10 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs


Cats and dogs couldn’t be more different, but both make amazing pets all the same. But for some people, cats just are so much better than canines. The “why are cats better than dogs?” debate brings up the many practical and personal reasons why felines come out on top. For one, cats are more independent and don’t require a lot of attention. They are generally cleaner because they know how to groom themselves. How else are cats better than dogs?

1. Cats make you smarter and healthier.

Research shows that people who prefer cats tend to place higher on the intelligence scale compared to respondents who identified as “dog people.” It turns out that the kind of people who would take cats as pets are more insightful, open-minded, and non-conformists.

Owning a cat also helps you live a healthier and longer life, according to science. They reduce stress and anxiety and can even improve your cardiovascular health. A cat’s purr has also been found to have actual healing properties.

2. Cats don’t need daily walks.

Why are cats better than dogs? You don’t have to take them out of the house every day to let them relieve themselves. All you need is to set up a litter box and keep it fresh. Your smart cat will take care of the rest.

Dogs, being extremely social and active creatures, require taking walks for their daily exercise needs. For people who don’t have the time to do such, adopting a cat makes more sense. While cats also require exercise and play, they will be perfectly content staying indoors most of the time.

3. Cat care costs much less.

Another reason why cats are better than dogs is you spend less taking care of a cat. If you look at the expenses that come with taking care of a dog, the annual costs of taking care of a cat is about $300-$800 less, according to ASPCA. For one, dogs eat more than cats. Routine veterinary expenses tend to be more expensive for dogs than cats as well. Dog supplies like toys, leashes, and crates also cost more.

4. Cats make less of a mess and are better behaved.

When dogs get bored or anxious, they could resort to destructive behavior that might take a while to fix. In the case of cats, some of them might scratch away at your favorite chairs or couches, but setting up scratching posts in strategic places should be enough to fix the problem.

5. They chase away rodents.

Even the most domesticated cats would retain their predatory instincts. Having a cat would definitely keep harmful pests at bay—an obvious benefit of having a pet cat. Rodents won’t even dare set their paws inside your house if they detect the presence of a resident feline hunter.

6. Cats don’t make a lot of noise.

How are cats better than dogs? Dogs are in the habit of vocalizing when they’re happy, excited, or anxious. Cats are far less likely to make a fuss whenever you leave the house or arrive home from work. They like to keep to themselves. While cat anxiety can occur, cats in general are capable of entertaining themselves. As long as their basic needs are provided for, they would be more than sleeping on their cozy beds for most of the day.

7. They have better hygiene.

Cats don’t require baths as often as dogs because they’re perfectly capable of cleaning up after themselves. With adequate litter box training and upkeep, you can be sure that your pet cat won’t make a mess anywhere in the house.

Cats know how to groom and self-bathe. Ever notice how cats never smell the way dogs do? If a cat’s fur looks unkempt, it’s a clear indication that he may be suffering from cat anxiety or a health problem.

8. Cats live longer.

One of the downsides of having a pet is knowing that their precious time with us is regrettably short. For dogs, the average life span is anywhere between eight to 11 years. Cats live much longer for an average of ten to 15 years. Indoor cats are found to live much longer than outdoor cats.

9. Cats are less likely to run away.

If you’re caring for an indoor cat, there’s little to no chance of your pet ever running away. An outdoor cat would be a little more adventurous but all cats have a pretty solid way of finding their way back home. Dogs are more likely to run away from home if they find an escape. Cats, especially ones raised indoors, are perfectly happy lounging, napping, or sleeping within the comforts of home.

10. Cats are better—ecologically speaking.

You may have never spared a single thought about how a pet can impact the environment. But did you know that a medium-sized dog leaves a carbon footprint twice as much a standard SUV, every year? This is because of the amount of meat a dog consumes.  Because they eat less, cats leave a smaller carbon footprint and are actually better for the environment.


Cats are internet-famous for many reasons. It’s easy to see why cats are better than dogs. In terms of maintenance and care, cats are simply much easier to look after than dogs. They don’t require constant attention, they eat less, are perfectly happy indoors, and don’t make messes or lots of noise. They require less space, less training, and won’t need a lot of your time and energy because of their independent nature. Cats may seem less affectionate but this only makes it more meaningful if you gain the absolute trust of your pet cat.


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