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How to Find a Lost Cat with a Microchip

How to Find a Lost Cat with a Microchip

It’s a common question among pet owners: “Can I track my cat with a microchip?” The quick answer is no. A microchip doesn’t provide you with the real-time location of your missing pet. However, a missing cat that has been microchipped would be much easier to identify and find, compared to a cat that hasn’t been microchipped.

So how do you find a lost cat with a microchip? The most important thing you need to understand about microchips is that they’re basically an identification tag that would have to be scanned by specified systems for you to find out where your cat is.


How Microchips Work?

Microchips are small devices, almost the same size as a grain of rice, that is implanted by a licensed vet beneath your pet’s skin. The chip carries a unique serial number, which can be detected using microchip scanners. Having your cat microchipped would require completing the registration with the microchipping company. This is usually done online or making a call. If you completed the registration, your contact information and some details about your pet would show up whenever the microchip is scanned.

How to track my cat with a microchip? You can’t. Microchips are essential, permanent identification tags, but unlike collars or tags, they can’t be removed and don’t get lost or broken. They could last your pet’s entire lifetime.

Animal shelters and vets can do routine scans on lost animals that are brought in. Once scanned, the owner information can be viewed and the microchipping company would also be informed of the cat’s current location.

One crucial thing you should know about microchips is that they only help you find your pet if your information is updated. Whether it’s a vet, an animal collection officer, or a shelter warden who scans the chip, the microchip will tell them who the animal is registered to, allowing them to make an effort to find you.

How Do I Track My Cat with Microchip?

A microchip isn’t a real-time tracker, but it can help you find your missing pet faster. To find a lost cat with a microchip, take the following steps:


1.    Enter the serial number into the microchip registry.

The first step on how to find a lost cat with microchip is informing the microchipping company immediately. The company maintains an online registry that contains your details and pet’s information. Go to the company website and enter the serial number of your pet cat’s microchip. You may also make a direct and follow up calls to the company to see if your cat has been scanned anywhere.

There are some cases when your cat may have been microchipped before you became his owner. If you are unsure about which microchipping company you should inquire with, there are multiple databases online containing information about microchipped pets, such as petmicrochiplookup.org. You may also call the vet, the breeder, or the previous owner for microchip information if you don’t have the serial number.

2.    Wait for a phone call.

It’s routine procedure for many shelters and animal clinics to scan stray or lost pets to help identify the owner. They will either notify the microchipping company or directly contact you if your microchip information is up to date. Waiting might perhaps be the most trying period when searching for your lost cat. But remember that 38% of microchipped cats have been successfully reunited with their owners.

If your cat has been microchipped, it’s important that you or someone else is always available to answer the phone, in case your cat’s microchip turns up somewhere. Shelters have varying rules with regard to holding lost animals, but they would usually give the owners enough time to come forward to claim their lost pet, upon being notified that their pet has been identified.

How do I find my lost cat with a microchip? While you wait for that important call, you can take many other steps to hasten your search for your lost cat. These include printing and distributing lost pet flyers, doing a thorough search of the immediate area, reporting your lost pet to PawMaw.com, and getting in touch with nearby animal shelters.

3.    Call nearby animal shelters.

Report your lost cat to animal shelters and inform them that your pet has been microchipped. You may also do the same with vet hospitals and animal rescue organizations in your immediate vicinity. Someone may have already taken your cat in any of these places and may be unable to track you because of information that hasn’t been updated. Don’t hesitate to make follow up calls or physical visits to see if your cat has been located.


Can I locate my cat with a microchip? No, but microchipping is still very good practice if you’re a cat owner. Microchips don’t work like GPS trackers, but they provide permanent identification and instant notification about your lost cat’s whereabouts. Should you need to update your address or any contact information related to your pet, it can just as easily be done by making a call or online through the microchipping company’s website.

And because microchips don’t allow you to track your cat real time, remember that it always helps to spread word about your search. While you wait for any information that may come up from the microchipping company, you should also actively search for your cat in all possible hiding places around the neighborhood. Lost cat behavior differs with each cat. Based on your cat’s personality, you can determine whether he’s hiding fearfully, or boldly ventured out into more unfamiliar territory.

Posters are also an effective way to expand your search. When you report your lost pet to PawMaw.com, you can easily make and download a lost pet flyer for free. Print these out and put up the poster in strategic spots. Try everything and don’t ever give up trying to find your lost cat. If you act fast and be smart in your search, your efforts will surely pay off and your pet will be back home in no time.


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November 07, 2020 at 05:41

Tami alllen says:

I just got my kitty chipped and all his shots and really miss him so much. If someone has him please take care of him he’s is a very noisy and like very loyal! Whoever has him please take care of him.


November 09, 2020 at 05:32

LeAnne says:

My cousin in Euless, TX (near Main Street and Shelmar) found a small gray kitty last night in her backyard. She (we think she's a female, but maybe not - we didn't get a good look) has a bobbed tail. Very affectionate and comfortable around people. Loves being picked up and petted. Walked right into the house and went to the litter box that is there for my cousin's own cat. Ate and drank and seems very healthy, like she's someone's pet who somehow got out. No collar. My cousin can't keep her and is trying to find her owner. Please contact me if you are missing this sweet little cat!


November 27, 2021 at 08:36

Levi says:

Missing cat, domestic shorthair, he's all black. Apache junction Arizona


April 15, 2022 at 12:55

Corinne Grammer says:

Our girl Hedy is microchipped and missing in the Mossy Meadows Area, Kathleen, GA she’s a tortoise-shell, mostly brown with a tan “peanut butter” paw.


May 07, 2022 at 05:00

Noreen C Henderson says:

My cat yoshy is missing.he must have snuck out.hes an indoor cat and has a chip.he has never been out before.he is from Salem mass


June 08, 2022 at 04:31

lipetonkat says:

i got my 3 cats microchipped a couple of months ago and my cats were fine afterwards. they just meowed.

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