Loki – a Male Dog lost in Pensacola, FL, 32501

  • ID: #110121

  • Area last seen: Escambia County Animal Shelter, West Fairfield Drive, Pensacola, FL, USA

  • Cross street:200, West Fairfield Drive

  • Species: Dog

  • Color: Tan and white

  • Gender: Male

  • Breed: Mixed Breed

  • Lost Date: 2015

  • Description:

  • He has a miniature greyhound body with a white tipped tail and 3 black claws on his front right paw and 3 white on his front left, the last picture I have is him at ECAS and I was told he was claimed by his 'owner', well the thing is he was stolen from my neighborhood by a guy named Jim who drives a 94 Ford f150 flare side all Grey color, well my escape artist got away from him and someone picked him up and before I could respond and head towards where he was they said he got lose from them and I still drove over and looked till I ran outta gas and money, 2 separate times he was picked up by Santa Rosa County Animal control on pineforest and i10 heading back towards lillian where he knows he lives, when I went there and was able to speak to one of the higher up woman in charge I told her that he has seizures due to a chemical imbalance in his liver or a lesion on his brain and that whoever this person needs to be contacted and let know that they need to be prepared and learn how to properly handle a seizure episode and to make sire that he has a long and good quality life well I guess that doesn't matter to them and I'm sure they still havent reached out to them, and I know how the laws are so I didn't want the person info I simply asked that if this person supposedly has proof and I also was there with photos vet records from his first seizure when he was 3 and plenty of heart worn test before that, if I were them I would at least dig into this especially if 2 separate people have come claiming to be owners then one has to be a lier and I was there with proof in hand and said at least check your copies of his proof and see whats the farthest date back they have for any record and see who's telling the truth, my vets are Warrington animal clinic cause he had his first seizure in the back seat my gf at the time jumped in the back held and I raced to the closest vet. And that was 7 or 8 year ago now so he's older and not be properly taken care of and could possibly die, idk what to do and everyone Ive reached out to won't help me. I love my boy and I just wanna bring him home and right a very horrible injustice that's stolen him away for 4 years plus please anyone help me end this long streak of always being just short and now he's a phone call away but I can't call and they won't this can't be right I've never stopped one single day searching posting asking everyone for more info and pics to confirm or deny its him and since 2018 they have known he was their but quiet obviously need to go back to school and learn dog breeds cause hes a jack Russell/mini greyhound, but funny thing is in the pic of him I have on here is direct from their sites and I don't see either of those so I never got any alerts or anything pertaining cause they listed ho. Wrong and if they wouldn't have I would have been their the day he showed up and me or loki would not be still forced apart first by the dog nappers and now the shelter, so if anyone knows who or where my boy could be please let me know my name is trey and call me or text email it doesn't matter, any adopter obviously has a heart and any true animal lover would know that his family and home he grew up in is always better than him getting bounced around from place to place over the years and he can't handle this stress and if he dies from his conditions I will lose it cause I have tried so so so many times to make sure even from thia stuck position they have me In that they were informed of all he has wrong and needs to be cared for properly, I pray everyday and night he escapes who has him now or that anyone at the shelter would grow even a small conscious and realize that they have just left an animal that they adopted out to whoever, to just one day drop and be dead! Please help me make sure this doesn't happen. That boy is the best dog and loves everyone hes doesn't deserve this because of laws that prohibit me from knowing the info but not barring them from performing their job.

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