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The other morning, I went to a local park for a walk with my dog. It was a beautiful & shiny morning. All on a sudden I spotted a dog on the opposite side of the park. I thought It’s lost, and I was searching for its owner. Unfortunately, the dog wasn’t wearing any tag on its collar. I was confused. What should I do now?

If you ever face this situation, don’t become nervous. There is a very general process to find the owner of a found pet. However, remember that you are not the only one who faces this problem. There are thousands of other people who undergo with the same situation just like you and me.


A report of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) shows that nationwide about 6.5 million animals enter the US animal shelter every year. 3.2 million are cats, and 3.3 million are dogs. Among them, almost 1.5 million pets are euthanized every year.


Approximately 710,000 animals who enter the shelter home returns to their owner. 620,000 are dogs, and 90,000 are cats among them. So, who help them to return to their owner?


Yes, they are those people like you and me. So, it is very effective to know about what should you do when you found a lost pet. As I have already faced this situation, so I think why shouldn’t I share my experience with my friends? This blog is just the result of my thought!


In this blog, I am gonna inform you about 10 things you should do if you found a dog. Continue scrolling to know the in-depth process –

Safety First

As soon as someone spots a lost pet, they want to catch them. But it doesn’t result well every time. You may try to pick the pet. But if the pet doesn’t seem cooperative, don’t try to capture.


Instead of catching the found dog, try to determine whether the dog is in a safe place or not. If it is on a busy road with heavy traffic, keep it away from that. But if it is on a sidewalk, don’t push it to do anything.


Build Trust

When found pets don’t approach to you by itself, try to build its trust in you. You may buy some high-quality food and sit on the ground. Try to sit as close as possible.


It will be more effective if you can surround yourself with food. Now, wait patiently for the moment. It may take a while to build trust. As time passes, the dog becomes close to you. It means you have successfully built trust.


Watch Out for Aggressive Dogs

The street dogs are divided into two different categories. Few of them has an owner. The owner raises them and keeps the pets with them. But a few others do not have any home or family. Both of these dogs might be aggressive or fearful when approached by an unknown person like you and me. So, be careful!


Generally, there are a few noticeable things for the family-owned dogs. They are normally well groomed, clean and doesn’t look too much aggressive. On the contrary, street dogs are too much aggressive and not groomed at all.


Check for Obvious Signs of Disease

As it is a lost and found pet, so you don’t have any idea about its health issues. If the dog seems like biting, snipping or loudly barking at everyone, it is not a sign of good health. Even if the dog looks very weak, don’t want to walk, or salivate a lot, it means this pet is physically sick. Don’t get close to a dog if you notice any of these issues.

Notify the police or local animal shelter service as soon as you notice any of those symptoms. A dog might be affected by a lot of diseases. The most common diseases are –


  • ·         Distemper
  • ·         Fleas, ticks, or mange
  • ·         Rabies
  • ·         Heartworms
  • ·         Kennel cough
  • ·         Ringworm or any other fungal diseases
  • ·         Intestinal parasites: tapeworms, roundworms, whipworms, or hookworms.


Check for any identity

Nowadays most of the pet owner add a microchip on the collar of their pet. It became easier to find their dog if the lost.When I found that dog in the park, I’ve searched something which can ensure an identity for that found dogs near me. If you can locate the owner information, the next step is straightforward. Contact the owner and handle the dog to him.


File a “Found Dog” Report on Local Animal Shelter

What will you do if you lost your pet? Yes, everyone starts their search from the local animal shelter center. So, you should inform the local shelter as soon as you found a cat or dog.


Check Local Newspapers, Magazines, and Craigslist

When the pet owner notice that his pet is missing, he definitely shares ads on local magazines and newspapers. So, you should check the ‘lost & found’ columns of recent newspapers and magazines. There is a huge possibility to find something that relates to the found pets.


You may also check the Craigslist. Most of the pet owner share the lost ads on online, primarily social media and Craigslist.


Also, don’t forget to check the Found dog website too!


Share A ‘Found Cat or Dog’ Picture on your social media

If you can’t locate the owner still now, Include a clear and details photo of the found bird or pet. Publish them on your social media sites.


Hang Flyers On Crowded Places

Along with sharing online, try to hang some attractive and eye-catchy flyer. Don’t forget to include your contact no. on that flyer.


Notify Local Veterinary Clinics

Generally, the pet owners check every local veterinary clinic for their lost pets. So, you should inform the local clinics about your found bird.


What can we do to help you with your found pet?

PawMaw is actively helping found pet to make their way to back home. We provide a few most effective service to find a lost/found pet. Few of our services are –


1.      You can send Paw-Alerts to the residents about your Found pet.

2.      You can create eye-catchy flyers from the website. It’s pretty handy and free.

3.      Your post will be displayed as a feature post on our site. Hundreds of peoples within a second can see the featured post!

So, have you found a pet? Report it here.

Here is a bonus lost pet infographic that you can share with others.

Final Words

If you follow these steps, hopefully, the found pets owner meet with their pets within a few hours. That means you become a part of creating an excellent task with a happy ending.


Do you have any more effective tips, comment below!




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Denise says:

My cat is missing


November 14, 2019 at 12:15

Denise says:

My gray cat is missing from Granada and ocean ave she has a white spot by her neck

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