How to Put Weight on a Dog Quickly


A dog being underweight is indeed a cause for worry. It could be that your dog isn’t getting the nutrition he needs. It’s also possible that the dog is a picky eater or has just recently been adopted, which is why he has been underfed. If you have a dog that you think could benefit from a little more mass and muscle, you may improve his diet with foods to help a dog gain weight. Of course, you’d want to make sure that he gains weight in a natural and healthy way.

Why Is My Dog Underweight?

Being undernourished hinders a dog from leading a healthy and happy life. Before you come up with a plan to help your dog gain weight, consider the possible reasons why he is not eating as much as he should be. He may be eating, but is he still struggling to maintain a healthy weight? Your dog may be undernourished for reasons such as:

  • He is a picky eater.
  • Your dog is ill.
  • Your dog is anxious or stressed.
  • Your dog is old.
  • Your dog suffered from trauma.

Take these possibilities into consideration before you proceed with your plans to implement a high-calorie dog food weight gain program for your dog.

With picky eaters, it’s mostly a matter of making meals tastier and much more interesting for your dog. In cases where a dog maybe not eating due to stress or a health issue, you may need help from a vet or an animal trainer to help your dog develop a healthier appetite.


How to Make a Dog Gain Weight Fast


1. Set goals and monitor weight gain.

Before you introduce a new diet or feeding program to include foods that fatten your dog, the first step is to weigh your dog and determine his ideal weight. At this point, you might want to call your vet for a consultation. As you make dietary changes, you’d want to monitor your dog’s weight gain at least once a week. This would make it easier for you to determine which diet plans are working most effectively.


2. Consult the vet.

If you want to know how to make a dog gain weight fast because you’re worried about your pet being skinny, it would be wise to have him checked by the vet first. If a dog has lost significant weight, the vet would take a look at the possibility that the weight loss is caused by an illness such as diabetes, hepatitis, or cancer. Even parasites can cause weight loss in canines. Let the vet run some tests and deworm your dog to rule out any possible health issues.


3. Feed your dog high-calorie dog food.

High-calorie dog food would mean faster weight gain for your pet. Check for a high-quality dog food that serves higher calorie density. The next time you shop for dog food, check the labels for high-calorie dog food brands formulated to help skinny dogs’ bulk up faster. Basically, a dog that weighs less than ideal would need high-protein and high-fat dog food made of premium and high-quality ingredients.


4. Increase feeding amount or frequency.

Adding calories to your dog’s diet may also mean feeding him more frequently. You can start by feeding your dog an extra meal a day. For example, if you feed him once a day, then start feeding him twice a day. Or, you can choose to feed him as often as usual, but boost his calorie intake by serving an extra helping of food per meal.


5. Supplement with snacks.

Supplementing your dog’s kibble is also an effective way to help your pet achieve healthy weight gain. Supplemental food that are high in fat and protein are usually available in canned formulas, labeled “for supplemental feeding only.”


Vitamins and other supplements designed for weight gain are also worth considering, but make sure to get your vet’s approval first. You may also ask your vet about giving your dog high-calorie dog treats.


6. Add wet foods and fresh produce.

If you’re interested to know how to make a puppy gain weight fast, you may try adding wet or fresh food to dry dog food. High-quality kibble is packed with nutrients and loved by most dogs, but if you have a puppy or an older dog that are picky eaters, consider making meals a little more interesting by adding small amounts of human food like lean beef or chicken.


Sprinkling some tuna, yogurt, or egg on kibble can make your dog a little more enthusiastic about dinner time. You can also try adding vegetables to your dog’s meals. Some vegetables like pumpkin and sweet potato are rich in protein and great for supplementing your dog’s diet.


7. Give him some exercise.

When people want to bulk up, they go on a high-protein diet and work out at the gym. In the same way, your dog would need a good amount of exercise, especially if you’ve dramatically increased his calorie intake. A healthy exercise routine coupled with the best dog food to gain weight and muscle would be the ideal way for your dog to gain weight. Enough exercise and play comes with many excellent benefits. For instance, they also help relieve stress and anxiety in dogs. Exercise is sure to improve your dog’s appetite.


Achieving an ideal weight is a must for a healthy dog. If your canine buddy is underweight, you may administer a high-calorie diet plan to help your dog put on weight fast while ensuring that he gets the nourishment he needs. Remember to monitor your dog’s weight every week.

If your pet dog can’t seem to maintain a healthy weight despite your efforts to feed him more, it could be a sign that there’s an underlying health issue that needs to be addressed.  It’s important that you consult your vet about healthy ways to help your dog gain weight.


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