Why Do Dogs Like Balls?


Ever wondered why dogs love balls? If you are a dog parent, this thought must have crossed your mind at least once. Among all the other activities that get a dog excited, fetching balls stays at the top of the list.

Ever wondered why dogs love balls? If you are a dog parent, this thought must have crossed your mind at least once. Among all the other activities that get a dog excited, fetching balls stays at the top of the list.

It is mandatory to understand dogs' natural instinct to pet one. As a dog owner, the more resilient you are to their needs, the easier it gets to build close attachment and train them. Care to join us to dive into the pup-thought for having such admiration towards balls? Keep an eye on the article further to find out more.

Why do dogs like playing with balls?

Before wolves, there were dogs, known as the ultimate hunting animal. Centuries ago, their hunting instincts were used by humans for our benefit. Dogs were ferocious hunters yet not as dangerous as wolves when it came to achieving human affection.

Years later, the necessity of that particular dog skill evaporated with the expansion of civilization. Yet, their habitual instinct still remains imprinted on their genes. Men may have domesticated dogs through extrinsic training and interbreeding, but their love for chasing remains intact.

That explains why do dogs like to chase balls. Balls trigger that particular fragment of their natural instinct of chasing that has been suppressed for years. Although you may throw anything, and they will fetch it for you, the ball remains the most fun and doable plaything for dogs. It is the type of exercise that induces alpha wavelength in a dog brain.

There are two things any pet animal is fascinated about. One is to make their owners proud, and another is to feel accomplished. Playing with balls and fetching them establishes both of these thoughts in the dogs' brains. It also ignites the bonding and love between the pet and its parent.


Why do dogs like tennis balls?

There are many sorts of balls you can give to your fur buddy to play with. From ping-pongs to cricket balls, all are fine according to the dogs' size and strength. But they always seem to have a significant attraction towards tennis balls. Now, why do dogs like tennis balls so much?

As mentioned earlier, balls set off the chasing intuition in dogs. Everything that includes hunting prey, from stalking, eyeing, running to finally catching and fetching it to the master, gives the dog a sense of achievement. Studies say that a dog's brain can secret endorphins under certain stimulations, and one of them is chasing objects.

Among all the balls, tennis balls resemble the most to fulfill the afterward activity of a hunting instinct. They are round and hard in consistency. When a dog runs and jumps to fetch a tennis ball, the hardness and motion of the ball can produce the same effect as a prey.

That speaks a lot about why do dogs like balls so much. Balls, especially tennis balls, associate them with cherishing their long-lost hunting memories. The dogs may have been domesticated over the centuries, but their genetic imprints are still driving.


Why do dogs love chasing balls?

Every animal has their own natural instinct toward something. Cheetahs love chasing prey while seagulls prefer chasing fishes. What all of them have in common is their hunting instinct. Dogs are no exception to that.


Although it seems a little bit off the grid since they are the most adorable domestic pets, they were not always like this. The history of the hunting instinct of dogs goes a long way. But ever since the evolution of humans, the need for the hunter dogs went as extinct as their prey.

All these years of hunting has left a permanent mark on the dog genes. So, even after having been domesticated for decades, dogs still love chasing objects. Balls of any material stay at the top of that list.

So, it is safe to say that dogs loving chasing balls are nothing but an outcome of their natural habits. To add cherry on top, it is one of their favorite pastimes, and most domestic dogs get to spend a happy time with their parents while playing ball.


How long should I play ball with the dog?

The recommended time depends entirely on the dog's health, breed, strength, speed, and of course, your free time. But it should never surpass the time range of an hour. Otherwise, the dog will get bored over time, and you may have to find some other exciting means to keep them busy.


Answering some questions

Got a playful dog at home? Find out what it takes to make them an exciting woof with the question-answer round:


Why do dogs go crazy for tennis balls?

If you have taken your dog for a walk, you must have noticed how they start running blindly even before a ball has been thrown. The dogs are that much crazy for tennis balls. Balls can increase the bonding between the dogs and their owners while maintaining their knack for fetching. That explains why dogs love balls.


Is ball chasing bad for dogs?

Ball chasing can only go wrong in these cases- If the dog has a deteriorating health condition that only weakens him during all the running and chasing. The hardness of tennis balls can wear out tooth enamel in the long run. So, it is suggested to let the dogs play with it every once in a while. You may give them other squishy and soft consistency balls instead.


Are balls good for dogs?

Balls can be pretty helpful as a playing object for dogs if you can maintain the cautions mentioned above as an owner. It can keep them away from boredom, all while flourishing a healthy relationship with the owner. It is also an excellent means of exercise for an amusing life.


Final words

What is clawing for cats is fetching for dogs. Dogs find the utmost amusement while playing with their owner. That helps them to have a good night's sleep with zero whines. You refuse to play fetch with them once, and they might start running after anything that has been thrown.

This type of behavior is also associated with keeping away a variety of diseases. Basically, as a fur baby parent, you get to achieve two things at a time- a happy bark and a loving bong. Hopefully, we could equip your curiosity about why dogs love balls and what to do about it.


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