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My Dog Ran Away! Anything I Can Do?

My Dog Ran Away! Anything I Can Do?

My dog ran away. What do I do? One in three pets goes missing at some point. It’s pretty common for dogs to get lost and sometimes, your canine friend might have gone missing because he actually ran away! It could be that someone left the door open or something scared your dog enough to make him bolt. If you own a dog that jumps the fence more often than you feel comfortable with, it helps to understand the different reasons why dogs leave home.

According to a survey by Blue Cross, these are the dog breeds with the highest tendency to run away from home:

·         Labrador Retriever

·         Cocker Spaniel

·         Jack Russell

·         German Shepherd

·         English Springer Spaniel

·         Staffordshire Bull Terrier

·         Border Collie

·         West Highland Terrier

·         Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

·         Yorkshire Terrier

·         Boxer

·         Border Terrier

·         Pug

·         Poodle

·         Chihuahua

Will my dog run away off leash? If you own a dog of the above-mentioned breeds, you may want to make sure your yard is well-fenced. Remember to check if the leash is extra secure when you walk your dog outside. Also, start behavior training at a young age to help manage your dog’s prey drive and behavioral tendencies to escape.

Why Does My Dog Run Away from Me?

A dog may try to run away if, for example, you just took him home from the shelter and he’s grown anxious with the unfamiliar surroundings. It’s also possible that he is curious or taken over by his hunting instincts. If your dog is in the habit of running away or escaping whenever there’s an opportunity, don’t take it personally. Some canines just couldn’t resist the call of the outdoors.

What if my dog ran away and never came back? In this case, then it’s really a terrifying situation, but something you can still definitely act upon. While it’s normal for dogs to want to venture outside, running away endangers their lives. This is why you need to know about the various reasons why dogs run away.


Why does my dog run away? Dogs are social creatures that need exercise and play. Pet owners may tend to get busy and overlook this important need, leaving Fluffy with no choice but to find some interesting adventure elsewhere. Before you know it, he’s digging under the fence and running across the street!

To prevent your dog running away because of boredom, make sure to make enough time training your dog, playing with him, and allowing him opportunities to socialize. If you must leave your dog alone for a period of time, know what to do to keep your dog entertained indoors.


Sometimes, dogs go missing after being startled by something or fear or loud noises, such as ones made by thunderstorms or fireworks. Even the most mild-mannered pooch can get into a panicked state come fourth of July. When dogs are in panic, running as far away from the noise as possible is one of their primary instincts. Luckily, there are some ways you can help your pet dog cope with thunderstorms.

Mating Instinct

You’ve noticed how the faintest scent of a female can drive your male dog into a wild frenzy. When a male dog jumps the fence, it’s possible that he senses a nearby female in heat. It’s also not uncommon for female dogs to wander outside in search for a mate. You may want to consult your vet on whether neutering or spaying your dog could help temper his mating drive.

Hunting Instinct

Certain dog breeds that run away may have such strong hunting instincts that they couldn’t resist a good prey-driven chase. Breeds like Huskies like to run after small animals like squirrels or a rabbit. If your dog couldn’t ignore a stray cat running past, it would be a good idea to regularly check your fences and apply some other measures. Read on for some more advice on how to prevent you dog from escaping the yard.

Separation Anxiety

Dog anxiety is a problem that should be taken seriously. Your dog may run away while you were gone because he couldn’t bear to be away from you. Know how to read symptoms of anxiety in your dog and know how to calm an anxious dog down.

Is Dog Ran Away? What Do You Do?

Now you know the reasons why does my dog run away from home. What are the things you can do?

1.       Start an immediate search. Once you discover that your dog has run away, go outside and check the neighbourhood for any signs of your pet. Ask anyone you meet if they’ve seen an unsupervised dog wandering.


2.       Report lost pet to PawMaw.com. If you come up empty after a quick neighborhood, check, it’s time to report your lost pet to PawMaw.com and post a lost pet advertisement on various channels. To be able to do this, you’d need to upload a clear photo of your pet. Make sure to provide a description of your pet and your updated contact details.

3.       Post lost pet flyers. Print a lost dog flyer to have more people aware of your missing dog. While you focus on your search efforts, your flyers will be doing an effective job of informing more people and have them on the lookout for your runaway buddy.


4.       Do a wider search. Call family and friends for help in searching a wider area for your dog that ran away. How near or far a runaway dog ends up would depend a lot on his health and personality. You’ll be able to search more strategically if you understand lost dog behavior.

5.       Call animal rescue and shelters. After a few days have passed and there’s still no sign of your runaway dog, it may be time to make a call to animal rescue authorities or personally visit the shelters. It also wouldn’t hurt to call vets clinics in the area. Leave your contact information with them in case someone brings your pet in.


My dog ran away. Will it come back? There have certainly been a lot of stories about dogs running away and finding their way home again after days and even weeks of being lost. The search for a lost or escaped dog can be quite stressful, but remember to stay calm and be positive. Act fast, plan your search efforts strategically, and most importantly, never give up.


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