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Lost & Found Pet Tips
April 2, 2024 Pawmaw

How To Find Your Lost Dog Without A Chip

It’s always better to have a microchip to find a lost dog. However, there is good hope to find your lost dog without a chip by following some process.
Lost & Found Pet Tips
March 28, 2024 Pawmaw

What To Do When You Find A Lost Dog Without A Collar?

Find out how to assist a lost dog that is not wearing a collar. Discover how to locate, identify, and return them to their owner in a secure manner.
Lost & Found Pet Tips
March 21, 2024 Pawmaw

Top 26 Lost Pet Websites! To Help Get Your Pet Back Home

Losing a pet can be heartbreaking and finding them can be challenging. These 26 websites can help you find your lost beloved pet.
Lost & Found Pet Tips
March 4, 2024 Pawmaw

55+ Lost Pet Statistics You Should Know!

Learn 55+ updated statistics and facts about lost pets, the types of pets missing, the search and identification methods, and the recovery organizations.
Pet Behavior
February 22, 2024 Pawmaw

8 Reasons Why Dogs Howl When You Howl

Howling is a natural behavior for dogs, and they love to mimic it with their owners. This is harmless and there can be several reasons like bonding or having fun and many more.

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