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Pet Training

11 February

Dog whistle training: How To Train Them With It?

Posted by PawMaw

You can train your dog using a whistle by blowing it so that your pup gets amused and comes to you. On arriving, reward him using a treat to encourage him. Keep repeating the process until he associates the whistle with the command.

05 July

Best Comfortable Cone Alternatives for Your Dog

Posted by PawMaw

Does your dog have to wear a cone for protection but doesn’t seem to like it? There are some comfortable and flexible alternatives you can try. comfortable-cone-alternatives-for-your-dog

10 February

How to Keep Cats Away from Plants

Posted by PawMaw

Your cat won’t stop chewing on your plants or digging holes in your garden. These habits are more common in felines than you think. How to keep cats away from plants? Here are some of the most effective solutions.

05 December

How to Bond with Your Dog?

Posted by PawMaw

How can you bond with your dog? Dogs are known for their loyalty and once you develop a special bond, they’d never leave your side. It takes time, patience, and understanding, but these are the ways you can further establish trust and build an amazing relationship with your dog.