Indoor Activities For Your Dog


Dogs are social creatures and they can get bored like humans, too. When it’s raining or snowing outside and you can’t take them out as much as they’re used to, you have got to be creative and come up with ways to keep your dog happily busy. If you’re wondering what sort of activities would keep your pet dog happy, aside from his usual routine, we came up with a list of the some of the best indoor activities for dogs you may want to try today.

1. Teach your dog new tricks.

Basic obedience training keeps your dog well-behaved and happy, not to mention allows for some quality time together between the two of you. Now is as good a time as any to brush up on the basic commands, or teach your dog new tricks! If he has the basics down pat, like learning to sit, you can try teaching him how to put away his toys or weave between your legs as you walk. There are many fun tricks you can try teaching your pet that would be sure to keep you and him occupied for hours on end. All you need to do is apply some of the most effective dog training techniques.

2. Introduce new games.

Playing with your dog easily gets rid of boredom and anxiety. Some indoor activities for dogs in winter and other interesting games you can play include:

· Indoor fetch – Playing fetch is a sure way on how to keep dog entertained in the yard. If your dog loves to play fetch, who says you can’t do it inside the house? A few minutes of playing fetch a day should be enough to keep any dog happy. You can also try rolling a ball down a long hall or up the stairs and have your dog chase after it.


· Tug of war – No dog could resist a proper game of tug of war, take our word for it! All you need is a tough rope and a dog whose jaws are always ready. It would be better if you can train your dog with the release command first before you play the game with him.

· Treasure hunt – Simply hiding treats for your dog to find at home should keep him on his toes all day. Put his favorite treats behind doors, under pillows, in his toys, and all sorts of fun places and he’s sure to have fun finding these delicious treasures.

· Hide and seek – If your dog knows basic commands like sit, stay, and come, you can try playing hide and seek with him. Ask him to stay in a specific place and hide in a different part of the house. When you’re ready, ask him to go look for you. Don’t forget to hand him a much-deserved treat if he succeeds in finding you!


3. Pamper your pet.

Owners typically go to the grooming shop to keep their dogs pretty. But since you have hours of free time, why not create more positive experiences with your pet by grooming him yourself. Give him a nice bath and take the time to comb and polish his coat, brush his teeth, and trim his nails. These are perfect indoor activities for dogs will definitely make your pet feel so happy to have you around.

4. Set up an obstacle course.

Staying indoors doesn’t mean less exercise for your fluffy buddy. Why not set up an indoor obstacle course for agility training. Use cushions, boxes, or a collapsible kids’ tunnel for your dog’s very own obstacle course. You can search online for more tips on how to create a DIY agility course for your dog. You can lay out treats to guide him through the obstacle course. With a little guidance and cheering on, no course would be too hard for your sporty buddy.

5. Go indoor swimming.

Any list of indoor activities with the dog would of course not be complete without some water activity. If you have a puppy or a relatively small dog, splashing around a small pool or the bathtub should make for a fun and memorable activity for both. You can change it up a bit by bringing out the water hose or turning on the sprinklers in the yard and playing around just before a bath.



6. Play dog movies.

Dogs can’t enjoy Netflix the way humans do, but this doesn’t mean they should miss out on some quality entertainment.  Get started with Relax My Dog channel on Youtube and see if the content they offer would be of interest to your canine friend.



7. Buy him puzzles and interactive toys.

How to entertain a dog home alone? There are many puzzles and interactive toys available online, designed especially to stimulate your pet and serve as winter indoor activities for dogs. These puzzle toys can be stuffed with food and treats that would require your dog to chew, lick, or throw to be able to access the treats.

8. Get ready for a photoshoot.

If you have a special interest in photography, or would simply like to document time spent with your beautiful dog, taking snapshots would be a good way to keep your dog (and yourself!) preoccupied. The best time to do a photoshoot would be right after play or exercise, when the two of you are just relaxing and lounging around. This also makes for one of the best indoor activities for dogs on rainy days.

These Fun Indoor Activities For Dogs Will Be Sure To Keep Boredom Away.


Being at home alone with your pet isn’t boring at all. Aside from the usual activities, you should definitely try all these fun indoor activities for dogs for the enjoyment of the whole family. Not only can you keep your pets happy, but you’d also be keeping your pet physically and mentally healthy.

How about indoor activities with dogs near me? By all means, go and call up your neighbor and set up a play date with their pets. Socializing your dog is also an important part of being a pet owner. Read these important tips on socializing your dog.


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