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10 Tips on How to Keep Dog Entertained While at Work

10 Tips on How to Keep Dog Entertained While at Work

"Is my dog still at home?" "Did he poop on the exotic cushions I left out?" "Are my makeup products still there where I left them?"

The laptop is right in front of you, but you can't work on the report. Instead, your mind is wandering about your precious poodle's activities.

With busier lives and a more globalized world, dog owners can't stay at home all the time. It gets more challenging to keep the dog occupied from a distance. Being a parent is never easy, especially if you're to the puppy-eyed one!

You should know that it's possible for you not to feel guilty for leaving your dog at home. In fact, there are ways to keep dogs entertained while at work.

From dog daycare to dispensing chew toys, there are various resorts to keep your furry friend busy and pet parents at ease.

Before your mind goes back to the anxiety/guilt zone, take a stroll down the solution lane!

Why Do You Need to Keep Your Dog Busy?

Your dog always has you, but what can they do once you leave for work? The lack of mental stimulation and your absence can make your dogs resort to different to keep themselves entertained. While you might be swamped with work, your dog has nothing to do, and that takes a toll on them.

As much as you love to pamper them with toys, excessive downtime can do more bad than good to your dogs. Without enough mental stimulation, your dog's head goes straight to nuisance.

That's not it. A busy dog is a happy dog. Here's why!

The Tango of Destruction

Most dogs don't know how to get their dose of dog pheromones without their pet parents around. A bored dog can create a nuisance in your house that you must clean up after returning.

Moreover, many dogs deal with separation anxiety, and to curb it, they'll find a way with the objects in the home.

The pent-up energy and boredom can lead to excessive barking, chewing, digging, and other destructive activities. It would help keep your dog's mind occupied to stop the harmful habit formation.

The Entertainment with Fun Activity

Whether it's a new pup you have or an old canine, the entertainment needs to go on for your dog's physical and mental fitness. You need to keep up with your pets' brain activity, from interactive dog toys to a scavenger hunt.

The fun activity keeps your dog's behavior in check while letting you carry on with busy lives.

The Better Behavior Awaits

From bullying other dogs to barking without a stop, the dogs' behavior can be anything once they lose interest. A mentally challenging fun hunting keeps your dog happy and active and much farther from the separation anxiety.

Call it a play date with the other dog or a training session with toys. Everything boils down to using the energy for dog pheromone. A tired dog is always a better option than an anxious dog.

What Can the Dog Owners Do to Keep Them Entertained?

If you ever had to leave work to rush home with the neighbor's complaint, you know how destructive a lonely dog can get. Not only do dogs love attention, but they also find it difficult to be by themselves.

Imagine how much of a wreck your house will be without a way to keep your dog entertained. Or worse, with two dogs in the house.

Keeping your dogs in a lease is not an option. Else, you run the risk of turning them excessively irritated and aggressive.

Here's how a dog owner can be a paw-rfect pet parent!

Bring in the TV!

At the risk of running low on great ideas, your television can be your savior for when you're at work. The TV's sound and the constant movement of the pictures keep your dog's brain occupied.

In fact, watching Animal Planet or listening to classical music can help your anxious dog soothe quickly. The chitter-chatter on the screen will keep your dog occupied for long!

Track the Shenanigans!

Whether it's your dog bouncing on the sofa or playing tug with your carpet, everything can be on record. Literally!

Once you have installed a Furbo dog camera, every footprint is under your supervision. Your dog can get into an accident or have a choking hazard. Of course, you can't stop your dog in a remote setting, but you can take help from a family member living nearby if any emergency arises.


Dispense the Joy!

Once you're out of your home, your dog can't even inform you about what it needs. Imagine hot summer days and your dog's bowl running out of water. The thought in itself sends chills down the spine.

Having treat dispensers or water distributors can help your dog satisfy the hunger pangs even when you're away. In fact, you can use the dispensers for ice melts on hot days for your dog.

The dispenser will come in handy to care for the pups if you have a lactating mother of dogs in the house.


On With The Kong!

Whether it's a puppy looking for something to chew or a restless dog at home, a kong is the best way to keep your dog busy. From keeping a frozen kong or playing hide and seek with dog treats, there are s many great ideas you can use for your pup.

You can turn a kong into a puzzle toy for your new furry friend and hide it on your way to work. Sniffing and searching for the chew toy will keep your dog plenty busy.


Get a Play Date for Your Dog!

The only interaction your dog gets to have shouldn't be with you. Your dogs need socialization, and that's why a pup date with your friends or a family member can help ease the anxiety.

A soothing view or a chew toy can keep your dogs entertained until they lose interest. An outing with a dog walker or your friend can keep your pup busy.

On a side note, you can bring your pup to doggy daycare to keep your dog busy.


Hire a Dog Walker!

Your pup needs to be around people after spending some alone time. If you know that your dog likes company, it's best to hire dog walkers to care for your furry companion.

Dog walkers ensure that your pup gets the most comfortable environment and entertainment to keep the dog busy. You can even leave the pup in doggy daycare with some of the favorite toys that your dog will love.

Dog walking helps the pup get the desired external stimulation to keep your dog entertained. Who doesn't like a walk in nature's lap?


Make Your Dog Work for Own Toys!

Your pup spends a lot of time lying around in the dog home with nothing to do. Some training to bring obedience and value to the toys it gets can keep the dog entertained and disciplined.

You can train the dog with a random new toy if he follows your direction to sit in the dog home. A simple session of impulse check or the routine to play fetch keeps many dogs under control and active.


Play Puzzle Games with Your Dog!

The wiser you want your dog to get, the harder you'll have to train him. You can make your buddy's brain exercise with some puzzle toys. It might take your dogs some time to figure out, but it'll keep them entertained and proactive.

Treat dispensing toys to your dogs will incentivize them to work the brain harder.


Get Creative with New Toys!

Whether it's ice treats or hiding dog's toys, it'll become tough to keep your dog entertained after a while. You'll need exciting ideas to keep the dogs stimulated enough.

You can get various treats from your local pet store and create a puzzle basket. You can leave toys at the bottom of it and fill it up with layers of treats as per your dogs' taste. You can customize the basket with layered openings if you have a small dog.


Teach Your Dog to Relax!

You can't know when you have to rush out of the house, and your dog will have separation anxiety. That's why proper training teaches your pup how to stay by themselves in your absence. The older dogs without parents find it challenging to stay in an empty house, even for a brief while.

It would be best to keep your dogs' nervousness and overactivity in check. You can use some essential oils on your pup's bedding the night before to soothe the anxiety.

You can even give them the chew toys specially designed to lower the restlessness.


Factors to Consider Before Leaving Your Dog at Home

Some dogs don't create any troubles even when alone, while others can get distressed, anxious, or aggressive.

It's really easy to figure out a change in your puppy's behavior. When stressed out, your dog will:

• Whine, howl and bark more frequently.

• Scratch and chew on furniture, surfaces, and clothes.

• Binge eat and urinate more often.

• Try running away.

It's not an easy sight to see your favorite buddy getting troubled like this.

You can avoid such events from becoming a part of a dog's behavior with a little bit of caution.

Other than the need to ensure that the health of the dog is not at stake when you're at work, here're a few tips before leaving your dog alone.


Physiological Aspects

Your dog's health issues and age play a massive role in deciding whether they can live all alone. Any sudden ailment can spring up while you're away that can cost your pup life. It's best to analyze the situation while still in the house.

With old age, many dogs find it difficult even to walk properly. Taking help from a dog walker is your best bet to keep your dog entertained in these situations.


Feeding Time and Potty Breaks

If you haven't already created a schedule for regular bowel movements for your dog, you might find it difficult to leave him alone. You need a supervisory presence to provide dog treats to your pup. Moreover, your house will be a stink-fest in a situation like this.

Training and Socialization

From yelping to tearing the curtains apart, your dog learns how to behave the way you train them. Whether you decide to go strict or applaud with the treats that your dogs love, their behavior depends on the early training they received.

Moreover, you can't keep your dog locked indoors. Even the fiercest of the pups learn from socialization. From fighting for the toys to growling at each other, your dog develops its instincts by huddling with others.


In a Nutshell

Whether it's a new toy or going in circles after their tails, a dog is a creature of constant stimulation. You'll never find a puppy at rest wherever you'll see. Even if they aren't moving, you can always trace mischief in their cute little eyes.

It's a challenge to keep your dog busy when they're with you 24*7. The task becomes tedious once you're out of the house. Not only can you see your pup scratching at the door but also howling for you to hug them. It can melt even the most hard-hearted ones.

As bright as your fur buddy is, the slightest of separation can make its behavior worse. Granted, you can leave them with toys, but it takes more than just an object to keep your dog entertained. With regular practice sessions and innovative ideas, you can let your dog’s stay home alone, guilt-free.

What are you waiting for? Your dog deserves the entertainment!


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