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How to Identify Lost Pet Scam from Having and Encountered Them Before

How to Identify Lost Pet Scam from Having and Encountered Them Before

No one thinks they will fall for a scam and lose thousands of hard-earned dollars – until it happens.

The Federal Trade Commission received approximately 1.3 million complaints related to financial scamming only in 2016. According to that report, people lose almost $744 million to the frauds. And most of these are being lost because of the lost pet scam.

The amount is really shocking. Did you ever think about how the frauds get this huge amount of money in front of the law enforcement companies?

Well, in a simple sentence, they use our “greed and impatience”. Suppose someone lost his wallet, pet or anything else. As soon as he realizes he lost something, most of the time he become nervous. And the scammers eagerly wait for this chance.

LostMyDoggie is here to help you identify the pet scammers and avoid them before encountering. Let’s find out a solution to avoid pet scam. 

How to Identify the Scammers?

Whenever you lost your beloved pet, you may share the news as much as possible. But the irony of fate is every people who reached your message, is not intended to help you. It’s very common that the lost pet scammers also reached your message and they will contact you for sure. So, how to identify the scammers? Let’s take a look.

1.  1. The money will be their first priority:

Scammers will tell you that they have found your pet. But they need money before sending it to you. The money demanding approach differs from time to time. He may tell you that he is a truck driver and found your pet on the road. So, he needs money to deliver it. You may also willing to send money via Western Union, PayPal, Bitcoin etc. But wait! Before, sending the money, make sure you have enough information about him. If he refuses to share information, don’t send your money.

2. Beware of Any Sense of Urgency:

The scammers will always try to convince you to go for urgent action. The previous example also goes for it. He may say that he is a driver and he will leave the town just after delivering your pet. So, they need money urgently.

But, don’t fall for this. Take your time. If he refuses to give you enough time, told him to deliver your pet to the nearest police station or any safe place of your area.

  • 3. They Will Try to Avoid Face to Face Meeting:
  • The scammers will show you lots of excuses to refuse the face to face meeting. They just want you to send the money as soon as possible.

  • But few scammers become more advanced. They will meet you in a crowded place and demand money before handling your pet. To avoid this scam, demand to see your pet first. Otherwise, don’t waste your time on them. As soon as you give them the money, they will disappear for good within a moment.

  • These are the most used tricks of the scammers. But they may use different tricks. So, use your sense to identify the scammers.


How To Avoid Lost Pet Scam?

Identifying and avoiding scammers isn’t a big deal. Simply follow those facts and you are good to go –


1.  1. Don’t send money to anyone you don’t know:

Don’t wire your hard-earned money to anyone you don’t know. You know, people can also demand money without finding your pet. 

2. Check for spoofed numbers or email:

Scammers are very fond of spoofed numbers and email addresses. If someone contacts you via a spoofed number, ask him for a real number to contact back. If they show excuses or simply refuses to provide a real phone number, avoid further contact with him. It’s a red flag.