7 Simplest Ways to Find Your Lost Cat


As cat owners, we do everything we can to keep our pets away from any harm and danger. But suddenly finding your cat missing could certainly happen to anyone, when you least expect it. There is nothing more terrifying than suddenly being unable to find your cat, not knowing where he might have gone. However, you must remember to keep you calm during this time if you want to find your lost cat as soon as possible. Your missing pet may be hiding somewhere or gone exploring on its own and is unable to find its way back. Whatever the reason for its disappearance, there is no time to waste. These are the steps you should immediately take to find your missing cat.  

1. Create a flyer.

Look for a high-resolution photo of your pet cat and create a flyer. Include a detailed description of your pet, where he was last seen, and your contact information. You may also indicate if you’re offering a reward.  Creating a flyer need not be time-consuming. You can go to PawMaw.com and create a missing cat flyer in an instant. When you create a flyer on PawMaw, you alert members within your area as well. Anyone finds a stray cat matching your pet’s description can easily provide you with information through the platform. PawMaw also allows you to print high-quality flyers with just one click. Remember that your flyer needs to include only important information and be simple enough to be easily recalled.

2. Report lost pets to PawMaw.

When you make a report to PawMaw, your listing instantly appears in the website’s featured listing. The platform has successfully reunited hundreds of lost cats and dogs with distressed owners. Members of the online community, especially those who are near your location, will be immediately alerted of your listing. You can find matches real time, in case someone else reported to have found a missing cat. You can make regular checks on PawMaw using the search by ZIP code function until you find a lead.

3. Do a physical search of the neighborhood.

According to pet lost statistics, 30% Found Their Cat By Searching The Neighborhood.

Once you’re done printing flyers, the actual search begins. It’s time to hit the streets and look in every possible hiding place. Your lost cat may just as have slipped inside someone else’s backyard and are unable to go out. You may try going door to door within the immediate vicinity. Ask children playing, the mailman, delivery drivers, commuters, and anyone you come across if they’ve seen a lost cat or show them your flyer. Follow any and all leads. You might find your missing cat in every hole and corner, as well as in high places. There have been cases of lost cats found up in the trees which they ran up to and are too scared to go down.


There’s a good chance of finding a lost cat during night time. Missing cats usually hide instead of run, and they change hiding places during the night. Call out your cat’s name and pause from time to time to listen. You may bring your cat’s favorite cat food or a container of treats. Your missing pet may just respond to the familiar smell of its favorite food.  You might also want to enlist the help of concerned people to help the search cover more ground.


4. Post the flyers in various locations.

Put up your flyers into telephone poles, transport stations, traffic intersections, and public boards near high-traffic areas. This will inform more people in the community to keep a lookout to help you in your search. Find commercial centers near you and ask for permission to post your lost cat flyers in any of the business establishments. It’s also highly possible that your cat may have turned up in a diner or a restaurant in search of food.

5. Send out advertisements.

Upload your flyers to various lost and found listings online. You may also try searching online marketplaces to see if your pet is being put up for sale by the founder.  It would also be a good idea to advertise in the classifieds of local newspapers and have local radio stations send out a broadcast if this option is viable. If you’re offering a reward, it would be prudent not to mention the amount. Lost pet scammers abound and may take advantage.

6. Visit animal shelters and vet hospitals.

Your missing cat could also turn up in animal rescue centers, shelters, and vet hospitals in case someone did find a stray cat and took him there. Search the yellow pages and call each one to report your missing pet. Make personal visits to these shelters if you want to be more thorough. Busy animal shelter staff could easily overlook a newfound pet as the one you’re looking for. Don’t give up if you come up empty on the first day. Keep visiting and calling on a regular basis.


7. Set up security cameras or a trapping device.

There’s a possibility that your missing cat hasn’t gone too far. Upon discovery that your pet is missing, you can set up CCTV cameras and motion detectors around the house, in case the animal is spotted nearby. This would help you narrow down your search in the coming days.

Setting up a trap can also be helpful if your cat returns and happens to be in a distressed or disoriented state. These work by using a lure to capture the cat safely in an enclosed space. You can borrow traps from animal shelters or find them in pet supply stores. Check the trap every night. If you happen to catch a strange animal in the trap, let it go and set up the trap again.


Here are some bonus tips in the image to find lost cats


We hope these suggestions help you find your lost cat as soon as possible. Never give in to panic and repeat the steps as needed, and hopefully, you will get reunited with your feline friend in no time. Once you found your cat, check for any bite wounds or injuries in case they got into a fight. Be ready to take your pet to the vet for a quick checkup or any necessary treatments.


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Over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen every year. You can report your missing pets with PawMaw. We can notify thousands nearby within a minute.

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