How to Keep a Dog from Escaping the Yard


Is your dog in the habit of pulling a disappearing act? He could be in the yard one minute, and then running loose on the street, the next. How to stop a dog from jumping a fence is indeed a valid concern for many pet owners. When unsupervised, dogs who escape are easily vulnerable to certain dangers such as road accidents, getting in a fight with other dogs, hurting people, causing property damage, or being picked up by animal control. If your free-spirited canine buddy is making you worry, you can take steps to bolster up security around the perimeter and at the same time, make sure that your dog is satisfied or distracted enough to not feel the urge to venture out into the world on his own.

Reasons Why Dogs Escape and What to Do

To know how to stop a dog from jumping over the fence, you must first understand the reasons behind why dogs try to escape for you to be able to decide what measures would be most effective in your situation. The most common reasons are:

1. Frustration/ Boredom

Dogs who escape may simply be looking for something interesting to do because they’re often left alone at home. Puppies and younger dogs, especially need to be constantly stimulated as they are constantly looking for ways to spend loads of pent-up energy. Some dog breeds are also more active than others. If you own a dog from a sporting or herding breed, he may be climbing up or going under the fence from time to time in search of a playmate.

What to do: If you’re wondering how to stop a dog from jumping a fence, particularly a bored or frustrated pet dog, you may want to spend more time playing with him and giving him more opportunities to exercise mentally and physically. Keep your dog entertained indoors by providing him with toys, teaching him new tricks, and playing new games with him.

2. Separation Anxiety

Pets may suffer from separation anxiety if there have been major changes in their routine or surroundings. For example, moving to a new house, losing a family member, or a change in your work schedule can make your dog feel unsettled. You’d know that your fluffy buddy is suffering from separation anxiety if he displays anxious or wild behavior as you prepare to leave, and try to escape just as you’re leaving the house or shortly after. Dogs with separation anxiety won’t venture out too far after escaping, but would remain close to the premises after escaping.

What to do: How to stop a dog from climbing a fence due to separation anxiety?  Dealing with the problem of separation anxiety in dogs would require some behaviour training. You’d have to commit some time to apply some desensitization and counter-conditioning to help your pet get over his anxiety. Know how to spot anxiety symptoms among dogs and how to deal with them.

3. Fears/ Phobias

Dogs may suddenly escape and disappear out of sight if exposed to sounds that frighten them. There have been many cases of dogs having gone missing during celebrations where fireworks are set off.

What to do: How to stop your dog from jumping the fence when he’s suffering from a phobia? You’d have to make it a priority to provide him with a safe space if you’re aware of his fear of loud noises. Do what you can to mute loud noises by keeping windows closed or keeping him in a soundproof room. Read more tips on how to keep your dog calm and safe from fireworks.

4. Mating Instincts

At around six months old, male dogs may have already developed a sex drive and would tend to actively venture out to seek a female partner. How to stop a dog from jumping the fence if they’re motivated by their mating instincts?

What to do: How to stop a dog from jumping over a fence if he wants to look for a mate? The simplest solution would be to have your dog neutered or spayed by the vet. Neutering is known to decrease sexual roaming by up to 90%. Apart from this, dogs that have been neutered also live longer and are less likely prone to certain diseases like cancer. If your dog is neutered, you also avoid contributing occurrences of more street animals being born.

If companionship is what your dog is after, another remedy you may want to try is to have your dog socialize more—with other animals or people. If it’s viable, you can get him a companion dog. At the very least, set play dates with your neighbour’s pets or take him to dog parks.

More Dog Jumping Fence Solutions

Exercise, behaviour training, socialization, and providing toys and distractions to keep your dog busy are the basic ways on how to get a dog to stop jumping the fence.

If at any point in the day you have to leave your dog alone, the sure way on how to prevent a dog from jumping a fence is to keep him inside the house. If you’re going to be gone for a longer period of time, you may consider leaving him in a doggie day-care or have a pet sitter take him for regular walks.

Of course, it would make sense to provide deterrents to prevent escapes, if your pet proves to be relentless. Here are some tips you can apply:

· Extend your fence with a lean-in or L-footer section

· Clear the yard of any objects that your dog may use as a climbing aid

· Mount coyote rollers

· Plant scrubs that make it harder for dogs to climb. Interesting plant scents may also be effective in making your dog want to stay in the yard.

· Block or limit your dog’s view of the outside

· Install an airlock or a double gate

· Build an obstacle course on your yard

Of course, the most effective way on how to stop my dog from jumping the fence is to never let your dog go outside unsupervised, especially if he’s previously shown his talents as an escape artist. If you feel it’s necessary, a GPS tracking collar would also help give you some peace of mind.


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