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Fox Terrier Puppies, Breed, Characteristics, & Facts

Fox Terrier Puppies, Breed, Characteristics, & Facts

If you are looking for a feisty and buoyant dog breed, Fox Terrier puppies might be your ideal fit. These dogs, also referred to as Foxies, are a delightful breed and stylish and pretty good-looking. Foxies have a devil-may-care attitude and a high spunk value. They are among the happiest dogs among other breeds in the canine club.

Read on as we talk about all the Fox Terrier dog breed information that you have been waiting to know.

Fox Terrier History

For many generations, Britain's traditional Fox hunts were one of the most renowned passions of the gentry in the United Kingdom. A fox hunt involved the big packs of hounds, many horses and hunters, and some of the most tenacious Fox Terriers. These smooth Fox Terriers were present in saddlebags and were sent out in the open when the foxes hid.

Smooths are relatives to the Wire Fox Terriers. Smooth Fox Terriers entered the show ring during the 19th century after the foxhunts were banned. The American Kennel Club called it a recognized breed and a member of the Terrier group in 1885.

Fox Terrier Appearance

Smooth-haired Fox Terriers are way less popular when compared to their cousins, Wire Fox Terrier with a wiry texture. These breeds are small dogs irrespective of physical appearance. Generally, they will not have a height greater than 15.5 inches at the shoulder.

One of the unique features of the Fox Terriers, apart from the coat varieties, is their head. A Smooth Fox Terrier puppy will have a more V-shaped head than Wire Haired Fox Terrier puppy.

The flat and dense coat type is usually white with markings that are black, tan, or rough-coated black and tan. Fox Terriers form excellent watchdogs and are clever hunters that are sturdy and strong.

Fox Terrier Living Needs & Care

The living needs and care for both - Smooths and Wires vary according to their build. The daily maintenance of the breed doesn't require intense work, but it is essential to be regular with the exercise, socialization, and early training.

Fox Terrier Health

Smooth Fox Terrier puppies are overall healthy small dogs. Just like other dogs, there are some health conditions that you should be wary of.

Potential health problems in the two breeds: Smooth and Wire Fox Terrier, are cardiac disease and patellar luxation. Reputable breeders must ensure that these diseases are not passed on to the puppy from the parents.

Fox Terrier Grooming

The grooming process of a Wire Fox Terrier is dependent on whether the dog is a family companion or a show dog.

Generally, a Smooth Fox Terrier has a hard and dense coat that needs to be groomed every week to remove the shedding hair with a thick brush. A Wire Fox Terrier is not a big-time big shedder but will need regular brushing to prevent matting their hypoallergenic, coarse coats.

These separate breeds suffer ear infections, so you should check the dog's ears. Additionally, you should have their nails trimmed every month.

Fox Terrier Exercise

Like other members of the Fox Terrier Club, these breeds need enough exercise daily to avoid health issues and stay physically and mentally fit.

Fox Terrier puppies are known for their boundless energy which can be an issue if the puppy is stuck inside the house and not allowed to have the required activity. This one breed has a strong prey drive, so you must take them out for walks that are not off-leash.

You should also engage Fox Terrier puppies in supervised play in enclosed areas to avoid any mishap. A Fox Terrier enjoys chasing so we suggest you throw a ball in the park or yard to keep these dogs entertained.

Fox Terrier Training

Smooth Fox Terriers are highly intelligent breeds. These dogs work well with a strict and consistent training schedule. As a first-time owner of a Smooth fox terrier, you should seek professional help from dog trainers or canine behaviorists to plan their comprehensive training regime and obedience classes.

These dogs respond well to positive reinforcements and those activities which give them the space to think independently. Smooth Fox Terriers are trained for obedience and agility that suit a show dog breed the best!

Fox Terrier Nutrition/Food/Diet

A high-protein diet is a must for a Fox Terrier puppy and adult dog. Most Terriers breeds sustain well with home-cooked dog food or high-quality commercial food. Since a Fox Terrier engages in active play, fresh water should always be available for this breed club.

Fox Terrier Temperament

Fox Terrier puppies are friendly dogs that are pretty independent nature-wise. The same breed is lively, energetic, and charismatic and interacts well with family members and strangers. One of the main breed traits is a high prey drive. This means that many Terriers would not get along with other animals or other pets in the household.

Fox Terrier Fun Facts

• Fox Terrier puppies are a hit amongst the British royalty. Two Smooth Fox Terriers lived in the White House with Herbert Hoover.

• Fox Terrier breeds have won the most Westminster Best in Show Titles ever.

• The world's most popular naturalist, Charles Darwin owned Fox Terriers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have added some of the most commonly asked questions about Fox Terrier puppies and adult dogs. Read on!

Are Fox Terrier puppies good family pets?

Fox Terrier puppies are fantastic family pets. The key is to socialize them properly. By doing so, they will have fun with younger children too. The Toy Wire Fox Terrier dog breed has a strong hunting instinct and is rather good at it. They are pretty energetic dogs and engage in running in a dog park, digging, and playing dog sports.

How much is a fox terrier hunting dog?

On a general note, Wire Fox Terrier Hunting dogs cost between $1,500 and $3,000. The cost of a dog breed will differ according to the location, breeder quality, and the availability of the parents. You can also find breeders who can get you hybrid species like Fox Terrier Mix Puppies.


Fox Terrier puppies or Foxies with these amazing qualities have a huge fan base! If you love this breed, we strongly urge you to join a national breed club or American kennel club in your city!

You can also be a part of the American Fox Terrier Club, a specialty club representing Smooth Fox Terrier established in 1888. With various opportunities to contribute to the local community, you can add your value to aid this lovely dog breed.


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