How to Find Lost Dog Owner


The thought of losing your beloved furry friend is extremely scary. It is always wise to be prepared for such a distressful situation. However, it may also happen that you might find a lost dog. Now, this brings up a tricky question, how to find a lost dog owner?

If you have ever felt the panic of losing your canine friend, you can resonate with the lost dog's owner. Besides, everybody wants their furry friends to be happy and safe. While you shelter a lost canine, here are a few things you can do to help reunite them with their family.

Steps on How To Find Owner Of Lost Dog

Found a lost dog? Worry not, as you can help it find its family by following these simple steps.

Catch the Dog

The first step is probably the toughest one. Lost pets tend to be shy and scared in an unfamiliar area. Stay calm and slowly approach the lost pet so as to not scare it away. Remember, it might be aggressive if you try to forcibly catch it. Reassure the dog and give it time to warm up to you. If the missing dog seems to be very aggressive, it is best to contact rescue organizations.

Once you have caught the dog, take it to a secure place. Buy a good strong leash from any of the pet stores to secure the dog. Before you let the lost dog mingle with your own pets or other dogs, check it for any injuries or illnesses.

Check Tags for Identification

After you have brought the found dog to safety, you can start the process of looking for its owner. First, begin by checking the dog's collar for an ID tag to get the owner's contact details. If the tag is missing, don't worry for you may be in luck and find a rabies tag instead with the veterinarian's number.

If all of these tags are missing, the next course of action is to check for a microchip. Take the lost dog to the veterinarian's office where they scan for microchips, free of charge. If the dog has a chip, the office will call the microchip company or access a microchip database. This way you're bound to find the owner's contact info.

In case the dog is aggressive or difficult to catch, call the local police department. With their help, take the dog to a local shelter. Animal shelters and animal hospitals are also equipped to check dogs for microchips and scan the national database for the owner's information.

Surrender the Missing Dog at the Animal Shelter

Lost dogs with missing tags and microchips are usually surrendered to animal shelters, humane societies, or other community animal control agencies. This is because animal shelters are an obvious place where the owner of the lost dog would start the search from. Most shelters maintain a found report and lost reports registered by pet owners. Make sure to click a picture before the dog leaves for any of the multiple shelters. It will come in handy while reuniting the dog with its family.

However, it is not absolutely necessary to surrender the dog to a shelter. Inform the local animal shelter about the found pet and keep it with you till the lost dog owner comes looking for it. While you keep the dog with you, get it checked by any of the nearby vets. Also, visit pet supply stores to stock up on good-quality food and toys for the furball.

Create a Found Dog Posters

Another old-school yet great way to find the owner is to print posters with the dog's pictures. Post these paper posters on bulletin boards, telephone poles, and utility poles within a two-mile radius from the dog's rescue location. Make sure to post these flyers at all major intersections where they will be visible to maximum people. Be sure to mention where the dog was found and your contact information. If the owner sees the poster, they may end up reaching your front door in search of their pet. Thus, giving you the best opportunity to reunite the owner and their furry best friend.

Take your search online by posting flyers on the lost and found Facebook pages of various local shelters. Do not restrict to these, post on other sites as well. Another way to reach the owner is to print a dog missing report in the local newspaper.


Post on

If it has been over 24 hours since you have the dog with you, post on This website assists separated pets, whether they are cats, dogs, or other pets, and their owners in reuniting. If you've experienced the unfortunate situation of losing your dog in the woods or at night, will guide you through it.


Ask for Proof from People Claiming to be Owners

Dog theft is a grim reality. People falsely claim to be the dog owner to sell the dog later for a profit. In worse situations, they may illegally use the dog for breeding, or as bait for dogfighting at times.

The final step in how to find a lost dog's owner is when you get a call from a potential owner. If a person reaches out to you claiming to be the owner of the dog, do not describe the dog. Ask them to give a vivid description of the dog. Verify this information. It should be accurate and precise, something that only the dog's true owner would be aware of. Although the caller might be genuine, it is best to take this safety measure before handing over the lost pet.


Wrapping Up

Dogs thrive on love. Be the kind stranger who offers them a safe space while they yearn to find their family. The next time you find a lost dog, remember how heartbreaking it would be for you to lose your precious pet. Care for the lonely pet as you would want your pet to be taken care of.

If you find a furball separated from its family, follow these tips on how to find lost dog owner. This guide on how to find the owner of a lost dog is a sure shot way to reunite a family that is in distress.

Can you think of other ways apart from the above-mentioned ones in helping reunite a lost pet with its family?


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