8 Reasons Why Dogs Howl When You Howl


One evening, while playing with your dog, you suddenly start howling. Then you notice your dog is howling, too. Undoubtedly, this is a happy and fun moment. But the next second, you are eager to know why dogs howl when you howl.

Howling is an instinctual way to communicate in dog life. We can only assume the reason why your dog howls when you howl. But there is no proven or strong statement.

Dogs may howl, trying to connect with you or show their bond with you. They consider you as their family. Now, they are simply bonding by responding to your howl. Other reasons can be for fun or to mimic you.

Today, let's not engage in any severe pet issues. Rather than discover the possible 7 reason behind your dog's funny howling behavior.

1. Responding To Human Emotions

Dogs are remarkably attuned to human emotions and moods. They can understand when you are happy and sad. When they hear you howl, they respond to your feelings.

You may sound happy, or your dog wants to become a part of your happiness. Also, they are sensible enough to understand that you want them to howl, too. Or they have some experience about when they howled with you; they got treats or any positive reinforcement.

The opposite can also happen. When they can sense your sadness or stress, they may respond by howling in an attempt to comfort you.

2. Vocal Communication Among Dogs

Dogs use many vocalizations, like growling and barking, to communicate with other dogs. Howling is also one of their vocal communications. This is a dog-like behavior. So, they may use the same technique to communicate with you. Though dog howling is still a mystery to us. To know the exact reason, we need to read minds.

Dogs inherit this howling behavior from their wildlife and ancestors. They convey messages to pack members. When they hear you howling, your pet dog may instinctively respond. They use this ancient form of communication with other canines.

If this is the reason, you should be happy because your dog has accepted you as a family member. They are communicating with you as they do with their family.

3. Mimicry

Do you know about your dog's hidden talent? Your dog is fantastic at mimicking your sound. This behavior may seem weird. But now you may figure out why your furry friend howls when you howl. Also, their love for you makes them howl with you.

Your dog loves you. He always notices what you do and wants to imitate you. You do not know that your dog is more intelligent and always observes you. So, they try to do it when they hear any sound or see you howling.

Since howling is also their communication style, it is easy to mimic you. They attempt to replicate the sound. They think it would be cool to imitate you. Also, when they howl along with you, they see you excited. Your excitement makes them do it again and again.

4. Just For Fun

You are well aware of your furry friend's fun-loving side. They have a great, playful nature. They do not miss any chance to have fun with you.

When you howl and seem happy, your dog also does it for fun. Your howling may not make any sense. All you are doing is producing some sound. Your dog is now making fun of you. He may show you the right way to howl. Or simply having fun with you.

Both of you and the dog are howling together. This is adorable and funny for you. The same goes for your dog.

Also, do not encourage excessive barking, as they can get tired.

5. Try To Understand You

Your dog is your best friend and always be with you in your ups and downs. It's amazing how they can sense your emotions and be there for you when you're feeling down. They have this incredible ability to understand human feelings.

The same goes for when you let out a howl. They constantly try to understand what their human companions want. They may attempt to decipher the meaning behind your sound. You may be sad. So, your dog is trying to figure out how he can best support you emotionally.

Furthermore, you'll be surprised to know that your dog is intelligent enough to grasp specific instructions from you. Their loyalty and devotion make them understand what you want them to do. It's truly remarkable how they strive to please their human companions.

6. Social Bonding

Dogs naturally thrive in packs and rely on social bonding for their overall happiness. Howling can actually be a way for dogs to strengthen their connection with their family or fellow dogs. When your dog responds to your howling, it indicates their way of reinforcing the social bond between you.

Your dog is also quite different from a cat. While cats sometimes seem distant, dogs love bonding with their owners.

When you feel the urge to howl, your dog joins in. This is a sign that you two are forming a solid bond. It also lets everyone around you know that you and your dog are a team. This is like having your own secret language.

Howling together is similar to singing a song together. It creates a sense of togetherness and makes your bond even stronger. Your dog may also mirror your behavior to feel more familiar with you.

Sometimes, dogs lick you while you howl. This is also another way of showing their affection and strengthening your social bond.

7. They Express Love For You

Dogs have their own unique ways of showing love and attachment to their owners. They can not express or experience emotions in the same way we do. They can still use howling with you as a form of expression. It is their way of saying, "I am here with you, and I am part of your pack."

Also, dogs enjoy being around you and appreciate it when you give them attention. They love being pets. If they notice that howling gets a reaction from you, they continue doing it. Expressions of love can be laughter, conversation, or playtime.

By howling, dogs are trying to have a good time with us. Some dogs quickly figure out that howling is an effective way to demand attention. So, try to give attention and love to your dog, as they are craving it.


Dogs howl when you howl for a variety of reasons. These include their social nature, instinctual communication, mimicry abilities, or the desire for interaction and bonding.

Some breeds can also be more prone to howling than others. Also, individual dogs may have varying degrees of howling behavior based on their genetics and upbringing.

Though howling in response to human howling is typically harmless and is a fun way for you, sometimes your dog's howling becomes excessive or problematic. So, it's a good idea to consult a professional dog trainer or veterinarian to solve the issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Dogs Like It When You Howl?

Most of the time, your dogs like it when you howl and participate in howling with you. They try to mimic you or please. This is because dogs love to seek attention from their owners. Also, see the owners as part of their pack. So, they love it when someone in their pack howls.

Is It OK to Howl With Your Dog?

Howling with a dog is totally fine and is a way of creating a strong bond. However, if howling with the dogs encourages them to do excessive howling, then it is better to stop.

Why Doesn't My Dog Howl When I Howl?

Your dog may not understand that you want them to imitate you and howl. Also, consider that you have trained your dog to reduce barking for its whole life. Now, it is confusing for them what you want them to do.

Is Howling Good For Dogs?

It's normal for dogs to howl as a way of communication. They inherited this instinct from wolves. Sometimes, dogs howl at night when they sense something unusual or risky. Similarly, your dog simply gets excited when they hear specific sounds, such as car sirens.


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