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10 Best Large Dog Breeds - Top Big Dog List and Pictures

10 Best Large Dog Breeds - Top Big Dog List and Pictures

Whether you want to consider them your sleeping pillows or giant teddy bears, dogs know how to steal hearts. The large dog breeds are paw-rfect for you and your house, from lounging companions to the jogging buddies.

Granted, you might have to create a larger space for their accommodation, but these mush balls are worth it!

From figuring out their living conditions to maintaining their diet and physique, owning a big dog has its own challenges. If you want a massive addition of cuddles to your family or in your lovely house, you need to take a stroll for the best options you can get. Moreover, it's wise to prepare for the newest family member.

Warning: Your heart will swell with love once you start going through this!

What Should You Be Careful About Before Choosing A Giant Dog Breed?

The dogs are the most loyal, incredibly smart, and protective beings for your family. They require the same kind of nurture as very young children would while growing up. That's why it's more than necessary to keep a few important factors in mind before making the decision.

Your Physical Stamina

Owning and caring for a dog is in itself a huge responsibility. However, taking care of big dog breeds is a different affair altogether. Average large dog breeds can weigh between 99 to 149 lbs and can go up to 200 lbs at a point. Over time, your dog will lose its strength, and even in cases of emergency, you'll need to carry your dog in your arms.

Such measures won't be possible if you are not in the best shape. Moreover, caring for your gentle giant would require you to be physically active. You must know what owning large dogs requires.

Your Height

Has it ever felt that a dog is walking the owner? As humorous as the image appears, it's a very likely possibility with a giant dog. Some dogs can grow even more than an average human height, making it difficult for you to train them with short stature properly.

Your Living Conditions

If you're one of the giant dog lovers, you should know that just like their love, their pampering requirements are enormous too. From taking a stroll to consuming food, your loving family member would require a spacious abode and facilities.

Your Training Essentials

Since the large dog breeds grow up really fast, it would be difficult to handle if you didn't provide early training. In fact, to turn your gentle giants into excellent family dogs, proper early training is definitely the way to go!

Miscellaneous Factors

Being pack animals, these giant, beautiful dogs love to spend time with family members. Although they're highly intelligent and kind enough not to hurt anyone, their clumsiness can be problematic with kids around. Moreover, large dogs make for more significant medical consultation expenses.

Ensure beforehand that you will handle the nurture your giant dog breed needs.

Note: Parting ways with a dog is like a gut-punching heartbreak. It would help if you kept in mind that the lifespan of a giant dog breed is always shorter than other dogs. Unless you're emotionally capable of taking the blow, you should reconsider your decision.

What are the Ten Large Dog Breeds That You Should Choose From?

Whether you want to turn your house into a canine-abode or need live-in service dogs, big dog breeds are an excellent choice. With strong working instincts and protective nature, these hunting wolves are the right breed for your home.

Here's how you can choose your dogs from large breeds!

Breed Name: German Shepherds

Weight: 61 to 99 lbs

Size: 22 to 26 inches


With the reputation of one of the most ferocious hunting wolves, the german shepherd forms an intelligent breed to include in an active family.

The powerful breed is usually trained as a service dog and makes a popular universal breed for police and military teams during search and rescue operations.

They have an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years.


Breed Name: Bernese Mountain Dogs

Weight: 77 to 110 lbs

Size: 23 to 28 inches


Call them Bernies or the bundle of joy, and these mountain dogs are the cutest and extremely loyal large breeds. Irrespective of their sizes, these gentle giants are great family pets.

You will always find a Bernese Mountain dog going to lengths to shower love and protection to its family members.

Originally bred in the Swiss Alps, the big dog breed has a tolerance for cold weather.

Note: If you're in love with the fluffy Bernies and want even greater Swiss mountain dogs, Saint Bernard can be your pick. With a height of 27 to 30 inches, you can find your Saint Bernards in a thick double coat in varieties of short and shaggy in medium-length fur.


Breed Name: Great Danes

Weight: 110 to 176  lbs

Size: 28 to 32 inches


The largest dog breed alert! As the name suggests, the Great Dane is the biggest dog breed in the canine universe. You'll be amazed to see their height when they stand on their hind legs.

The international tallest dog superstar, a Great Dane dog breed, Freddy measured 7 ft and 5.5 inches on his hind leg.

Can you imagine how big the largest dog breed will feel around you? Big heights with even bigger hearts! 

These wonderful companions will have a life expectancy of 7 to 10 years. Although, these dogs do succumb to heart ailments more easily than smaller dogs.


Breed Name: Mastiff

Weight: 121 to 229 lbs

Size: 35 to 42 inches


Scoring a full 10 on the cuteness scale, mastiffs were originally bred as guard dogs. Don't go by the mellow look of French mastiff or its cousin, Dogue De Bordeaux mastiff. They make their presence felt with a thunderous bark. 

They make for a popular breed in the weightiest dogs in the canine town with one of the heaviest weight ranges.

Fun Fact: You must watch Hagrid's Neapolitan mastiff in charge in the movie Harry Potter, very atypical of their loudness and guarding skills!


Breed Name: Anatolian Shepherd

Weight: 79 to 149 lbs

Size: 20 to 29 inches


Anatolian shepherds take the prize if you need the hallmark of independence and patience.

The giant dog breeds have been the favorite patrol mountain dog with a double fur coat and cuteness overload. They are low on affection meter with a fiercely protective spirit with strangers.

Although, they make for responsible older children of the house by keeping everyone under their protection spell. They offer their loyal companionship for 11 to 15 years.


Breed Name: Basset Hounds

Weight: 40 to 80  lbs

Size: 16 to 21 inches


If you can imagine a stubborn and extremely loyal big dog breed, the basset hound would fit the picture.

Even though they are smaller at first, they can grow up to the height of a german shepherd or a golden retriever. They're usually as tall as 15 inches in measurement.

Originally pack hunters, they form a friendly roommate for other pets to live with. The breed offers one of the longest companionships of 11 to 15 years. Sounds endearing, doesn't it?

Breed Name: Irish Wolfhounds

Weight: 112 to 178 lbs

Size: 30 to 35 inches


The calm and composed Irish Wolfhounds would definitely win every time if looks could deceive. With a towering height, these cute dogs would quietly follow your instructions and you!

As heavy as the name appears, these dog breeds can weigh as heavy as 180 lbs. That's quite heavy for your lap, isn't it?

One of the most saddening parts of owning an Irish Wolfhound is its lower life expectancy of 6 to 8 years.


Breed Name: Golden Retriever

Weight: 65 to 75 lbs

Size: 23 to 24 inches


Whether you swooned over the movie A Dog's Purpose or want the most adorable dog breed, golden retriever can fill the shoes. Known for their kindest eyes and good-natured personalities, this large dog makes for the perfect family addition. 

With a life expectancy of 10 to 12 years, you can expect this silky mush of cuteness to become your comfort dog in no time!


Breed Name: The Great Pyrenees

Weight:  83 to 108 lbs

Size: 32 to 41 inches


If there were a game, the Great Pyrenees would be the ultimate protector of everything you own from anything that moves.

The Great Pyrenees are the absolute favorite for a drama-free pet with a calm demeanor and low prey qualities in your dog breeds. These big dogs look angelic and are amazing to be around young children and families with shaggy white fur.

This dog breed is a great pick for an extremely friendly and cuddly family pet.

Are you ready to get your lick appreciation from your 32 inches tall fluffball?

Breed Name: Old English Sheepdogs

Weight: 60 to 100 lbs

Size: 20 to 24 inches


If you can't stop scrolling for the family outings with large dogs in Getty images, you'd love English Sheepdogs around your children. The large breed of English Sheepdog is known for its agreeable yet watchful nature with teddy bear-like fur and mellow nature. Be wary of their loud and ringing bark!

With a huge height of up to 24 inches, these dog breeds can look like your personal bodyguards on evening walks.

Caring for a thick coat of fur means you must often room this powerful breed.  These fluffballs love dog sports and adventure and are perfect for family hangouts!

Phew! That was quite a list you went through just now.

But hey, your large breed family member needs to know that you are quite aware of its requirements.

Note: The average height of a female dog in large dogs is usually smaller than the males.


What are the Essentials to Keep in Mind with Large Dog Breeds in Your House?

Whether you have decided to go with a Great Dane or a Bernese Mountain Dog, you can't afford to ignore these crucial aspects of care!



With a rapidly growing body, the diet requirements of large dog breeds are fundamental to follow through. The best growth needs to have the right balance of essential nutrients. It's like how you feed the children the most nutritious meal for their all-around growth.


Proper Training

Don't fall for the cuteness your English Sheepdog shows with those round eyes and a droopy face. The right training should start as soon as your mountain dog starts understanding its surroundings. It'll not only help you in the future but also makes it easier for your neighbors to be around you.



Whether it's your Saint Bernard or Bernese Mountain Dog, the amount of fur shedding will leave chaos in your house. With your breed's fur and teeth cleaned, nails trimmed, and ears cleaned, you can maintain hygiene and health. Moreover, it'll also save you and your dog children from frequent bathroom showers.



Just like your fitness, your dog's agility depends on the exercises it gets. You can help your dog children live a long and healthy life with an active lifestyle. Moreover, you can bring variety to your dog's exercise routines like hiking, swimming, or rally.


Vet Visits

Every dog has a different need for nutrition and exercise. But with large dogs, the health complications get developed more frequently. That's why you must have a regular pet checkup scheduled with the veterinary doctor.


To Be Precise

The mention of a large breed of dogs automatically brings a smile to the face. The large canines ensure that they are a source of immense happiness in your life. Having a massive breed like Irish Wolfhound or German Shepherd doesn't necessarily mean trouble if you are cautious and prepared beforehand.

As scary as they appear with their height and weight, they're usually very calm and reserved. In fact, you can turn even the ones bred to be hunters into a friendly company with proper training and socialization.

Once yo have decided to get a large dog breed for your home, nothing should come between you and the giant licks of your grizzly friend!


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