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How to Find a Lost Cat at Night?

How to Find a Lost Cat at Night?

Cats are more independent than dogs. Although they love staying at home, cats often love to wander around and hide. That’s why there are more missing cats than dogs. Finding cats are tougher than other pets. Luring it back home can be just as challenging. Cats often avoid crowds and noise, that’s why finding your cat might be better done at night than when the sun is up.

If your pet cat is missing, PawMaw.com has listed some advice on how to find a missing cat at night, including utilizing different methods such as making flyers or posting on social media to help with your search. Here are the tips on how to find missing cat at night

1. Thoroughly search your home first

Cats are known for hiding in weird and often hard-to-reach places. Oftentimes, cats just don’t want to be found. So how do you find a lost cat at night if it doesn’t want to be found? Check every place where your pet cat might be hiding. Look for your pet cat in your yard, garage, chimney, or in your porch. Check under the bed, under every table, and even in your attic. Any small space where they can fit in should be checked.

Never forget to look around with your flashlight. You can also bring your cat's favorite toy or treat.


2. Search for them without being too loud

Cats can get easily startled, that’s why they’ll often hide near your home. One of the best tips on how to find lost cat at night is to avoid loud noises as much as you can. Call their name calmly and avoid clapping or making sudden noise. But what to do if you find a lost cat at night? If you see your cat or a different missing cat, immediately kneel and avoid looking them in the eyes. Then stretch your hand out. Sometimes they will go straight to you, especially when there are no distractions.

3. Check places near your home

As mentioned before, cats get easily startled and hide in places close to their home. If you can’t find your lost cat at night inside your home, then it’s time to check outside the house. If you’ve searched everywhere, ask around the neighborhood.


4. Be very patient

Owners have to look extra hard when looking for lost cats. They often hide until they think it’s safe for them.

If you can’t go out at night to look for your cat, you can use wilderness or surveillance cameras that can help you track your cat. You can even ask to examine your neighbor’s footage. Even doorbell cameras can be of use too.


5. Leave food and water at home just in case

If you have to leave home to search for your lost cat at night, you should leave some food and water by the door just in case your cat does come home. It’s one of the most common tips on how to find a lost cat at night. You can also leave a baby monitor to check if it can detect faint sounds from your cat.


6. Ask around

Apart from asking your neighbors, you can also ask people walking near your street if they found your cat. Make sure that you show the photo too. Contact your veterinarian and local shelters, as well as Animal Control and other rescue groups about your missing cat. It’s best to inform them so they can help with your search.


7. Create a Listing at Pawmaw.com

Visit pawmaw.com to create a free listing. This site helps pet owners find their missing pet quickly. The site reaches a wide audience, and reporting your missing pet here improves the chances of recovering your lost pet. The site’s mission is to reunite distressed pet owners with their beloved pets, and PawMaw helps you print flyers, alert rescue squad, report lost and found pet, and more.

Here are additional ideas on how to find your lost cat at night

What are the chances of finding a lost cat?

About 74% of lost cats have been successfully found by their owners, according to research by ASPCA, also known as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The study was based on a survey done for 5 years from 2007 to 2012.


How do you find a lost cat in the dark?

Finding a lost cat at night might be easier. Make sure to have a flashlight with you as you check inside and outside your house. Look for them in areas where they can hide such as under the car, under the porch, near the vents, or even in your attic.


Can cats find their way home if lost?

Lost cats can find their way home only if they were lost somewhere near. But if that was the case, this is still no guarantee that all cats can return. Some cats might be unable to return home if they are stuck or injured.


How long do cats usually go missing?

Cats can disappear for a day to wander off. If your cat hasn’t returned, it’s best to look for them within your block before posting on social media.



Having your cat go missing can be devastating. We hope that this guide has helped you how to plan your search. Cats get easily startled so avoid making sudden loud noises when you call for them You’ll need to listen to their faint sounds when you look for them too. Remember that you can ask PawMaw.com to help you find your lost cat.



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