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How to Keep Cats Away from Plants

How to Keep Cats Away from Plants

Are your pet cats suddenly giving your house plants some unwanted attention? Discovering that your cat has been munching on your plants can be stressful. And aside from the fact that you invest money or time to care for your plants, you also want to discourage the habit because certain plants may cause harm to your feline. So how to keep cats away from plants? There are a few things you can try to keep both your plants and your cats safe.

Keep Your Plants Out of Reach

If your cats have started showing a newfound interest in your plants, the first thing to do is to make your plants off-limits. Before you consider what keeps cats away from plants, maybe you can keep your plants away from your cats first. If it’s possible, close off the garden or area where your potted plants are located. Can you move your plants to higher places or hang them up? Mounting your plants directly onto the wall, well beyond your cat’s reach, may also be a viable idea.

Plants that Cats Like and Dislike

You can keep cats away from a certain area in your house or garden by using some plants that they dislike. Position these undesirable plants strategically. For example, felines typically stay away from marigolds, lavender, rosemary, or geraniums. Having these around in your garden is a sure way on how to keep cats out of plants.


Working with the same principle, why not lure your cats into a specific area to better manage their plant-eating habits. Have a section in your garden reserved only for plants that your cats love. Plants like catnip, cat mint, lemongrass, flax, and cat-friendly grasses like oat and barley grasses are extremely attractive to cats. Have these around and keep your pets happily busy in their own cat-friendly garden.


Use Deterrent Spray

You tend to your plants with care and it’s definitely not a good thing if your cat gets in the habit of chewing on the leaves. You can use a deterrent spray to keep cats away from plants. Cats are sensitive to scents that they don’t like. Formulate your own cat deterrent spray at home using natural lemon and orange juice. You can also put citrus peels, tea leaves, cinnamon, or pepper all over your plants to keep cats away.


Does cayenne pepper keep cats away? Yes, it’s true that cats dislike the scent of peppers, including cayenne. If you have this available, you can use it for your homemade spray. Mix with water solution and spray over your plants periodically.


Lay Out an Obstacle Course

How to keep cats away from plants indoors? Cats are very finicky about unfamiliar textures. Safeguard your plants by making the area unfriendly to cats. You can put pinecones or holly leaves all over your flower beds. Plant plastic forks or toothpicks and your cat will be less likely to want to go near your plants. Cats also don’t like the texture of aluminum foil or the sound it makes when they walk over it. Use a sheet as a floor cover in the area where your potted plants are.

Another idea for how to keep cats away from the garden is to make the floor are too sticky to walk on. Your cat won’t be able to stand walking on a surface covered with double-sided tape. If you want a longer-lasting solution, you can always cover the floor surface with tin foil plates. The racket it causes when they walk over the plates should be enough to discourage cats from coming near your plants.


Set Up Barriers

If your cat thinks your garden is a litter box, it’s time to take bigger precautions. Install protective barriers around your plants in the form of chicken wires or wooden lattices. This is certainly one of the most surefire ways on how to keep cats away from house plants, especially if your feline pets have started using their paws to dig holes in your garden! Along with physical barriers, you can cover the soil with a thin layer of stone mulch, pebbles, river rocks, or heavy bark to discourage cats from digging.


Make Sure the Litter Box is Clean

You may be looking for a way on how to keep cats away from plants because your pet has started using your flower pots as litter boxes. The solution may be as simple as making sure to keep our cat’s litter box clean at all times. Your cat is having a problem with his own litter box if he suddenly refuses to use it, even if it’s clean. You can try changing the type of litter, or placing the box in a location where it’s easier to access.


How to keep cats away from plants? As discussed in this article, you can try using natural scent sprays as deterrents or adding plants that cats dislike to your home garden. You may also discourage cats from eating your plants or digging holes in your garden by setting up barriers or protecting the soil with pebbles or stone mulch. You can also try creating an unpleasant environment that would discourage cats from exploring your garden or, put your plants in places where your cat couldn’t reach them.

Whichever method you use, make sure that the plant-chewing habit isn’t caused by a more serious health issue. Sometimes cats chew plants because they’re lacking an essential nutrient or suffering from gastrointestinal issues. Consult your vet if you want to be sure that your cat is in perfect health. If it’s a litter box issue, you can try changing the type of litter or the location of the litter box. It’s important that you make sure your cat’s litterbox is clean at all times.


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