How to Bond with Your Dog?


Dogs are known for the unconditional love and loyalty they readily offer to their human families. They are generally very sociable creatures that bonding with them isn’t all that hard. For the most part, all it takes is spending lots of time with your canine buddy to do things that he enjoys. Understanding how canines behave and exposing them to physical and social activities are also essential. If you want to develop a strong relationship with your dog, apply the following tips on how to bond with your dog. 

Train your dog every day.

You don’t need to hire a professional to learn the most basic dog training techniques. With time, patience, consistency, and positive reinforcement, you can teach your dog some basic commands which would help raise him into a well-adjusted pup. Training sessions could be short as long as you do it daily. The hours you spend together training would be a sure way how to create a bond with your dog.

Feed him with care.

Your dog sees you as the ultimate giver of the thing he likes most—his meals! How do you bond with your dog? While it’s true that our pets couldn’t sit with us at the dinner table to share a feast, take extra care about the food you give your dog to keep him healthy and happy. You can make sure to feed him healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals. 

Feeding time could also be a form of training.

Most people have busy schedules and end up just pouring their dog’s meal on a bowl and get on with whatever it is they’re doing. But if you’re looking for ways how to strengthen your bond with your dog, you can actually turn feeding time into simple training. Using meals as a form of reward when your dog is able to perform a simple command enables him to see you as the ultimate provider, which creates a solid bond between the two of you.


Rest and relax together.

How to build a bond with your dog? Whether he’s a new pup that you just welcomed to the family or an elderly dog with only a few years left in his lifespan, spending quiet time with your fluffy bud is a great way to make your dog feel special. Just sitting down with your dog, petting him all over his favorite spots, and talking to him is a therapeutic exercise that dog owners should do more often. You’ll find that your dog is the best companion right after a long, hard day at work. 

Spend time for fun and games.

Some dogs require more exercise than others, but almost every dog wouldn’t turn down the chance to go out and play! How to build a strong bond with your dog? Whether it’s throwing a frisbee around, playing fetch, agility training throughout an obstacle course, or a weekend trip to the beach with the family, play is great for your dog’s physical and mental health. If you haven’t tried taking a trip with your dog, here’s some tips on how to prepare him.

Set firm boundaries.

While coddling your dog is definitely tempting, animal behavior experts would say it’s not exactly how to bond with your new dog. Set rules at home and be consistent in implementing these rules. For instance, your pet dog should be well aware of where he’s allowed to sleep, play, relieve himself, and eat. Inconsistencies may cause confusion and if your dog is confused about how you expect him to behave, it could result in dog anxiety, frustration, and bad behavior. 

Learn to “speak” dog.

The more you know about your dog, the better friend you can be to him. How to make a bond with your dog? Understanding your dog’s body language, facial expressions, and behavior would allow you to immediately detect if something is causing your dog to be scared, uncomfortable, or anxious. Knowing how your dog reacts to certain, situations enables you to make him feel safe and secure. For example, there are certain signs of stress in dogs that are easy to miss unless you know how to watch out for them.

Respect your dog’s likes and dislikes.

Just like people, every dog is different. And bonding with them could be encouraged in different ways. It’s up to you to know the things your dog likes and doesn’t like in terms of interacting with people. For instance, did you know that a lot of dogs are intimidated by eye contact? At the same time, most if not all dogs love getting treats (it’s easy to see why), taking walks, and neck rubs. Looking for common interests and preferred activities would be how to create a bond with your dog.

Be calm and cool.

As you’re learning ways on how to bond with your dog, remember that he looks up to you and follows your lead. Avoid losing your temper and be patient at all times. As you train and teach him, help your dog gain more confidence by breaking big tasks into smaller steps. If he succeeds in learning a new trick, let him know what a good boy he is! If he fails, don’t lose your temper and keep trying. Your dog needs to see you as a positive and trustworthy leader with whom he can do his favorite activities.


Whether you want to know how to bond with your new adopted dog or form a deeper bond with a dog you’ve had around for a while, these bond-building tips are just what you need. Understand your dog’s personality and preferences, take the time to train, play, or even just cuddle with him, and introduce positive experiences every day and you will ultimately build an unbreakable bond with your buddy.


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