How to Make Your Dog Happy


How to make your dog happy? The truth is, it isn’t really all that hard. If a dog engages in aggressive or destructive behavior, it often stems from dog anxiety caused by boredom, lack of exercise, or an underlying medical condition. The key to keeping a dog happy is thus to make sure he is always healthy! This entails making sure he is well-nourished, properly socialized, and given enough attention and exercise.

1. Give him adequate shelter

If you can’t allow your dog to live indoors with you for reasons such as there are family members who might be allergic or you have infants at home, make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible in his living quarters. This is how you make your dog happy at home. Also, make sure that the premise is properly secured to prevent your dog from escaping the yard. Don’t forget to update his ID tags in case your dog gets lost.

2. Provide clean, dry bedding

Does his dog house protect him from the cold and heat? Are his beddings clean and is he safe from bugs and other pests? Warm, comfortable bedding protects your dog from getting sick and is important to keep him rested and relaxed.

3. Make clean, fresh water available at all times

Dogs, like humans, require constant hydration, especially during hot summer days. Heatstroke is common in dogs and you want to prevent this by making sure that he always has access to fresh, clean water. Replace the water every day because harmful bacteria can thrive in stagnant water.

4. Feed your dog high-quality pet food

A complete and healthy diet is among the basics of pet care. If you want to know how to make your dog happy and healthy, proper care and attention should also be given to what your dog eats. His should be given dog food according to his age and energy needs. Feed your dog high-quality food in the form of organic, grain-free kibble.

You can choose to prepare your dog’s food at home as long as you know to avoid feeding him human food that can be toxic to dogs. Some dog-approved “human food” include oats, peanut butter, baby carrots, green beans, sliced apples, and pumpkin.

5. Maintain proper body weight

Overfeeding your dog is just as dangerous as being undernourished. Carefully monitor your dog’s weight to ensure that it’s optimal for his size. To do this, make sure to follow feeding instructions on the label of his dog food. Commercial dog food is formulated according to the specific demands of puppies and adult dogs and breed size. Here’s a complete dog feeding chart for reference.

6. Make sure your dog gets daily exercise

Dogs need lots of exercises, especially hyperactive breeds. Taking regular walks together may seem pretty basic, but is absolutely essential to keeping your dog happy and content. Take different routes or let your dog take the lead sometimes to keep things interesting.

If you can spare the time, plan to take your dog for a hike or a swim. These activities would give him the exercise he needs and is a sure way on how to make your boxer dog happy. If your dog hasn’t gone on a trip with you before, here’s how to prepare your dog for road travel.

7. Engage your dog in play activities

Spending quality time playing with him is how to make your dog really happy. Dogs love getting attention from their owners and spending a few minutes each day playing fetch, hide and seek, tug of war, or running with our dog is sure to keep him happily contented and will strengthen your bond together. T

here are also indoor activities for dogs to remain mentally active that you can try. It would also be a good idea to take him on playdates with other dogs.

8. Take your dog for regular vet checkups

Aside from making sure your pup gets the complete shots required to protect him from diseases, it would be also ideal to take him to the vet for a checkup every year. If the dog breed is prone to genetic health conditions, regular checkups would help you catch and address any medical issues early. If your dog shows any signs of unusual behavior or symptoms of illness, you should definitely not wait to take him to the vet.

9. Give your dog basic training

How to make your dog happy and not depressed? Basic dog training keeps your dog physically and mentally fit. Spend time teaching your dog some basic tricks and use positive reinforcement to build his confidence and make him happy. Training sessions need not be long. In fact, it’s best to keep them short and sweet. Don’t scold if your dog fails and reward him with special treats if he succeeds.

10. Give your dog a purpose

How to make your old dog happy? You need to make your dog feel that he matters and that he is still a vital part of your life, regardless of how old he may grow up to be. Show him how to perform basic chores such as fetching your slippers, carrying in the mail, putting away his toys, and other simple tasks. Some dogs come from working breeds and would be more than happy to help in the household. Having a purpose keeps your canine mentally stimulated, physically healthy, and happy throughout his life.


We love our canine friends and want to make sure they live their short but happy lives to the fullest. Dogs have become more than pets—many of us consider them as family members! All the love you give your dog is guaranteed to be replaced with lifelong loyalty and affection. It’s only proper that your dog receives all the care and attention that he deserves. And keeping him happy involves spending time with him and making conscious decisions to ensure his well-being.


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