10 Reason Why Does My Dog Stand On Me


As a dog parent, you have surely witnessed your dog standing on you several times. Your dog may stand on you to seek affection, companionship, comfort, or security.

Dogs enjoy using their owner as a platform. Sometimes, you may experience your dog standing on your lap, chest, back, or head. When encountering this behavior, you might ask, “Why does my dog stand on me?” Is it a normal behavior, or is your dog acting weird?

Well, don’t panic. It is a common occurrence in dogs and does not necessarily signify trouble. Read more to know more about why your dog stands on you!

1. The Behavior Of Your Dogs

Dogs communicate with each other and humans through body language, vocalizations, and physical contact. They also have different personalities, temperaments, and preferences influencing their behavior.

Some dogs are more cuddly and clingy, while others are more independent. Some dogs are more playful and energetic, while others are calmer and relaxed. Some dogs are more confident and assertive, while others are more timid and submissive. These factors can affect how your dog interacts with you and why they stand on you.

For example, a cuddly and clingy dog might stand on you to get more hugs and kisses from you. An independent dog might stand on you to mark you as their property.

If a dog is playful and energetic, they might stand on you to invite you to play with them. A calm and relaxed dog might stand on you to enjoy a peaceful nap with you.

A confident and assertive dog might stand on you to show you who the boss is, while a timid and submissive dog might stand on you to seek your protection and guidance.

2. Your Dog is Seeking Physical Contact

Your dog can sometimes stand on you when seeking physical contact with you. Dogs crave touch and affection from their owners. Standing on you is one way of getting it. They might want to feel your warmth, heartbeat, scent, or attention.

They might also want to show you they love and trust you. Dogs that have a strong bond with you or are suffering from separation anxiety can display this behavior. Standing on you can make them feel closer to you and more secure.

For example, a dog with a strong bond with you might stand on you to express their loyalty and devotion. However, a dog having anxiety symptoms might stand on you to cope with their fear of being alone.

3. They are Marking Their Territory

Dogs are territorial animals that use their scent glands to claim their space and belongings. They have scent glands on their paws, ears, and tail. They use them to leave their smell on objects, places, and people.

By standing on you, your dog might be trying to tell other dogs that you are theirs and that they are the boss. This behavior is more likely for dominant, possessive, or jealous dogs.

A dog marking their territory might stand on you when you are in a new or unfamiliar place, meeting new or unknown dogs or people, or wearing new or unfamiliar clothes.

4. It is a Sign Of Affection

Dogs express their love and happiness in different ways. Standing on you might be one of them. They might be trying to give you a hug, a kiss, or a nuzzle with this standing behavior.

They might also try initiating play, cuddling, or snuggling with you. Most dogs like being petted, so they can stand on you and wag their tail to indicate that they want you to touch and pet them.

Moreover, dogs stand on you when they feel excited, joyful, or grateful for your presence. Standing on you can be a way of saying “I love you” or “You are awesome.”

5. Your Dog is Seeking Companionship

Dogs need regular interaction and stimulation from their pack members. They enjoy spending time with their owners and other dogs, and they can get bored, lonely, or depressed if they are left alone for too long.

Your dog might be trying to get your attention by standing on you and inviting you to join them in some fun activity. Moreover, your dog tries to comfort or cheer you up by standing over you when they sense you are sad, stressed, or tired.

For example, a dog seeking companionship might stand on you and bark, whine, or paw at you. Also, your dog might stand on you when feeling neglected, ignored, or isolated.

6. Your Dog Wants to Dominante

Another reason your dog stands on you is because they want to dominate you. Your dog might be trying to assert their authority and control over you by standing on you. They might be challenging you, testing you, or disrespecting you. Your dog might also try to protect or prevent you from leaving them.

For example, if your dog wants to dominate you, they might stand on you and growl, snarl, or snap at you. If your dog is challenging you, they might stand on you and stare at you, bare their teeth, or raise their hackles.

A dog trying to dominate you might stand on you when you are sitting, lying down, bending over, or showing signs of weakness, uncertainty, or fear.

7. Your Dog is Seeking Comfort And Security

Dogs standing on you can be the signs of a stressed dog. They often experience fear, anxiety, or stress due to various reasons. It can be loud noises, unfamiliar people, new environments, or traumatic events.

By standing on you, your dog might be trying to find a safe and cozy place to hide or relax. They might also try to cope with their emotions or calm themselves down.

When your dog seeks comfort and security, they might stand on you and tremble, shiver, or whimper. They could stand on you when they hear thunder, fireworks, or sirens, see strangers, animals, or objects, or experience pain, injury, or illness.

8. Your Dog is Setting Boundaries And Establishing Rules

Dogs have their preferences, routines, likes, and dislikes. They use their behavior to communicate with their owners. By standing on you, your dog might be trying to tell you something, such as “Stop doing that,” “Give me that,” “Let me go,” or “Pay attention to me.”

A dog setting boundaries and establishing rules might stand on you when you are doing something they don’t like. They can do it when you’re clipping their nails, brushing their teeth, or dressing them up. Your dog could also stand on you when you are not doing something they want, such as playing with them or feeding them on time.

9. Your Dog Might Be Sick

Dogs can suffer from various health issues, such as pain, injury, illness, or infection, and they can’t express them verbally. Your dog might be trying to show you that they are in discomfort or distress by standing on you. They might also be trying to seek your help, sympathy, or care.

Your dog might moan, groan, or cry standing over you when they have a fever, a wound, or a disease. They could be seeking your help or care to lessen their discomfort. For this reason, they might stand on you.

10. It is Time for a Walk

Dogs need regular exercise and stimulation to stay healthy and happy. They rely on their owners to provide them with it. By standing on you, your dog might try to remind you that they need to go outside and have fun. They display this behavior to show they are bored, restless, or energetic.

For example, a dog trying to remind you that they need to go outside might stand on you and point to the door. When they have been indoors for too long, have excess energy, or have a walking routine, they could want to go outside. So, use walking as part of your dog training techniques and keep them healthy.

11. It is Their Feeding Time

Dogs have a biological clock that tells them when they are hungry and when they need to eat. Your dog might be trying to signal that they are ready for their meal by standing on you. It is a reminder for you to maintain a dog feeding schedule

For example, a dog trying to signal that it is ready for its meal might stand on you and point to its bowl, drool, or whine. Dogs usually stand on you with an empty stomach or smell food if it’s their feeding time.


In the end, I would say there are many possible reasons for ‘why your dog stands on you’ that I have provided above. Therefore, it can be because of affection, security, dominance, etc. They can vary depending on your dog’s personality, mood, and situation.

Your dog standing on you is a common behavior and nothing to worry about. The best way to understand your dog’s behavior is to observe them closely and pay attention to their body language and vocalizations.

You can also consult your veterinarian or a professional dog trainer if you have any concerns or questions.


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