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11 Surprising Reasons Why Do Cats Miss Their Owners

11 Surprising Reasons Why Do Cats Miss Their Owners

Cats have the tendency to run away whenever there is an open door. As a pet, cats can make you question your credibility as a parent. But do cats miss their owners? Well, they may seem super selfish from the outside, but the truth is, they miss their owners for a variety of reasons as well.

The four-legged fur buddy is less likely to express its affection. You might as well learn to handle their little tantrums and mood swings by observing their behaviors. But are these nurturing and putting up time for cats worth it?

All the bites and scratches of a cat may feel like heaven once you find out how much they miss their owners, even when the owner is not around or gone.

Thoughts On Cats Missing Their Owners

Here are 11 surprising reasons why do cats miss their owners, even after being out of sight:

1. They love their owner

It is the simplest explanation for cats missing their owner. When you have made a way through their hearts and make them comfortable in a way, they found a home; that is when the cats start falling in love with you. Deep down, the cats know how much care and work you are putting in to raise them.

If you are asking yourself, do cats miss owners, the answer is right here. Their tendency to miss you depends on how much they love you.


2. They have been rehomed

Cats get re-sheltered all the time. Several people do not understand that even cats may have feelings as well. They pet a cat as a plaything and keep them in the house as long as the cats seem cute.

As soon as they start growing up or get hit by health issues, many owners leave these poor things on the street. Surely, the cats have to be rehomed to get proper nourishment. But sadly, as an owner, if you wonder do cats miss their owners when rehomed, the reply is yes. It is difficult for them to get over their long-cherished foster parents.


3. You occupied so much time

Cats start getting closer to their owners when the owner is ready to give them a lot of time, from feeding to cleaning, from taking an evening walk to putting them to sleep. As an owner, if you have occupied all this time in their lives, they are bound to miss you.


4. They have been abandoned

Do cats miss their owners? A very popular question among people due to the cats' antisocial behavior. Unfortunately, cats get abandoned way too often, which is a recurring reason for cats missing their owners. They cannot mentally grasp the reason why their favorite human has left them.


5. You are super protective

Since cats are minor creatures, they have the potentiality to fall victim as prey. Many predators in the animal kingdom tend to attack cats when found unguarded. As an owner, if you have successfully established to save them from such occurrences, they may also find you super protective.


6. Your voice is soothing

Do cats recognize their owners' voices? Cats have a special ability to understand their owners' scent, voice, and existence due to the hypersensitivity of the brain. They recognize not only the voice but also miss it. They feel attached to the voice that called them such adorable names, hushed them to sleep, and soothed them while stressed.


7. You are on vacation

Sometimes vehicles and tourist sites do not allow cats or any other pets to be on board for obvious reasons. In such cases, cats have to be either left behind alone at home or be given under the care of a relative.

Cats can sense such situations, and that is why they miss their owner when away. There is a change of environment, and the owner is not around to take care of them. Their habitual routine is interrupted since they are not getting enough time to spend with the adoptive parent.


8. They like your presence

Although cats have a reputation for being snobbish, they get super attached to the person they like. Even introverted cats, the ones who like to be left alone, crave the presence of their beloved owners.

As an owner, you may fill up their entire space. They get to see you from the time after opening their eyes until going to bed. Your essence is what guides them through daily activities. So, it is only natural if they miss you once you are gone.


9. There is no one to play with

Do cats miss their humans, people ask. Well, if you have been a good playmate, then there is a pretty high chance the cats will miss you when not around. Cats, just like any other pet, love attention. They like to be attended to every little thing, from playing with toys to being cuddled around.

When they figure out their attentive human is not so attentive these days, the cats start missing them even more.


10. They are stressed

Who does not love a little company when unwell? The same goes for pets when stressed. Cats have their reasons to be quieter than usual. Their owners are the ones they look for shelter in whenever there is an issue.

Stressful situations for cats can make them feel distant from their foster parents. They start eating less, there is a problem with their sleep cycle, and they do not feel as enthusiastic about being mischievous as regular. All they miss is the friendly petting of their humans.


11. They are lost

As mentioned earlier, cats are more likely to run away from home than most other pets. It happens especially for female cats during their estrus. Male cats can also be included in the list for being too defiant. Although most cats find their way back home by their natural navigation instinct, some may get lost. You can also use PawMaw.com to report lost cat.

There is no one to feed and care for them on the street like the owner left back at home. It is a reason behind missing the cat parent as well.


Signs That Your Cats Missed You

Since cats do not communicate with their humans through common language, you may keep wondering do cats miss people. To understand that, you have to study even the slightest behavioral change in them.

Keep an eye out for the sign your cat missed you:

●          They might purr or meow louder when you reappear in front of them.

●          The cats will curl their tail at the top, twitching them.

●          They may also curl the tail around your leg.

●          They can bring killed rats as a gift to you.

●          The cats will act super clingy.

●          They may ask for small boops repeatedly.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the consolidating factors for your satisfaction over your cat's behavior:


Do cats actually miss their owners?

Yes, they do. The cats miss the owners whenever they are away or have been detached from the owner. They notice the absence of all the showered love their owners have left for them.


Do cats miss us when we are gone?

Although most cats are habituated with solitude, they may show signs of being happy when they return home. While gone, they may not show any anxiety for separation since cats are pretty self-dependent. But if they act overjoyed on being reunited, the cats surely missed you when gone.


Do cats forget their owner in 3 days?

Cats have an average memory of 16 hours, which is higher than dogs, as studies suggest. But it is only applicable for the things they have seen or met only once. When it comes to the owner, the cats show great memory due to the inbuilt attachment. They can remember you for many years.


How long can a cat remember a person?

A cat can remember a person for as long as ten years, depending on the emotional attachment the person grew with the cat. Relying on the bond, this time frame can vary. If you are their owner, the timeline can go a long way. Again, if it is just a street cat you fed for a day, their time can become much shorter.


How do you know if your cat loves you?

Points to look for to figure out your cat's feelings towards you:


●          They will lay on your chest whenever you are close.

●          The cats will follow wherever you go in the house.

●          They will look extra quiet if you have been gone too long.

●          They will bring you gifts.


Do cats remember previous owners?

Cats remember previous owners, regardless of whether the owner was an attentive or careless one. Cats have a great memory for the people they spend a long time with. So, they do not forget the previous owners even after being rehomed or re-sheltered.


How long does it take for a cat to adjust to a new owner?

Cats take longer than most pets to get familiar with a new owner in a new place. Give them two weeks to 2 months for adaptation. It is the normal time range to get habituated with a new owner for cats. If it takes longer than that, you may check the previous history of the cat to find out any hidden adjustment issues.


How long does it take a cat to forget about its owner?

It depends on how attached and the depth of bond the cat had with the owner. Cats have a short-term memory of 16 hours for the person they interacted with only once. Keeping that in check, the time can go a long way if you have adopted them for a longer period.


Do cats get sad when you leave them?

The feelings vary from cat to cat. Some cats are so self-sufficient to miss your absence; some are more attached to the caring activities. If your cat falls under the latter umbrella, it may get sad when you leave them.


Do cats recognize their owners?

Owners are those humans who have adopted the cats and responded to their needs. The owners will feed and clean the cats. These activities build a strong bond between the cat and the owner. So, they can recognize their owners even after a long time.


Do cats have feelings for their owners?

Feline creatures like cats have unbreakable feelings for their owners. They may have a different way of expressing it but make no mistake, in their heart, the owners have a special crown.


Do cats miss their owners when they go on vacation?

It depends on the vacation duration. If you are on leave for too long, the cats will surely miss you, regardless of who you left them with. If you leave them alone in the home, it will be difficult for them to conduct the activities they depended on you for. So, it may make them miss you even more.


Do cats miss their owners when they die?

Even though cats are less likely to verbalize their internal feelings, they mourn after their owners' death. One way of showing it is when they miss the owners like no other.


Final thought

Cats have been established as mysterious creatures for loving solitude too much. Yes, they mark their territory like no other, keeping up a thorny wall of privacy and boundaries. But do cats miss their owners?

Every cat has its way of showing signs of its inner emotion. They demand more attention and care and take a longer time to get adjusted while being highly self-absorbed. Whenever you feel like your efforts for the cats are not being reciprocated, ensure reading this article to figure out those signs.

You will find the expected answer to make your bond with the cat better than before, hopefully.


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