Kitty – found Cat in Maastricht, LI, 6224GM

  • PawMaw ID: #121036

  • Area last seen: Maastricht, Netherlands

  • Cross street:Frankenstraat

  • Species: Cat

  • Sex: Female

  • Found since: 10/12/2021

  • Description:

  • About miss kitty: she was super meowing and seemed very comfortable with human touch, unfortunately extremely skinny, as if she didn’t eat in weeks (only reason I took her in basically). I took her in to feed her and boy, oh boy did she eat. Then she went ahead and used the litter I have in my house and went ahead and jumped on my bed to go to sleep. Therefore I’m pretty sure she has an owner and I would very much like to find them. She is a very cuddly, happy little kitten and she is younger than 1 year. I do not know if she is a specific breed or not, but she has quite big fur. There is also a lot of suckling going on.

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