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Huge List Of Superhero Names For Dogs

Huge List Of Superhero Names For Dogs

Caring for your dog starts with giving him the perfect name. It’s definitely a cool idea to name your new pup or the dog you just adopted after your favorite superheroes—whether it’s Marvel, DC, or any of your favorite action movies. There’s just so many amazing superhero names for dogs to choose from, and you’re sure to find just the right one for every dog, for every kind of personality.  

Looking for Marvel names for dogs? We definitely included many of those on the list, on top of names inspired from other movies, comic books, and TV series which feature all different types of superheroes, villains, and anti-heroes. 


Superhero Names for Male Dogs    

Let’s get started with Marvel names for boy dogs. Do you need a name for a dog that’s smart and funny like Tony Stark (Iron Man) or handsome and strong like Thor? Is your dog dark and mysterious like Bruce Wayne? Pick the perfect name from the following list of some of the best male superhero names for dogs.


1.            Alfred (Batman’s loyal butler)

2.            Bane (supervillain from Batman movies)

3.            Barton (Hawkeye’s last name)

4.            Beast (member of the X-Men)

5.            Blake (Thor’s human alias)

6.            Blonsky (real life name of the Abomination)

7.            Bucky (Captain America’s childhood friend)

8.            Bruce (after either Bruce Wayne/ Batman or Bruce Banner/ The Hulk)

9.            Carter (as in Peggy Carter, Captain America’s love interest)

10.          Castle (from The Punisher)

11.          Clark (as in Clark Kent of Superman)

12.          Cosmo (space dog from Guardians of the Galaxy)

13.          Coulson (S.H.I.E.L.D lieutenant)

14.          Curry (Aquaman’s alter ego)

15.          Danvers (last name of Captain Marvel)

16.          Drax (gentle giant from Guardians of the Galaxy)

17.          Erik (Magneto’s alter-ego)

18.          Flash (crimefighter who moves at superhuman speed)

19.          Fries (Mr. Freeze alter ego)

20.          Foggy (Daredevil character)

21.          Fury (as in Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D)

22.          Gambit (X-Men member)

23.          Grimm (Thing from the Fantastic Four)

24.          Groot (everyone’s favorite talking tree from Guardians of the Galaxy)

25.          Happy (Tony Stark’s beloved assistant, AKA Hogan)

26.          Harvey (Batman villain AKA Two-Face)

27.          Heimdall (gatekeeper of Asgard)

28.          Hal (Green Lantern alter ego)

29.          Hill (as in Agent Maria Hill of S.H.I.E.L.D)

30.          Jarvis (Tony Stark’s AI butler later known as The Vision)

31.          Kraglin (a ravager from Guardians of the Galaxy)

32.          Kraven (a villain from Spider Man)

33.          Krypto (name of Superman’s dog)

34.          Korath (villain in Guardians of the Galaxy)

35.          Korg (talking pile of rocks from Thor)

36.          Kylo (Star Wars villain)

37.          Lex (or Luthor, Superman arch nemesis)

38.          Logan (Wolverine)

39.          Loki (everyone’s favorite villain in The Avengers)

40.          Malekith (dark elf featured in Thor)

41.          M’baku (tribe leader from Black Panther)

42.          Mordo (Doctor Strange adversary)

43.          Murdock (Daredevil’s last name)

44.          Odin (King of Asgard and Thor’s father)

45.          Okoye (head of Wakanda’s armed forces)

46.          Parker (as in Spider Man’s Peter Parker)

47.          Pym (The Antman AKA Hank)

48.          Pietro (real name of Quicksilver)

49.          Quill (Earth name of Star Lord)

50.          Rhodey (War Machine from Iron Man)

51.          Rocket (member of the Guardians)

52.          Romanoff (as in Natasha Romanoff as the Black Widow)

53.          Ronan (Kree warlord)

54.          Rumlow (Captain America foe AKA Crossbones)

55.          Rogers (Captain America’s last name)

56.          Selvig (S.H.I.E.L.D astrophysicist)

57.          Skurge (Skurge the Executioner, Asgardian warrior)

58.          Skywalker (Jedi master, Star Wars)

59.          Steve (or Rogers, Captain America)

60.          Taserface (Ravager mercenary in Guardians)

61.          Thanos (Avengers supervillain)

62.          Thor (God of Thunder and crown prince of Asgard)

63.          Tony (Tony Stark from the Iron Man movies)

64.          Vader (Star Wars supervillain)

65.          Vanko (Iron Man villain in the comic books)

66.          Venom (anti-hero from Spider-Man)

67.          Wong (master of the mystic arts, sidekick to Dr. Strange)

68.          Xavier (Charles Xavier, powerful telepath and founder of the X-Men)

69.          Yondu (Star-Lord’s adoptive father)

70.          Zod (Superman villain, Kryptonian general)


Superhero Names for Female Dogs

Do you own a pup as sassy as Black Widow or timid and sweet like Scarlet Witch? Whether you’re looking for a simple but catchy name, or something a little more original or unique, you can find something that fits from this list of girl superhero names for dogs.


1.            Andromeda (Atlantean warrior and huntress)

2.            Antiope (Wonder Woman’s aunt and mentor)

3.            Ayesha (High Priestess, appeared in Guardians)

4.            Blink (X-Men superhero with teleportation powers)

5.            Buffy (vampire slayer from the cult classic series)

6.            Brunnhilde (AKA Valkyrie, Asgardian warrior)

7.            Callisto (mutant group leader in Marvel comics)

8.            Carol (Captain Marvel)

9.            Daisy (Daisy Johnson AKA Quake from S.H.I.E.L.D)

10.          Diana (Wonder Woman’s alter ego)

11.          Echo (a deaf superhero in Daredevil comics)

12.          Elektra (attractive villain from Daredevil)

13.          Frigga (Thor’s mother)

14.          Gamora (daughter of Thanos)

15.          Gwen (or Stacy, from Spider Man)

16.          Harley (or Quinn; ex-psychiatrist turned accomplice to the Joker)

17.          Hela (Goddess of Death and Thor’s sister)

18.          Hildegarde (Asgardian warrior)

19.          Hippolyta (Amazon queen, Wonder Woman’s mom)

20.          Hope (or The Wasp)

21.          Isley (Poison Ivy’s last name)

22.          Jean (Jean Grey AKA Phoenix)

23.          Jessica (Jessica Jones or Jessica Drew AKA Spider Woman)

24.          Jubilee (X-Men member)

25.          June (June Moon or the Enchantress in Suicide Squad)

26.          Kara (Supergirl’s alter ego)

27.          Katana (member of the Outsiders, team of renegade superheroes)

28.          Kate (Kate Kane, Batwoman’s alter ego)

29.          Katniss (Hunger Games heroine)

30.          Kamala (AKA Ms. Marvel)

31.          Korath (Kree operative)

32.          Leia (or Organa, Star Wars heroine)

33.          Liz (Liz Sherman, a firestarter in Hellboy)

34.          Lois (or Lane, from Superman)

35.          Mantis (the telepath from the Guardians franchise)

36.          Mary Jane (Spider Man’s beloved)

37.          Mindy (Hit Girl from Kickass)

38.          Mist (Asgardian warrior)

39.          Mystique (shape-shifting X-Men superhero)

40.          Melinda May (from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)

41.          Mera (former Queen of Atlantis, Aquaman’s wife)

42.          Natasha (the feisty Black Widow of The Avengers)

43.          Nebula (sister to Gamora)

44.          Ororo (real name of Storm from the X-Men)

45.          Peggy (founder of S.H.I.E.L.D)

46.          Pepper (Pepper Potts, Tony Stark’s assistant)

47.          Proxima (member of Thanos’ Black Order)

48.          Psylocke (or Kwannon, telepath and assassin)

49.          Raven (Mystique’s alter ego)

50.          Rey (from The Last Jedi)

51.          Rogue (X-Men member)

52.          Scarlet (Scarlet Witch from the Avengers)

53.          Selina (Catwoman alter ego)

54.          Shuri (T-challa’s smart sister in Black Panther)

55.          Sif (Norse goddess and Asgardian warrior)

56.          Silk (Silk Spectre from Watchmen)

57.          Sonja (Viking warrior queen)

58.          Sprite (X-Men member AKA Kitty Pryde)

59.          Sue (Invisible Woman)

60.          Summers (as in Scott Summers, X-Men’s Cyclops)

61.          Tigra (Marvel villainess)

62.          Ursula (Silk Spectre’s alter ego)

63.          Valkyrie (female Asgardian warrior)

64.          Vivienne (The Blood Queen in Hellboy)

65.          Vixen (DC comic book character)

66.          Wanda (Scarlet Witch, member of the Avengers)

67.          Wasp (Marvel superheroine, ally to Ant Man)

68.          Xena (warrior princess)

69.          Zatana (powerful sorceress, Batman’s childhood friend)

70.          Zola (HYDRA scientist)


Dogs, no matter how big or small, are definitely the number one super heroes in every dog lover’s heart. We hope you enjoy picking from our compiled list of superhero names for pets! You know your dog well and with the assortment of name on these lists, you can definitely find the perfect one for your fluffy buddy. 


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