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Best Ways To Find Your Missing Bird

Best Ways To Find Your Missing Bird

From time immemorial, pet owners and lovers of birds have continued to experience incessant disconnection due to their missing birds. This is because of the nature of birds that find flying interesting and often fly away when not appropriately secured.


Against the following backdrop, it is not only important to identify ways of securing your birds from flying away, but also familiarize yourself with the primary strategies that can help you in finding your lost birds.


Interestingly, this piece is embedded with resourceful tips on how to prevent your birds from flying. Also, it contains a number of methods on how you can redeem the possession of your missing birds.


7 Majors Ways to Find Missing Birds

Bearing in mind that birds are instinctual animals that love to fly as a result of their nature, it is important to devise means to find missing birds. Case in, point your birds escape, the following are 7 major ways of finding your missing birds;

1. Create Lost Bird Flyers

It is fundamentally important to quickly commence a search for your missing bird by printing lost bird flyers. From time immemorial, the adoption of lost bird flyers has proven to be one of the most effective means of creating awareness for your lost birds. In this regard, you stand the chance of being easily contacted through your phone number as well as other details on your flyer.

2. Use A Facebook Post

Given the fact that Facebook is one of the growing communities and has been established as the widest means of coverage, there is no doubting the fact that posting message on Facebook will bring about broad-based awareness about your missing birds.


Consciously or unconsciously, you will receive support such as re-share from your local Facebook community. More importantly, always ensure that your Facebook post recurs so that you can easily find the lost bird.


3. Notify your Neighbors

One of those foremost pillars that should be urgently informed as soon you birds go missing is your neighbors. Neighbors have been helpful when finding the missing parrot. Given the fact that your neighbors may be at home when you are not, there is a lot of possibilities that they may see your bird around their garden or within the environment.


Instructively, it is your duty to quickly inform them so as to also be on the lookout for it. Additionally, endeavor to show them the picture of your bird so as to easily identify it when seen.

4. Use Social Media Platforms

Against the backdrop of the fact that the tendency of recovering your missing bird requires an intense search, there is a need to explore every accessible social media platform within your reach with the underlying aim of regaining the foothold of your lost bird. More specifically, you can explore media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, among others.


5. Leave Your Cage Wide Open

In the light of regaining a foothold of your bird, you are hereby advised to leave your cage open with attractive food and water in an isolated place particularly the back yard. This will not only attract your lost bird, but it is easy of redirecting and catching your bird.


6. Communicate to Your Local Vets and Rescue Services

It is imperative to communicate the loss of your bird to the vets and rescue services in your area. More instructively, do not restrict the search of your bird to your immediate area alone. This is because; your bird might have flown beyond that chores. Hence; contact every vet and animal rescue services within your reach.


7. Adopt Birdie Sounds:

Knowing full well that bird owner has a peculiar means of attracting their bird through whistling, it is imperative for you to familiarize your bird with a particular birdie sound that can be used to trail it in a moment of loss. Undoubtedly, the birdie sound is a veritable means of recalling the loss of your bird.


Birds Prevention Tips:

Having established the fact that birds have the natural tendency of flying away if not well-tamed, it is important to state some of the tips that would be helpful in preventing your birds from flying away. These prevention tips include, but not limited to;


       Clip Your Birds Wings

In the light of taming your birds, it is fundamentally required to clip your bird’s wings. This can be achieved by trimming your bird’s primary flight feathers. To this end, there is no way you will experience missing bird because they cannot fly away over a long distance.


       Engage Your Bird

There is no doubting the fact that busy birds find it hard to fly away. More importantly, you need to socialize and create a great deal of bond with your bird and they will find it uninteresting to leave you.


It should be noted that providing them toys is one of the ways to keep your bird busy. Worthy of note, however, is that there are many bird toys such as perches, wooden chew, among others that you can buy for your birds.


       Construct An Enclosed House Policy

It is important to note that, constructing an enclosed place for your bird is one of the easiest means of preventing your birds from flying away. In this regard, the enclosed house policy does not have an open door, open windows, among others, but must be habitable for your birds.


       Creates Opportunity for Exploration

One of the ways of preventing your birds from flying away is to give them the room to explore the environment. Knowing full well that birds are symbolic of freedom and often it inconvenient being caged, there is a need to closely study your birds so as to know the right time to explore their environment.

Here is a bonus lost bird infographic that you can share.



Given the natural peculiarity of birds with flying, it has been established that your birds may fly away if not well prevented and secured. In a similar vein, this piece equally identified helpful means of finding missing birds in case they get lost. It is, therefore, believed that this resourceful piece will guide you through the process of nurturing your birds.


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