The Standard Dental Care for Your Dogs and Cats


Against the backdrop of the fact that proper dental care is very instrumental to the wellbeing of your dogs and cats, there is a need to situate dental care for dogs and cats in a place of primary importance.

 More fundamentally, taking good dental care for your dogs and cats requires a great deal of attention and commitment.  To this end, this article provides a detailed explanation and guideline on how you can adequately monitor the dental life of your dogs and cats.


It is instructive to note that; pet dentist plays critical roles in the dental maintenance of your dogs and cats. Thus, there is no gainsaying that you should carry them along in the course of providing good dental care for your dogs and cats.


Reasons for the Dirtiness of Pet’s Teeth:

From time immemorial, the dirtiness of pet’s teeth has become a growing concern among pet owners and lovers. While this is one of the tasks that should be adequately taken care of under the dental care for cats and dogs, it should be noted that identifying the rationale behind the perpetual dirtiness of your pet’s teeth will put in a good position towards preventing it.


In light of the foregoing, the following are some of the reasons for the unusual dirtiness of your pet’s teeth;

● Diet

Given the fact that diet is very essential to the health, stability, and growth of your pet, it is important to note that some diets often lead to the development of tartar on your pet’s teeth. To this end, it is very fundamental to be cautious of the food you offer so as to maintain proper pet dental care.


● Raw Diets

Sequel to the above, it should be particularly noted that there are some foods that help promote your dog or cat dental care. While raw diets are known to prevent and control tartar, it has become a growing phenomenon that most pet owners give their pets cooked food which often leads to teeth decay or dirtiness.


More importantly, raw food does not stick to teeth, unlike starchy kibble. It is, thus, important to give your pet the best of provision. It should be stated that kibble is very dangerous for your dog dental care just like the deadly impact of crunchy food on your teeth.



● The absence of Chewing Food

There is no gainsaying that, the provision of chewing food gives your cat's teeth care the privilege of being saved from teeth plaque and tartar. To this end, it is discernible that the absence of chewing food in your pet’s diet often leads to dirtiness and decay.


● Provision of Cooked Bones

More often than not, cooked bones are very dangerous and often debase your dog's teeth care. This has the capability to splinter and inflicts serious damage to your pet’s teeth. In this regard, you should offer your pet raw bones so as to prevent the decay and outright dirtiness of your pet’s teeth. It is important to monitor your dog. particularly in the realm of bone consumption.


10 Best Ways to Clean Cat and Dogs Teeth:

Knowing full well that cleaning your cats and dog's teeth is very instrumental towards sustaining a healthy growth and development; it is worthy to examine the professional ways through which you can adequately give your pet's teeth care. To this end, the following are the top ten (10) ways to clean your cats and dog's teeth;


1. Diet

Unlike humans, it should be noted that animals like cats and dogs do not feel good consuming cooked food. It is noteworthy that, providing an appropriate diet that suits the teeth of your dogs and cats is one of the best ways to clean them.


Given the fact that raw food and drinks are apt for the sustenance of your pet, it is advisable that they should be supplied with these forms of food and abstained from providing them with refined sugar or flavored drinks. No doubt, this will guide your pet against tooth decay.


2. Provision of Healthy/Natural Diet

Knowing full well that the good state of your cats and dog's teeth is determined by their nutrition and natural diet, it is important to provide your dogs and cats with the best form of diet so as to maintain their outright cleanliness.


More often than not, dog food companies will always attempt to convince you that a dry kibble is a good option for your dog’s but this is grossly out of content. In addition, cats and dogs with fresher diets have the tendency to improve the overall wellbeing of your pet’s teeth.


3. Application of Dental Sprays

It should be categorically stated that dental spray is very useful and a resourceful tool in maintaining the good condition of your pet's oral care. In fact; a natural canine dental spray is a viable solution towards maintaining outright cleanliness of your cats and dog’s teeth.


There is no doubting the fact that, dental sprays will reduce or eliminate the prevalence of dental plaque and tartar build-up vis-à-vis controls the deadly bacteria in your pet’s teeth. In a similar vein, dental sprays give your dog minty-fresh breath.


4. Consults A Pet Veterinarian

Given the fact that there are experts in the field of pets, it is fundamentally advisable to consult a pet veterinarian so as to give you proper guidance on how to maintain oral pet care. In this regard, you will be provided with professional tips and guidelines.


More importantly, veterinarians are often encumbered with the skills and tools that will enable them to check your pet's mouth (teeth, gums and oral cavity) with the aim of providing professional recommendations.


5. Dental Chew toys

It is important to note that, maintaining outright cleanliness for your cats and dogs’ teeth require the adoption of dental chew toys. This is a form of the toy in the market that is designed with the primary of encouraging your dog to chew.


More fundamentally, the dental chew toys that appear in multifaceted texture and size is capable of removing the plaque on your dogs or cat's teeth. To this end, your pet will enjoy maximum relaxation with clean teeth. It should be noted that there is a need to monitor your pet when playing with chew toys so as to prevent any undue consumption.


6. Raw Bones

Against the backdrop of the fact that raw bones are an ascertained means of strengthening the teeth of your dogs as well as cats, it is essentially important to provide your pets with raw bones with the aim of protecting and maintaining the teeth of your pets.


More importantly, it should be expressly stated that on no occasion must you offer your dog cooked bones. This is because; cooked bones are capable of causing undue splinter and may degenerate to intestinal damage of your pet’s teeth. It is fundamentally advisable to consult a pet veterinarian before giving your pet raw bone to eat.


7. Provision of Coconut Oil

It has been tested and trusted that coconut oil is veritable natural toothpaste. Studies have revealed that the coconut oil contains antimicrobial properties which have strong fervor in promoting dental health. More often than not, the coconut oil is a mixture of vegetable like a carrot that is dripped or soaked in liquid coconut oil. When this is given to your pet, the dog or cat will gnaw at the carrot which will serve as a great impetus for your pet’s teeth.


8. Tooth Wipes

Case in point, your pet or dog tolerates putting your fingers into its mouth; then this is another helpful means of taking good care your cat oral care. Under this arrangement, tooth wipes give you a great deal of opportunity to use your finger to clean your dog’s teeth by removing plaque, tartar, and unpleasant breath bacteria. This can be achieved by running a small cloth wipe across all the edges of your pet’s teeth and gums.


9. The Quest for the Compatible Toothpaste

Knowing full well that there is some peculiar toothpaste for dogs and cats, it should be importantly noted that, certain cats and dogs often have compatible toothpaste that put their teeth in good conditions.


In the light of the foregoing, you should quest for the compatible toothpaste for your dog's oral care. This is indeed one of the ways of maintaining outright cleanliness of the teeth of your dogs and cats. In this regard, you can get the peculiar and compatible toothpaste by consulting your pet veterinarian or standard pet stores within your neighborhood.


10. The Use of Water Additives

There is no gainsaying that there are many water additives on the market in recent times. More importantly, the water additives promote dental care by dropping a little quantity of the liquid into your dog’s water bowl.  No doubt, this is one of most of the easiest means of providing outright cleanliness of your dogs and cats teeth.



In light of the foregoing, it has been clearly established that the maintenance of your dogs and cat’s teeth is a task that should not be trivialized by pet owners. This is because; the neatness of your pet's teeth is tantamount to healthy growth and development. It is, thus, believed that this resourceful piece will guide you through in cleaning your dogs and cat’s teeth.


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