Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Breed Information


Do you want to bring home a little yet high energy dog? If yes, then Yorkie Pom puppies are the best pick for you. These hyperactive munchkins sprinkle joy where ever they go.

This small-sized pup is also known as Yoranian Terrier or Yorkie Pom, and it is a hybrid crossbreed with purebred Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier parents. Much like their parent breed, these cute designer dogs are also adorable.

This article will provide you with ample Yorkie Pomeranian mix breed information, from temperament to common diseases. So, buckle up, and keep reading to learn more about the breed's personality qualities, appearance, history, grooming requirements, and more.

History and Recognition of Yorkie Poms

Call them your own Yoranian or Porkies. Yorkie Pomeranian is the perfect puppy to keep you entertained. Now, you must be wondering where this designer breed gets their energy bursts from! Let's dive into their history and talk about their parent breeds too!

Love Affair in Purebred Dogs

One of the most common theories behind the pup from designer dogs kennel club is a possible romantic encounter between Yorkshire Terrier and Pomeranians. Beware, though; the parent breeds do not warn you about the cuteness overload that you are about to witness.

Despite being the first generation hybrid, the puppy rarely carries the same appearance as the parent breeds. The best part is - since there's no way to know which trait will appear in the hybrid breed, you get a surprise with every birth.

Technically, every Yorkie Pom is unique!


The lack of history has helped Yorkies win hearts but not acquire a position in the American Kennel Club! However, the Pomeranian breed has been AKC's favorite purebred since the 1900s. On top of it, the Yorkshire Terrier has been a prestigious member of the AKC since 1878.

Don't lose heart yet because your Yoranian puppies have gained recognition from the following-

• American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)

• Dog Registry of America, Inc. (DRA)

• Designer Breed Registry (DBR)

• International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)

• Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC)

The Appearance of Yorkie Pom

The Yorkie Pom is a 50/50 combination between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Pomeranian. As a result, a Pomeranian Yorkie Mix puppy's looks may lean toward one of the parent purebred dogs. It indicates that the dominant parent gene will influence their appearance. As a result, even within the same litter, particular puppies may have unique characteristics to either the Pomeranian or the Yorkshire Terrier.

Despite this, a Yorkie Pom is usually tiny, growing up to 6-12 inches tall and weighing up to 7 pounds. Hence, you can be sure that you will be bringing a pup of a healthy breed that will keep your family cheered up.

Furthermore, the coat colors of a Yorkie Pom will range from black, white, brown, tan, gold, blue, and cream. Black and tan, blue and tan, and black and white are common combinations. While some Porkies have solid coats, the majority will have a mixture of colors. It's also worth noting that a Yoranian's skin can change color as they become older.

Living Needs & Care of Yorkie Poms

The Yorkie Poms are fearless, bubbly, and independent by nature. However, they require special care and attention from dog owners.

Separation Anxiety

Even though they form one of the best companions for everyone, from toddlers to older children, including elderly citizens, they don't feel well when left alone. You need to ensure that your cuddly Yorkie Pomeranian isn't home alone for a longer duration, else your furniture and the dog's health will take a toll.

Loud Barks

The small balls of energy carry the zest in their loud and noisy barks as well. It's essential to noise-train the Yorkie Pomeranians get the best behavior out of them.

Care With Yorkie Pom Puppies

Although your Yorkies get their sturdy and fluffy exterior when they grow old, the pups demand caution and care in handling. You should be extra mindful if you have children around the small dog breeds.

Aggressive Behaviour

You can make out the enthusiasm in the behavior with the intensity of their barks. Yorkie Pomeranians need the training to control their aggression and violent behavior from an early age. Otherwise, you might have to face frequent dog attack complaints from passers-by.


Since the designer dog breeds feel comfortable around their human companions, they must develop their social instinct from the beginning. It'll not only help them in mingling with other dogs but also control their aggressive behavior.


Health issues of Yorkie Poms

Yorkie Pomeranians are generally very healthy. Even though they live up to 15 years, they suffer from a few genetic health problems that you need to look out for.

Eye Ailments

Most Yorkies can develop cataracts, eye irritation, retinal atrophy, and lack of tear production, which are some of the commonly occurring genetic diseases. As a dog-parent, you must ensure regular vet checkups for your Yoranians to detect and remove the problem at an early stage.

One of the most common ailments seen with Yorkie Poms is Entropion. With the disease, your Yorkie's eyelids will fold inwards and eventually cause scratches in the eyes. Scarring and perforation are the most apparent effects of the disease in your dogs.

Dog owners prefer to get the surgery done to remove the disease permanently.

Dental Problems

Tiny jaws and overcrowded teeth give rise to several mouth problems with the Yorkies.

Having overcrowded teeth lead to the food getting stuck and plaque buildup. The Yorkies tend to suffer from tooth decay and loss of tooth because of their mouth structure.

One of the obvious signs of tooth decay in your dogs is bad breath. Even though it might appear like a regular occurrence, you should always be careful with the odd symptoms.

Regular cleaning and scrubbing can do wonders to avoid tooth decay and extraction. Further, you must keep a check on dental health without letting it turn into an expensive affair.

Joint Issues

Kneecap dislocation and patellar luxation are frequently observed with the Yorkie poms. The diseases can create severe discomfort and even long-term mobility problems if they remain untreated for a significant duration.

Most Yorkie Poms suffer from patellar luxation where the kneecap jumps out of the space sideways. Your dog will also face inflammation in the knees and throttle due to lameness development. However, with the vet prescribed anti-inflammatory medicines, you can relieve the small dogs of the pain and inconvenience.

Tracheal Collapse

If your small dog is suffering from cough, intolerance to exercise, and difficulty in breathing, it's time you get a chest scan done. Your tiny Yorkie might be suffering from tracheal collapse, which occurs due to a cartilage defect. Usually occurring in toy dog breeds or crossbreed, the disease is curable with anti-inflammatory pain drugs.

Note: Overweight can worsen the tracheal collapse disease for your dog. That's why it's essential to keep the weight in the suggested range.

Other Diseases

Yorkie Poms are fragile small breeds that need attentive dog owners around them. Whether it's about arthritis in calves or the sudden occurrence of hypoglycemia, your dog can develop problems because of its genetic lineage.

Look out for signs and symptoms that can trouble your furry companion!

Grooming Needs of Yorkie Poms

Pomeranians come in various colors ranging from tan, ivory, black, blue, and even gold! Sounds vivid.

As cute as the furry friend looks, they require moderate grooming both for their external and internal well-being. Before you decide to bring your Yorkshire Terriers hybrid home, here're the essential tips you must have in mind!

Brushing and Trimming

Since most of the Yorkies are moderate shedders, you'll need to keep a check on their double coat length and volume. So, keep the professional groomer schedule handy for reasonable grooming needs because you'll require a visit every 15 days.

On top of it, regular brushing will help you get rid of the shredded hair. Additionally, you can keep the trimming routine quite frequent if you don't want the strands covering the carpet area of your house.


All the fluff can make for perfect space to dirt and germs find shelter in. If you have a Yorkie mix, you must ensure regular bathing sessions, irrespective of their dislike.

It's common for dogs to not enjoy their bathing times. However, can introduce the routine gradually can slowly introduce the training to them. The trick is to use lukewarm water instead of very hot or cold liquid to get them to find comfort while you brush out the fallen strands. However, it would be best if you washed your Yorkie only from the neck down while cleaning.

Note: It'd be an excellent routine to give your little dog a bubbly dog-friendly cleaning session every once in 2-3 weeks.

Cleaning Ears

Unlike you, your Yorkipoms need your help to clean their ears, even though they flinch while you do the deed. That's why it's essential to take your dog to an open area where mess wouldn't be your concern.

Just squirt the medical solution in your fluffy's ears and remove it with a swab until you start getting no dirt on the cotton. Say bye-bye to ear infection!

Tip: Keep a note of cleaning your dog's ears only in the evening, else the energy baskets might spring out of your hold in a jiffy.

Brushing the Teeth

Your ridiculously adorable Yorkie Pomeranian Mix loves to gobble down everything you serve and sometimes more. That's you need to ensure daily teeth cleaning for your companion.

All you need to do is pull the dog's lips and scrub the teeth. While you get going with the dog brush, keep your tone soft and demeanor gentle to ensure your Yorkie feels comfortable and not scared.

Brushing your dog's teeth is so much like brushing your own. Just make sure that you use specially formulated toothpaste to match your Yorkie's taste buds. Also, you must always prefer a soft-bristled toothbrush to ensure comfort and utility.

You should also watch out for any sore spots, chipping, or loose teeth in your dogs' jaws!

Whether brushing the hair or cleaning the teeth, routine is a non-negotiable part of your dog's routine. It will help you establish a fixed time for grooming and ensure no-hassles from your dogs.

Their moderate grooming needs makes them a perfect fit for your household.

Exercise needs of Yorkie Poms

Since the Yorkie's descend from Yorkshire Terriers, they are high-energy dogs needing constant mental stimulation. Even though they make an excellent fit for the working dogs, you might face trouble if you have to leave them by themselves.

The Yorkies also carry intelligence that keeps them lurking for activities with a charming personalities. In the absence of positive reinforcement, they might develop severe issues like small dog syndrome.

With that being said, the Yorkie Pomeranian mix is a good choice for people to adjust to apartment living or small spaces. The only condition is that they get ample exercise and active stimulation to keep themselves occupied.

Training Process of Yorkie Poms

Since the Yorkies blend two breeds with domineering nature, they will test your patience during training. However, it's not difficult to train them, but they require the same behavior from you as they carry in their genes.


It would help if you started with the dogs' training as soon as you brought them home. Your Yorkie needs to see you as a person with the authority to follow your order. Taking in canine language, you must be their 'alpha' or appear like one.

To be precise, you need to be firm with your commands and routines to get the yoranian puppy to behave.


Besides exhibiting the masterful, you need to be a dog parent like an affectionate Yorkshire terrier. That's to say, and you must give your little pup ample time to catch up with your training routine. Even though they look like toy breeds, they are brilliant to adapt to the conditioning you provide.

Anyway, scolding places itself last in the set of manners to pamper amongst dog lovers!


Besides the behavior, Yoranians are also prone to developing severe health problems. The training proves fruitful to them to avoid obesity and develop small dog syndrome. Whether it's potty training or playful walks, consistent efforts from you are a must. Essentially, with proper training, your mixed breed wouldn't become a nuisance to other dogs and neighbors.

Nutrition Requirement of Yorkie Poms

The Yorkie Pom Mix is only manageable with size but not appetite maintenance.

• Not only do the dogs need spread-out treats but also a close watch on their health. Even though the Yorkie needs only ½ cup to 1 cup of food per day, they can still develop the liver disease if overfed. On top of it, the blood sugar always needs a consistent check.

• The Yorkies are also prone to hypoglycemia if they don't get adequate meals throughout the day. So, as a dog-parent, balance is the key to your dogs' nutrition.

• Unlike other dogs, the Yorkie Pomeranian mix needs dry food specifically formulated for small dogs.

• It would help if you always kept their weight in check and the best way to do so is through low calorie-high nutrition food for your dogs.

The small dogs will always tempt you with their round and cute eyes for frequent meals. But, if you care for your healthy dogs, you should always go with the suggested nutritional intake.

The Temperament of Yorkie Poms

Yorkie Poms, in general, are very friendly, outgoing, and energetic. They can light up your mood within seconds with their playful and joyful positive energy. Also, it is worth noting that the temperament of these dogs depends on the dominant parent gene. It means that your Yorkie Pom will majorly display the characteristics or disposition of the parent dog breed that is more dominant, i.e., either Yorkshire terrier or Pomeranian.

However, as Yorkshire terriers and Pomeranians are the same in many ways, Yorkie Poms will not exhibit majorly varying personalities.

Usually, Pomeranian Yorkies combine devotion, curiosity, and intellect. These dogs have a great sense of interest with a pleasant and vibrant demeanor. Moreover, they are very vigilant about what is going on in their surroundings and bark a lot, so they can surprisingly make a good guard dog at times. Furthermore, due to their small size and loving demeanor, these dogs can serve as excellent lapdogs to keep your kids busy.

Also, a Yorkie Pom is quite skilled at keeping himself busy. He will always find something to keep him interested and occupied. You can even expect him to hunt rats sometimes. But don't worry, they won't create a mess as hunting is just another game for them, and success is not always guaranteed.

However, these hybrid dogs are prone to separation anxiety and feel neglected when left alone for a long time. Hence, it would be best to leave them alone for long hours.

Nevertheless, a Yorkie Pom is a perfect addition and great for families and children. Additionally, they are eager to please their dog owners and will be determined to make you happy.


Fun Facts of Yorkie Poms

Now that you know quite a lot of information about the Yorkie Pom, it is time to discuss some fantastic facts about them. It is well known that a Yorkie Pom is an excellent option for fun-loving families or families that have small children, but there are many things that you might not know about this designer dog.

Learn the following fun facts before bringing these fluffy creatures home-

1. A Yorkie Pomeranian Mix Puppy is hungry for attention from its owners. They are no less than a child.

2. Pomeranian Yorkie Mix Puppies get along with literally anyone and everyone. They will meet the strangers with the same enthusiasm as they meet you.

3. The Yorkie and Pomeranian Mixed breed are non to low shedder. Hence, a Yorkie Pom is an excellent option for people who suffer from dog allergies.

4. A Yorkie Pom looks cute and can look magnificent after grooming.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions and doubts related to these small dog breeds. And it is necessary to get all your questions answered before adopting or buying a new Yorkie Pom. That is why we have picked some of the most famous questions and answered them in brief for you. Have a look-

What is a Pomeranian Yorkie mix called?

Many names are given to these little dogs like Yorkie Pom, Yorrian Terrier, Yorkie Pomeranian, Yorkie Pomeranian Mix, Yorian puppies, etc.

How big does a Yorkie Pomeranian mix get?

It is one of the small breeds, and a Full Grown Yorkie Pomeranian Mix can grow up to 6-10 inches in height.

Can a Yorkie and Pomeranian mate?

Yes, a Yorkshire terrier and Pomeranian dogs make a great mixed breed. The result is a cute and small dog that will melt your heart. And this Yorkie Pomeranian mix is called Yorkie Pom popularly.


Adopting or buying Yorkie poms is one of the best decisions you would make. You won't be disappointed even a bit. Also, if you have a busy schedule and don't have time to make your puppy exercise each day, then Yorkie poms are an excellent option for you. These little friends can stay fit with minimal exercise, and their cuteness keeps getting multiplied over the years.

Now that you know all the necessary information related to the Pomeranian Yorkies make a decision and adopt a Yorkie Pom soon!


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