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How To Stop My Cat From Bullying Other Cat?

How To Stop My Cat From Bullying Other Cat?

Getting a cat is the beginning of a beautiful experience filled with joy and happy moments. Suppose you are already a cat parent and decided to expand your family with a new feline member before enjoying the benefits of being a multiple-cat parent. In that case, you will have to go through the process of teaching your two cats how to get along.

Cats are very territorial creatures. Plus, they thrive on habits and learned behaviors. Any changes in the environment can result in stress and trigger behavioral changes. Therefore, one of the first things cat parents wonder after getting a new cat is “how to stop my cat from bullying my other cat”.

In this article, we will explain some of the most efficient yet simple no-bullying methods for cats. However, keep in mind that the process can be lengthy and requires tons of patience and consistency.

How to stop my cat from bullying other cats?

You are wondering how to stop my cat from bullying my kitten or other cats? Well, here are some popular methods you can try. Not all forms will work for every cat. You will need to do some experimenting and determine what works best for your case.

Create a stimulating and peaceful environment

Cats are more likely to fight if they are bored and tense. Therefore, if you want to know how to stop my cat from bullying other cats remove the stress sources and provide ample stimulation.

To ensure a stimulating environment, provide plenty of toys and scatter them in various places around the house. You can even create special play zones. To make the settings calm and peaceful, you can use special pheromone diffusers and install them in different rooms.

Do not provide your cats with fighting opportunities

Your cats can find fighting reasons on their own. You do not have to add to the problem and make fighting reasons where they should not be any.

For example, if you want to provide your cats with a lovely climbing tree, you need to get two trees. Alternatively, if you're going to invest in a snoozing hammock, double the investment and get two hammocks. Basically, every cat toy, item, or supply needs to be readily available. That way, your cats will not have to fight over essential resources.


Do not show favoring

If you want to learn how to stop my old cat from bullying my new cat, you must not choose a favorite cat. We have explained that your cats must not fight over primary resources.

However, you need to understand that for your cats, you are an essential resource too. If you favor one cat and neglect the other, this will create an even more significant gap between them. Your love, just like the toys and items, must be equally divided. For example, if you allow one cat to sleep in your bed you must allow the other one too.


Re-introduce your cats and start over

If getting along seems like a mission impossible, you can separate the cats for a couple of days and then re-introduce them once again. This new re-introduction is crucial as it will determine the further course of action.

If the re-introduction fails, chances are your cats will not be able to co-exist in one environment. Therefore, you need to be slow and patient. Rushing the process can negatively affect the outcome.


How to stop my old cat from bullying my new cat? – The last resort

It may sound devastating, but sometimes it can be impossible to get your two cats to get along. In cases where the bullying is overly pronounced, you should contact a licensed feline behaviorist and ask for help. The behaviorists will evaluate the situation and help overcome the problem.

However, if while asking "how to stop my old cat from bullying my other cat," the bullying issue escalated into aggression, which can put your cats' overall health and well-being in danger (some bullied cats tend to run away and getlost), the best solution would be to re-home the new cat. This may sound like giving up, but it is the safest alternative for you and both of your cats in the long run.

How to stop my cat from bullying my other cat? – Specific considerations

We should well note that the chances of achieving harmony in your home are higher if you make the right new cat choice. Namely, getting a kitten instead of a grown cat is less likely to make your old cat angry.

Additionally, same-sexed cats, especially if non-fixed, will probably disagree more. Therefore, it is recommended to get a new cat of different sex or to have both cats fixed early on.

Finally, certain cat breeds are more adaptable and likely to accept new feline friendships. These breeds include Persian cats, Birmans, Ragdolls, and Maine Coons.


Cats are delicate creatures – this is no secret. They have unique needs and a bit quirky personalities, making the getting along process quite challenging.

However, if you practice the tips mentioned in this article, more often than not, you will make your old cat stop bullying your new cat or kitten. There is no rule on how long will this teaching period lasts. It depends on the methods you are using and the time and effort you invest in the process.

It also depends on your old cat’s willingness to learn and co-exist with other feline members. In some cases, if the bullying is too much for you to control, do not hesitate to seek help from a licensed feline behaviorist.


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