Why Do Dogs Run Away and How You Can Prevent It?


Are you a dog owner who is concerned about your dog running away? It is, indeed, a valid concern.

You're most likely doing all in your power to keep them safe and happy. But, are you still wondering, 'why does my dog run away from me?' They may just become distracted, puzzled, or fearful of a particular situation.

You may encounter this problem when you adopt a new dog or pup. Having them run away will undoubtedly make you nervous. Is there anything you can do to help? Sure.

Understanding that point of view, here's an article about why your dog runs away and how to avoid it.

Why Do Dogs Run Away?

If your dog has gotten away, you clearly need to find it. However, if they return safely, it sure is a relief. But it is still important to understand ‘why my dog runs away’ in the first place just so that you can avoid it in the future.

It’s Their Time to Mate

During the height of their heat, they feel compelled to mate with the opposite sex.

In this scenario, they wait until they can rush out to find their mate. Be prepared if you have other dogs in your neighborhood or strays nearby. That is when they wait to run away from home and pounce on the other dogs to mate. It is natural, but certainly something you should look into.

Your Dog is Afraid of Something

The question of ‘why do dogs run away from home?’ is a familiar one. Fear is the most common reason for dogs to flee. It may be fireworks or anything else that makes them afraid. Thunderstorms affect dogs adversely too. In such situations, your pet may become disoriented and get lost.

Even if you have well-trained your pet, they are prone to flee if they are afraid. Examine the surroundings to determine what spooked them, whether specific sound, item, or person.

They Have Anxiety

Some dogs are born anxious, while others develop it later in life. You could also notice them acting strangely, such as whimpering in the middle of the night.

If you're wondering, “why does my dog keeps running away” it might be due to separation anxiety. If they were separated from their mother or brood when they were much older than newborn pups, they might desire to flee due to separation anxiety.

They Don't Get to Go Out Often.

Have you ever thought that you might not be walking your dog enough? Your pet may like snuggling on his bed, but he prefers to go for walks too. It is an important aspect of their routine that you should not neglect.

They will have the temptation to run out and have fun if you don’t take them out frequently enough.

Your Dog is Simply Frustrated

Your dog may get annoyed, anxious, or frustrated. Why? That might be because you leave them alone too frequently, tether them, or simply do not love them enough.

At the end of the day, they're just like kids. They want your full attention, and if you don't provide it to them, they may try to flee.

They Are Not Familiar with Surroundings

Why does my puppy run away from me? Getting a puppy entails relocating it to a new place. They may be unfamiliar with their new surroundings when they wake up.

That is another reason they could try to find the means to get out and escape.

Your Dog is Just Bored

Dogs exhibit a wide range of bizarre behaviors throughout their time with you. It may just be boredom, for all you know.

You can tell your doggy was born to be inquisitive. They are constantly eager to explore and engage in activities other than napping. They want to explore by rushing out and away from you.

They Find Something Exciting Outside

As much as boredom might cause your dog to flee, excitement can do the same. Consider this the next time you wonder ‘why my dog is running away from me suddenly.’

When a loved one returns home, they may rush out. If not, another canine, sound, or object may pique their interest. They're like small children; they're going to run outdoors.


How to Stop Dog Running Away from Me?

If your dog runs away, you must remain calm and not panic. Of course, you need to find him, but you also need to understand why he does it.

Once you have found him, you must then focus on stopping him from running away.

Give Your Dog Lots of Love 

Dogs adore you when you give them sufficient attention and, even more so, when petted. They may become frustrated if you do not show them how much you appreciate them. In this situation, they will wish to flee.

As a result, learn to spend more time with your pets, loving, stroking, and snuggling with them.

Avoid Tying Up Your Pet

When you tether your pet for extended periods of time, they become upset. They will flee the moment you remove the bindings. Worst of all? They may ultimately break their rope or chain in order to escape.

Train them well enough to keep them secure and happy indoors, without being tied.

Build a Fence or Close the Door

Even if you do everything for your dog, they will still run away. In such a situation, you can erect a fence in your yard or garden to keep them safe while they enjoy themselves.

When they're inside, it's essential to keep all the outer doors closed at all times so they can't leave. Build a barrier rather than anything too severe.

Take Your Dog Out More

Dogs are prone to become bored and irritable quickly. How can you avoid this? Exercising them will tire them out.

If not for intensive training or workouts, it is preferable to get them out more frequently. Simple leash walks around the neighborhood will suffice.

Train Your Dog

Training your dog is fantastic, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. You can educate them on how to respond to different commands so that they can remain calm.

It is ideal to begin this training while fairly young, but it is also adequate later on. Understand their reactions to various situations in their environment and train them accordingly.

Never Chase Your Dog

If you see your dog run out that door, don't even consider running after him. Although it may go against your instincts, it is better to remain calm.

He'll feel alarmed, which will make matters worse for you both as he could get spooked and bolt. Instead, attempt to turn the situation around. Call out his name and show him a favorite toy. Then, convince him to chase you down instead and lead him back indoors.

Grab Some Toys

It may sound silly, but purchasing your dog a toy is a wonderful idea. Finding his life and your home dull, your dog may frequently run out. Keeping it occupied is the greatest approach to cope with it.

Getting them some toys may keep them amused and distracted while they're feeling grumpy and bored. Get some inexpensive toys for your dog to chew apart if they are destructive.



1. How do I get my dog to stop running away from me?

If your dog attempts to escape, stay calm and do not alarm your dog. In general, yelling "Stop now!" is a bad idea. If your dog does not respond to your normal tone of voice, it is unlikely that he will when you are angry.

You may also devote more effort to training and grooming them. Avoid tying them up too frequently, and provide them some toys to play with. Make your house a joyful environment for them to live in.

2. Why is my dog running away from me all of a sudden?

Dogs may run away as a result of negative associations. The factors might range from fear of punishment to the sensitivity of the collar.

Maybe your pet attempted to play with you just to have some fun. Be mindful that a rescued dog has a history too. They are scared that certain behaviors may result in punishment and so run away.

3. What do you do when your dog runs from you?

Turn back slightly as if to entice him to follow you. Do not go after them. Avoid chasing him as well.

Almost every dog can run faster than a human, so if he thinks you're following him, he'll attempt to scram, which could lead to injuries. Jog or walk slowly, keeping him in sight.

4. Why does my dog run away from me when I try to pick her up?

Dogs, like all animals, are born with survival instincts. Grabbing and picking them up may most likely set them off. It connotes danger to them.

Some pets know that getting picked up entails bath time, a veterinary visit, or the end of a fun time. Most often, they dislike being picked up by strangers because they are afraid of being taken away.

5. Why does my dog run away from home?

If your home is rather dull, your dog may long for a way to escape. Perhaps you have left them alone at home for a long time.

Your dogs are really energetic. They'll get bored and frustrated if they don't have the companionship of humans, other dogs, or toys. After a few regular walks, they could even discover that places outside the house are more enjoyable.

6. How to stop the dog from running away from me?

Since mating urges mostly affect unneutered animals, you can consider sterilizing your dog as the best way to stop those cravings and prevent a runaway. You can also just take them for a walk to help release the energy.

If this is not an option, you may need to train or acquire a strong leash to combat his urges effectively.


Summing up Why Your Dog Runs Away from You 

Your furry companion may be charming, but anything might cause them to run away. Running away from you and your home is terrifying.

What could be worse than losing your beloved pet dog? It stings that your dog scurries away on purpose in the first place. It is critical to understand the answer to ‘why do dogs run away.’

While there are numerous reasons for them to go out, such as boredom, fear, and excitement, it is critical to avoid this habit. You do not have to be harsh with them; some basic changes and training can help you go a long way. After all, a happy dog means a happy pet parent!


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