Losing our beloved Cats and Dogs is always traumatic. It doesn’t hurt an inch less than losing a family member.

Losing your pets is scary. You will become worried, fear for their current well-being. But rather than drowning in pain, you should start searching for your missing pet.

According to pet lost statistics, Approximately 10M pet owner’s pets get lost or stolen each year & 85% of lost cats and dogs were recovered in the last five years.

So, there is a huge possibility to find your missing pet within a few days. If your pet is missing, follow this guideline without being panicked. It will help you to find your lost dogs as quickly as possible. Proven Method!

Let’s take a look at what you shouldn’t do and what you should do after losing your pet.

What you shouldn’t do?

1. Don’t get panicked

2. Do not wait for others help

3. Don’t believe everything people are saying &

4. Do not give up


What should you do?

1. Take quick actions

2. Put all prior commitments on hold

3. Check your Home Security Systems footages very clearly

4. Search every corner of your neighborhood houses

5. Inform your neighbors and local animal shelters

6. Stay glued with your phone

7. Create a big neon lost dog poster

8. Leave your pets favorite food outside

9. Use your personal social media

10. Follow every single lead

Let’s discuss these potentialities briefly. Start with the forbidden things.

1. Don’t get panicked

Realizing that your cat or dog is missing takes a few moments. Generally, we assume he might be sleeping in the back or pursuing neighboring yard. But when he doesn’t paw in the door in time and misses the dinner, we start searching. As the time passes, our tension also increases with time. And most importantly this missing issue pulled a panic trigger on our mind and made us paralyzed.

But taking the positive steps will free you from the grip of panic. It also energies your mind and helps to focus on your thoughts.


2. Do not wait for others help

If you are a pet lover like me, you must feel your child is missing. I know that harsh feeling!

But when you start to search for your lost pets, people will tell you about their lost and found pets. But, don’t fall for that. They will tell you that they find their missing pets after a few days or several weeks.

It’s true that pets return home after some unexplained tours. Almost 85% of cats return to their home after inexplicable vanishing. But it happens after several days or weeks. How can I live for several weeks without him?

So, before the police, neighbors and lost dog finders start their search, don’t sit idle. Start your search before them.


3. Don’t believe everything people are saying

When you start talking with your neighbors or relatives, someone might tell you about some disappointing issues. Even I heard someone telling me that a predator kills my cat!

In Western Washington, few people blindly believe that coyote kills their cats and dogs. But fewer than 3% of pets are found killed when they rescued. You see that number? It’s only three percent. So, don’t panic. Search effectively & you will find your pet.


4. Don’t give up

Here is the most important lesson. In my ‘Helping lost pet found’ career, I’ve met different types of pet owners. The scariest one was a businessman guy who doesn’t even care about his missing pet! I was feeling like – why he keeps a pet with himself? Argh!

Well, I know you are not like him. So, whatever happens, don’t give up. Keep believing that your pet will be home. It’s just a matter of time.



Let’s talk about what we should do to rescue the pet.

1. Take Quick Actions

Just like I said before, don’t wait to get help from others. It will only increase your tension. Nothing else!

Before seeking help from others, start searching for your own. Research shows most of the lost pets are found within a circle of 2/3 km.


2. Put All Prior Commitments on Hold

Peoples are busy by born. We have to work every day to earn our daily meal. However, when your pet goes missing, the situation is different. I will suggest you hold other commitments on hold and put the highest priority on searching for your pet.

I know a bride who becomes late on the church on her marriage day. And the reason is she was searching for her missing pet! If she can hold her marriage, can’t we carry other tasks only for a few hours?


3. Check Your Home Security Systems Footages Very Clearly

Searching the home security system will be a great help to find your missing pet. You can track the latest movement by analyzing your security camera footage.

Most of the case, those footages will provide a clear concept of where your cat is.


4. Search Every Corner of Your Neighborhood Houses

There is a higher possibility that your cat is hiding within your neighbor’s house. So, check every corner of your neighbor’s houses. Further, don’t forget your one! Search every corner of your house including the backyard, bedroom or even the underground.


5. Inform Your Neighbors and Local Animal Shelters

Before searching the neighbor’s houses, inform them that your pet is missing for hours. There is a slight possibility that they may find your dog in their yard.

Further, look at the local animal shelter. Inform them about your missing pet. They will inform you as soon as they find your pet.


6. Stay Glued With Your Phone

I hope you already inform the pet rescue team, friends and neighbors about your missing kitten. So, they will contact you as soon as they found your kitten. Farther, they might need to know further information about your kitten. So, stay glued to your phone. Who knows when you will get that desired phone call!

7. Create a Big Neon Lost Dog Poster

A big poster can reduce plenty of your time. After searching within your neighbor’s houses, it’s time to do something big.

Contact with local advertising media to create a lost dog poster or a lost cat poster. It will help you to spread the news like the wind.


8. Leave Your Pets Favorite Food Outside

Usually, the missing cats and dogs become hungry after several hours. So, they also began to search for foods. That’s why you should put your pet’s favorite food outside. You know pets can smell foods from a huge distance. If you are lucky enough, your pet will appear on your door only because of that food.


9. Use Your Social Media

Social media has a significant impact on our daily life. From the lame news to an important government notice, everything spreads like fire on social media websites. So, why don’t you use that?

Simply select a clear and beautiful photo of your lost pet and post it. Your friends will start searching, and you will get your desired cat within a few hours.


10. Follow Every Single Lead

A real pet lover does everything he can do to find his missing cat, dog or other pets. I know you won’t be panicked when you lost your pet.

But you shouldn’t just sit idle either. Follow every single lead. Don’t ignore even the slightest possibilities. Who knows where you will find him?


What can we do to help you with your lost pet?

To make your searching job more effective, you can report it to PawMaw.


We are providing some pretty amazing services to you. For example:


1. We will send Paw-alert the resident’s lives close to your house. So they can recognize your beloved pet as soon as they saw that.

2. We can create you a beautiful and eye-catchy poster. But, you don’t need to think so much about the poster. You can create an eye-catchy poster from this site within a minute by logging into your account.

3. Whatever action you may take after losing your pet, there is only one target – spread the notice vastly. Well, you can spread the notice by using feature post on PawMaw. It will reach the visitor on the website.

Here is a bonus lost pet infographic that you can share with others. 

Final Verdict:

My pet is my life. It fits with most of the other pet lovers too. If the pet is lost, it becomes a nightmare. But the ultimate mantra is, don’t panic. Stay strong and search for your pet by following these instructions.


After finding the pet, prevent your pets from getting lost again!


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