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How To Find A Lost Bird Outside?

How To Find A Lost Bird Outside?

Birds are inherently the epitome of freedom. Although some species are more prone to be a pet than flying around, it is harder to make birds live a domestic life than most other pets.

Last week one of my neighbors came to ask for help to look for his lost bird together. Little did I know, lost birds can be found too if searched with a planned scheme and, of course, if you are a lucky owner.

Have you ever experienced a painful memory of losing your feathered friend? If yes, let’s have a look at how to find a lost bird outside.


Reasons behind the birds flying away

Birds are like a bridging animals between wild and domestic creatures. They can spread wings in the open sky, but they can also be domesticated with certain tricks. While some birds can never be tamed, some species are gentler than humans.

Some birds are brought home from the shelter, while others are taken in from a broken nest. The neighbor I mentioned earlier found the bird with a broken wing lying on the ground while its nest was destroyed during a storm. In either case, birds have a natural intuition to look for their lost family and companion.


Reasons why birds fly away can be trivial. Here are some of those:

● The bird may be looking for its lost home.

● It may have been old enough to look for its food and companion.

● It may not have been appropriately domesticated.

● The bird may have a wilder instinct in it than usual.

● Birds have ‘flight feathers’ that give them natural intuition to fly away.

● Birds have a more prominent visual field than humans that inspires them to use the feathers.


How to find a lost bird outside?

When a pet bird flies away, the chances of finding it back depend primarily on the owner’s effort and the bird’s attachment to its home. Here are some tricks to assist if you are thinking- my bird flew away will it ever come back:


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Using social media platforms: In this modern era of Facebook and Instagram, you can put up the picture of your lost bird with a warning caption underneath. The caption should contain all the details about its lost area and its characteristic traits. Ensure attaching your contact details upon finding the bird.


Putting up flyers: For the people who may not go through social media, put up lost bird flyers on every street corner, electric poles, trashcans, and fences. The flyers should contain the exact details as mentioned earlier. These will assist the passersby to identify the bird sooner and easily.


Contact bird shelters: Inform all the bird shelters assigned for your and surrounding areas. The bird will not necessarily fly around your area, and it may fly off to anywhere. These shelters can send professional teams to do the job for you.


Get help: If you are wondering how to find lost bird outside, inform the neighbors and acquaintances in the same area to help you look around. Birds often fly off and, unfortunately, get injured. If they are lying around on a tree or bushes, you may find out by looking around.


Keep the cage open: Sometimes, lost birds come back to their homes all by themselves. It is like taking a stroll for them as we humans do while taking a walk in the evening. Ensure to keep the cage open for them with some bird foods inside. It will create a welcoming environment for them.


Answers to some inquiries

You must be wondering how to find a lost bird outside. Here are some solutions that may increase the chances of finding one:


1.     How do you find a lost bird that flew away?

We have attached several criteria that you may follow to find a lost bird. Along with maintaining these, you may need a bit of luck since a bird’s instinct always includes flying around in the open sky. If you are fortunate and the efforts work, the bird may come around by itself.


2.     Do birds come back when they fly away?

There are 50-50 chances of the bird coming back. It depends totally on the intention behind its leaving the cage. If it flies away to find its lost family, it may never come back permanently.

On the other hand, if it flies away to take a stroll around, it may come back all by itself after a couple of days. Either way, you should always keep up the efforts to search for it.


3.     How far can a lost bird fly?

Pet birds do not have the strength to fly far distances. They move around the same area for the first couple of days. That explains why it is recommended to act fast once you discover that the cage is empty.


4.     Do people find their lost birds?

When people act intelligent and fast upon losing a bird, they are more likely to find it within a few days. Pet birds do not have the stamina to get away crossing a kilometer within a short period. Any time longer than this decreases the possibility of finding the bird by yourself. In such cases, the bird may have to find its way back home by itself.

 Here are some more tips: 

Final words

As a pet, you are more likely to lose a bird more frequently than dogs or cats. Even after taking care of them for months, birds tend to fly away while putting up with their natural instinct. It is a part of who they are.

Cages are not made to halt the birds’ freedom rather keep them safe from outside hunters and wild birds. Once you can establish that thought in them, it may work out just fine.

Hopefully, this article helps with the process of how to find a lost bird outside whenever needed.


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