Handsome Jack/Big Gio/GioGio – lost Cat in Sarasota, FL, 34237

  • PawMaw ID: #119488

  • Area last seen: 8th St, Sarasota, FL, USA

  • Cross street:N Shade Ave

  • Species: Cat

  • Sex: Male

  • Missing since: 06/08/2021

  • Description:

  • Beloved, wise, long/big/tall, thinner than pic, been ill, Needs His Holistic Meds, allergic to flea meds & carrageenan- only thrives on Wellness Turkey or Turkey/Salmon Pâté canned food, or real roasted organic chicken; and Whole Foods 365 spring water. Please Help & Don’t Chase. We’ve put much love, time, money, & care into his recuperation & he’s been healing slowly but surely. Wonderful! Needs his holistic meds though as still recuperating. Not a street smart outdoor cat (just short outdoor visits), but went out through popped screen 3am ish Tuesday 6/8 & we’re very concerned for him. He’s suffered w/agoraphobia, from trauma prior to fostering, until recently- now he loves being outdoors, but isn’t equipped. Please Don’t Chase! If someone’s fallen in love with Handsome it’s understandable he’s wise & good (like Gandalf, Yoda, & Your Favourite Granddad); but we must do what’s best for him in terms of keeping to his diet & holistic supplements so he can heal. Allergic to carrageenan, as most pets are, so he can’t eat most pet food. He thrives on Wellness Turkey or Turkey & Salmon Pâté large cans, or real organic roast chicken; & a little bit of Fromm Duckenfeffer kibble as a treat, & drinks Whole Foods 365 spring water. ZIWI Peak Provenance East Cape canned food (Amazon) is better but his recuperation costs along w/ Covid have been tough, & Wellness Turkey is excellent with pre & probiotics added. On holistic meds & supplements to heal: Lexelium products, RestoraPet & others. Allergic to flea meds so treated with *Food Grade* Diatomaceous Earth*. Sweet & funny, receives Reiki, & enjoys most classical music- we adore our elder gentleman. Please help us help him to fully recuperate. If you spread the word on this please keep our personal info off social media? Thanks Very Much. Stay Happy & Well.

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