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Best Comfortable Cone Alternatives for Your Dog

Best Comfortable Cone Alternatives for Your Dog

Are you looking for a good alternative to cone for dogs? Fondly referred to by the dog-loving community as the “cone of shame,” these cones are designed to prevent dogs with injuries or are fresh from surgeries from causing wound infections either through biting, licking, or scratching. The infamous dog cone is called the e-collar in reference to the Elizabethan collar, which is seen among British royalty during medieval times.

E-collars can, however, can cause discomfort to some dogs. Sleeping, eating, and drinking may be a bit of a challenge while wearing cones. If a collar doesn’t fit properly, these traditional dog cones can present more trouble than its worth and even compromise pet safety. You and your pet would be happy to know that there’s a handful of possible alternatives to e-cones for dogs out there.

Soft Recovery Collars

Soft recovery collars can offer a bit more comfort as opposed to the traditional cone, which is typically made of plastic. A soft dog cone takes after the same shape but is typically made of softer fabric that’s lightweight and even water-resistant. Because it’s softer, a soft recovery collar allows greater flexibility in terms of movement.

This alternative is ideal for skin problems because fabrics are designed to minimize skin irritation. The downside is that highly active or aggressive dog breeds might find it easier to dislodge a soft dog cone collar. If the soft collar doesn’t fit properly, a dog can flip it over and get access to his wounds. Soft collars would however work just fine for calm and mild-mannered dogs.

Flexible Fabric E-Collars

These are just like soft e-collars except they come with a sturdier internal support structure. Flexible fabric e-collars are shaped like traditional cones, which is why they don’t easily come off or are dislodged out of place. They are still made of soft fabric for better comfort but this also means that your pet won’t be able to see through them. Flexible fabric e-collars would make a great alternative to cone for dog spay.



Blow-up Dog Cone Collars

A blow-up or inflatable dog cone collar is another good alternative to cone of shame for dogs. These are puffy and padded, resembling a neck pillow. They may serve well in between wearing the more traditional cones but not really for constant wear. Inflatable collars could puncture so you’d have to monitor its use very closely.

Blow-up dog cone collars may also only work if your dog’s injuries are located in the upper body. Needless to say, if your pet dog is in the strong habit of biting or chewing, you may want to skip this alternative entirely.

Neck Control Collars

A neck control collar is another more flexible alternative for cone for dogs.  However, it’s also recommended only for dogs with areas of concern in the upper body. Neck control collars look very much like neck braces worn by people with neck injuries. They offer better visibility for dogs so they are less likely to bump into furniture or walls.


A neck control collar effectively restricts the head from moving too much. It doesn’t, however, fully prevent dogs from reaching the paws, tail, or legs with their mouths.

Other Alternatives

Here are some best other Alternatives to cone:

Surgical Recovery Clothing

Bodysuits or onesies that are vet-approved are designed especially for pets would a be a good bet if your dog needs full body protection. If you’re worried about your dog licking a post-surgery wound or incision, you can rest assured that he will be better protected with surgical recovery clothing. Bodysuits, however, may not be as effective as the other dog cone collar alternative from protecting against scratching and biting.


DIY Dog Cone

Traditional e-collars and the alternatives mentioned in this article are mostly reasonably priced. However, a homemade dog cone alternative may not entirely be out of the question if for instance you need something to protect your dog at a moment’s notice. Using some materials at home, you can fashion emergency protective gear for your canine buddy.

You can take a regular U-shaped neck pillow and use a binder clip to fasten the ends behind your dog’s neck. Another DIY option would be to use cardboard or a poster board to fashion a cone for your dog. Measure your dog’s neck to ensure that the cone would be a proper fit. You can punch or cut holes on the inner side of the cone for weaving the dog’s collar through. You also have the option to use zip ties for fastening. A DIY dog cone would actually also be a nice alternative to dog cone after spay.

Shopping for Alternatives E-Collars

All these alternatives for e-cones for dogs are widely available in pet supply stores. Following a major surgery or treatment, vets would often prescribe the right e-collar for your dog. If you find yourself looking for an e-collar alternative, make sure you have your dog’s neck size. Your dog’s collar would be a good guide for finding a cone alternative that perfectly fits your pet.

Aside from size, the alternative you choose would also depend on where your dog’s wounds or injuries are located. If you want to protect your dog’s neck or face, neck control collars and inflatable collars may not be the best choices. Go for other alternatives or the traditional e-collar if you want to protection for the upper body.

Last but not least, test the collar on your dog and observe how comfortable he is. It’s best not to leave your dog alone while he’s wearing an e-collar to make sure that he’s safe and that the cone serves its purpose.

E-collars serve an important medical purpose. They keep your dog from licking, scratching, or biting wounds, which cause irritation and possible infections. But if you’re looking for alternatives to traditional cone for dogs, you can find these easily wherever pet supplies are sold. Just make sure to get the right type and fit for your dog to ensure maximum comfort.


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