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8 Big, Fluffy Dog Breeds That Are Absolutely Stunning

8 Big, Fluffy Dog Breeds That Are Absolutely Stunning

Dogs of any shape of size are equally adorable and capable of giving love and joy. Some people may want small dogs, while others want their canine companion sturdy and lean. Others still, may go for the gentle giant canines. Whatever your preference, the big, fluffy ones are definitely hard to ignore. They are a marvel to look at and most of them make excellent family pets. Are you looking for a cuddle buddy with such luxurious fur you can bury your face in it? Here is our list of big, fluffy dog breeds that are simply irresistible.

1.   Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog, or Berner for short, is a popular choice as a family pet. These dogs are huge, often weighing over 100lbs. They have thick, moderately long coat that can either be straight or wavy. Berners are characteristically tri-colored fluffy breeds of dogs. While they are classified as a working breed, these dogs can be silly and playful. With proper care and exercise, the Bernese Mountain Dog can adapt to a calmer lifestyle. They are easily trainable because they are eager to please. And you can be sure they will never leave your side!


2.   Samoyed

The Samoyed is easily among the most widely adored white fluffy dog breeds. Characterized by a dense, double-layer coat, dogs of this breed commonly have a snow-white coat. Some of them may also have cream, biscuit, or white-and-biscuit coats. If you can handle the regular grooming and brushing, having a Samoyed around the house is worth all the effort. This breed is known for the being lively, sociable, and active. It’s easy to spot that big “Sammy smile” from a mile away.


3.   Newfoundland

You can count the Newfoundland among the most adored giant fluffy dog breeds out there. Originally bred as working dogs to serve as companions to fishermen and lumberjacks, this breed is characterized by flat, water-resistant double coat. A soft, dense undercoat lies beneath an outer coat that’s coarse and long. The sweet and playful Newfoundland are adventurous and athletic. You can make this dog happy by giving him lots of exercise, on top of a regular grooming ritual.


4.   Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is an intelligent, reserved, and independent dog possessing a straight and long top coat with a soft, wooly undercoat. It’s one of the most expensive dogs in the world. And when you run your fingers through the thick mane of this fluffy dog breed, it’s easy to see why. Covered with fluffiness from head to toe, these loyal guard dogs require grooming at least twice a week because they also shed a lot. Make sure to give this breed proper dog training because they’re also known for their stubbornness.


5.   Leonberger

The Leonberger makes a solid candidate if you’re in search for the best fluffy dogs for families. Their huge size and energetic disposition can make them quite a handful. With proper training though, these gentle giants will prove smart and intelligent. They are affectionate and will be sure to delight the whole family with their silly antics and goofiness. The Leonberger possesses a long, water-resistant double coat that grows straight and is soft to the touch. Don’t miss the opportunity to groom and bond with your dog once or twice weekly. He’s sure to love it!


6.   Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog belongs to the really fluffy dog breeds you’ll ever find. Its widely distinguished for its thick, shaggy coat that is neither straight or curly. Underneath all its fluffiness, however, is a lean, muscular build. These dogs are agile and enthusiastic. But the Old English Sheepdog is definitely an intelligent breed that is ready to provide his family lots of affection. These dogs were used to herd sheep but they’re well-behaved and can enjoy a more comfortable and laid-back lifestyle.


7.   Great Pyrenees

Few dogs are as majestic as the Great Pyrenees. Standing at an average of 30 inches and weighing anywhere between 100-160lbs, there’s no mistaking its place among the most popular huge fluffy dog breeds around. This breed is distinguished for its lush, weatherproof coat in pure white. The white coat is sometimes tinged with grey, tan, or red markings. The Great Pyrenees has an independent and stubborn nature, but with proper care and training, they will prove to be a protective and loyal member of the family.


8.   Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is a popular dog breed for its cheerful disposition and impressive intelligence. They possess a strong and shaggy outer coat on top of a soft, furry undercoat. They are definitely among the most adorable fluffy dog breeds. Medium in size at an average of 45lbs to 55lbs, the Bearded Collie is a working breed noted for its agility, obedience, and activeness. These dogs definitely need a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation. They are also often primed as show dogs to showcase their majestic coats. But as family dogs, the Bearded Collie is loyal, affectionate, and smart companion.


If you like small fluffy dog breeds, there’s plenty of great choices. Breeds like the Lhasa Apso, the Shih Tzu, and the Pomeranian are just a few of many of these miniature sized pooches. If you’re interested in white fluffy dog breeds, small breeds like the Havanese, the Bichon Frise, or the Japanese Spitz might be to your liking. 


Whether you’re looking to get a big, medium-sized, or large dog, maintenance is of course an important consideration when it comes to fluffy dog breeds. Thick, abundant coats protect the dogs from the cold. However, this would also mean that they shed more and need constant grooming. Proper care is essential for the health and comfort of your fluffy pet. And once you decide on which pet to get, don’t forget to provide daily training, adequate exercise, and proper socialization.


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