Basic Cat Care Tips Towards Keeping Your Pet Healthy And Happy


Against the backdrop of the fact that pets are one of the loveliest and desirable creatures to have, there is a need to have the wherewithal and experience of cat care tips with the aim of offering them necessary care and love.

 To this end, there are a number of areas through which you can demonstrate the utmost care and love for your pet. These include, but not limited to; regular cleaning of your pet, constant sanitization of your environment, vaccination of your pet, provision of a balanced diet for your pet, and so on.

Worthy of note, however, is that this piece focuses on a cat is one of the most desirable and lovely pet. In this regard, you will be shown the right direction towards becoming a perfect caregiver for your pet.


Signs and Symptoms of a Healthy Cat:

Given the fact that cat is one of those pets that are often noticeable when in a happy and healthy state, we shall identify some of the symptoms and signs of a healthy cat. These include, but not limited to, the following;


  • Lifted or Twitchy Tail

More often than not, a happy and healthy cat is seen lifting and twitching her tail. It should be noted that when a cat raises her tail high in the air, it means a show of confidence and love to you. 

  • Dilated Eyes

While it is generally not possible for a cat to dilate her eyes 24/7, it is worthy to state that the ability of a cat to dilate her eyes towards you simply implies a sign of happiness.


  • Forward-Facing Ears

It should be important noted that a cat in a happy and healthy state often makes her ear facing forward. On the contrary, your cat will fold her ears against their heads when they are upset towards you.


  • Hearty Appetite

It is instructive to note that healthy cats are very much enthusiastic and vivacious during meal time. More often than not, you find them rubbing their legs together and protecting the area where the food is stored.

  • Playful Patterns

While it is incontrovertible that the playing habits of a cat may change, it should be noted that the playful mood of a cat is a sign of a healthy and happy mood.

Other signs or symptoms of a healthy cat include the following;

● Good Sleeper

● Interesting interaction

● Respond to stimuli


Here Are The 10 Essential Cat Care Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy

Bearing in mind that the provision of unending care and love for your pet will bring about steady health, growth and maximum happiness, it is important to state some essential pet cat care tips that will be helpful to you.


It is noteworthy that taking essential care of your cat generally entails nurturing your cat’s coat, keeping their nails and paws in shape, as well as monitoring the bathroom habits of your cat. More specifically, the following are the top ten (10) essential cat care tips;


1. Provision of Animal-based Protein for Your Cat

Given the fact that cats often experience difficulty absorbing protein that is derived from plants, it is important for you to cross check your cat food’s nutrition with the aim of keeping your cat healthy and live longer.

In a similar vein, you can add a small amount of cooked chicken or baby foods that are also nourished in meats to the diet of your cat. This will make the body and health status of your cat stable.

Also, always ensure that your cat’s food is always in a warm condition so as to stir the flavor to your cat. You are advised to rarely give fish to your cat. This is because; cats are very prone to develop health problems when they consume too much of the fish.

 2. Provide Fresh Water for Your Cat

This is one of the fundamental means of how to take good care of cats and kittens. In this regard, you are expected to renew your cat’s water bowl with fresh water on a daily basis. Thereafter, do place the water bowl beside the food bowl so that your cat can eat and drink with ease.

While it is generally known that cats derive most of their water from the food they eat, they also require pure water with the aim of aiding digestion. Therefore, always renew their bowl water at the commencement of each day with fresh water.

 3. Provide Taurine in Your Cat Food

It should be noted that taurine is an important ingredient in keeping your cat’s eyes in a healthy position. More fundamentally, a cat diet care that is deficient of taurine can resort in the loss of sight or death of your cats. Therefore, providing your cat with the food that is enriched in taurine is one of the ways of fortifying your cats.

 4. Brush Your Cat Every Day

There is no gainsaying that cleanliness is next to wellness. In order to ensure your cat is in a state of wellness, always brush your cat every day. The process of brushing or combing your cat on a daily basis will reduce or eliminate the possibility of your cat to develop hairballs in the digestive tract.

While brushing your cat may not naturally be desired by your cat, you are advised to associate the time of brushing with some ideal food for cats so that your cat will be ready to yield and cooperate.

 5. Avoid Feeding Your Cat with Dry Food

Bearing in mind that dry cat foods are very high in crabs and can lead to diabetes and obesity, one of the best cares you can offer your cat is to avoid giving her dry food. Knowing full well that wet foods are high in protein, it is the best food for healthy cats. It will not only keep your cat better hydrated, but it will also put it in a good and stable condition.


6. Sanitize and Bath Your Cat

In the light of offering care and love for your cat, it is important to prioritize the bath condition of your cat. In this regard, always ensure your dog is washed every day so as to wade off germs and unusual diseases. More importantly, the water should be clean and well treated so as to prevent the prevalence of unusual disease.

 7. Maintain Your Cat's Teeth

It is imperative to clean and sanitize the teeth of your cat. This is one of the necessary areas of need and care that every cat requires, surprisingly; this has been abandoned in recent times.  Just like a human, cats can also develop tartar on their teeth when not well taken care of.

Consciously or unconsciously, this can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. It should be noted that, the bacteria that fetters in your cat's teeth are capable of entering into her bloodstream if not also quickly contained.

More importantly, it is advisable to schedule a time with your cat’s veterinarian so that proper maintenance and monitoring of your cat’s teeth can be done. This is because; many cats do not always exercise patient during teeth brushing, hence; the need for the service of a renowned veterinarian.


8. Spay Your Cat

It should be noted that one of the best ways of taking good care of your cat includes spraying your cat. More often than not, this appears by ensuring your cat smell nice and appealing. Asides from the fact that spray has the tendency of elevating the good scent of your cat, it should be noted that you can also put your cat in good condition by maintaining that it is duly washed and in a neat condition. This is one the cares that you must deny your cat.

 9. Regular Check-up

There is no gainsaying that conducting periodic checkup for your cat is one of the steps to taking good care of it. However, pet veterinarians are those in the best condition to guide you through. It should be noted that an occasional visit to the vet will prevent your pet from catching any potential feline diseases. Similarly, this will create an avenue to easily identify diseases at the early stage with the aim of providing a lasting solution.

10. Promote Friendly Atmosphere

Beyond periodically visiting vet pet, to ensure that the vet pet you have chosen is friendly and hospitable. Consciously or unconsciously, this will put your cat in a relaxed condition when you go for medical check-up. In the same vein, you should also relate to your pet in a friendly manner so as to keep your cat healthy indoor. This will contribute significantly to the growth and development of your cat.



Against the backdrop of the foregoing, it has been established that providing essential care for your cat will put them in a healthy and happy condition. More importantly, good care and special attention for your cat will always make your pet sound.


As a result, this piece focuses on the major tips and how to always make your pet healthy and sound. It is believed that this resourceful piece will guide you in the process of promoting adequate care for your pet. Also, it will put you in good stead as a cat owner. Do enjoy.


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