dog if given in small amounts.

Can dogs eat vanilla yogurt?

Yes, dogs can eat vanilla yogurt but in minimal amounts.

Can dogs eat greek yogurt?

Yes, plain greek yogurt is one of the best yogurts for dogs.

Can my dog eat flavored yogurt?

Your dog can eat flavored yogurt, but you should try to avoid it because flavored yogurt might contain harmful artificial sweeteners and other toxic ingredients.

What yogurt is suitable for dogs?

Greek yogurt or plain yogurt is the best choice for dogs as it has less lactose and no artificial sugar.

Are dogs lactose intolerant?

Yes, dogs are lactose intolerant, and if dairy products are given to them in large quantities, they will suffer from gastrointestinal issues.

Can my dog eat frozen yogurt?

Yes, your dog can eat frozen yogurt but make sure that yogurt does not contain harmful ingredients.


There are many health benefits of yogurt, and most dogs enjoy eating it. It is good to give yogurt to them in small quantities.

However, you must not forget about the lactose intolerance of dogs and the effect of harmful sweeteners. So, if you want your pup to enjoy the incredible health benefits of yogurt while keeping its immune system healthy, do not give it in excess amounts.

Now that you know everything and have got the answer to your question, "will strawberry yogurt hurt my dog," choose the yogurt wisely and be a good dog parent.


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