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How to Keep Cats Off Your Car?

How to Keep Cats Off Your Car?

Are you looking for solutions on how to keep cats off your car? While cats are in the habit of conducting their business in private and aren’t likely to pee or poop on the roof of an unattended car, it’s the scratches that you should worry about. You’re very much aware that the cats don’t do it intentionally, but seeing those scratches on your car roof or dirty paw prints on a shiny hood is not something a car owner ever looks forward to. And yet, cats can’t seem to stay away. So what do you do?

Cat Repellents

Cat repellents could be effective means on how to keep cats off a car. There are different types of natural cat repellents that come in powder, sprays, or oils which leave scents that cats dislike. Some cat repellents you can use include:

·         Mothballs (However, bear in mind that these can be toxic to cats.)

·         Black or cayenne pepper

·         DIY sprays (peppermint or lavender oil mixed with water)

Spray or sprinkle these deterrents on the surfaces of your car every night or as often as needed. Commercial cat repellents cost around $10 to $20 at pet supply stores. These are mostly non-toxic and won’t do any harm to the paint or wax job on your car.

If you decide to use mothballs, put the balls inside bags and place them near the car tires, the roof, the hood, and other areas of your vehicle where cats are most likely to come near to. Most cats would walk away from the faintest scent of mothballs.

If your chosen solution doesn’t work, try a different repellent as cats don’t all react the same way to repellents.

Car Covers

How can you keep cats off your car? Getting a durable car cover is probably the simplest answer. A decent car cover may cost you a little more than sprays or other deterrents. Putting it on and off the car would certainly require a certain amount of effort. However, getting a car cover gives you peace of mind. You won’t be surprised by cat scratches or paw prints on your car the next morning.

Of course, cat covers serve mainly to protect your car surface but not to drive cats away. How to keep cats off car cover? Using cat repellent sprays or cat alarms with motion sensors should do the trick.


Cat Alarms/ Deterrent

If you’re wondering whether there are tech devices that can help you on how to keep cats off of the car, you would be on the right track. There are many smart devices you can buy today that work effectively as animal repellents to protect your car when you have to leave it unattended. Pet alarms will only cost you around $20 to $50 from pet supply stores. It often entails a one-time purchase that would prove to be a worthy investment.

You can look for a device that emits ultrasonic sounds and lights that effectively drive away not only cats, but mice, squirrels, chipmunks, and other animals as well. These devices are often connected to your car’s battery.

There are devices that come with motion sensors and emit a high-frequency sound when it detects movement within a specific range. The sounds from pet alarms are inaudible to humans but enough to startle all the neighborhood cats and discourage them from coming near.



Setting up sprinklers near your parking spot can be an effective way to discourage felines from making your car their favorite hangout. It’s no secret that cats don’t like getting sprayed with water. Sprinklers certainly work if you’re wondering how to keep cats off your car at night. Go for sprinklers that come with motion detectors. These are activated when a stray cat so much as places a paw within a few meters of your vehicle. You can also buy sprinklers with a time scheduling system.


Cat Training Mats

Cat training mats emit low-voltage electric shocks when a cat steps on them. This can be a viable solution if you want to know how to keep cat off car in garage. Cat training mats are designed for training your cat to keep away from certain rooms or parts of the house. They may, however, not be the best solution if you’re parked outdoors.


Better Parking Space

Another simple solution is of course, to park your car someplace where cats wouldn’t be able to access. It can be in the garage, with doors securely closed. If you park out front, then maybe you should restrict your own cat’s access by keeping him in the backyard or inside the house. Blocking access to your car is also a good idea because it also protects your cat from possible risks that come with venturing outdoors. If it’s stray cats you’re worried about, you may try this solution along with other suggestions in this list.


Conditioning/ Training

In the same way, you teach a cat that to walk on a leash or condition your cat for a road trip, it’s possible to help your pet cat learn not to scratch or go near your car. You can use loud noises, a water spray, or scents your cat dislikes when he misbehaves. Combine these methods with positive reinforcement, by offering your cat treats if he walks near the car without jumping on the hood.

Training or conditioning your cat is a process that takes time and patience. It would also require lots of practice and some trial and error. But if you succeed, you gain the advantage of raising a well-behaved cat that has learned never to ever go near your car again.


You certainly won’t run out of options if you need to know how to keep cats off your car roof. Choose the method that works best for you. You don’t have to worry about doing your cat any harm. Depending on your budget or your situation, these feline-friendly suggestions can certainly help solve your problem. In some cases, a combination of methods might be just what you need to keep your car scratch-free.


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